Obama’s Flip Flopping on Iran and Iraq – Nukes ; Hizbollah

Obama appeared in an interview yesterday, 09/04/08 with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News. Not only did Obama admit that the surge in Iraq had been successful “beyond his wildest dreams” and that we are now winning the Iraq War. Obama also admitted the threat from Iran was one of the greatest threats the US  faces, reversing his position that John McCain’s assessment of the threat from Iran was incorrect.

Obama acknowledged that O’Reilly was correct when he stated that “if Iran gets nuclear weapons they would give that access to Hezbollah” the ultra fanatical Islamic group. Obama called the possibility of Iran getting Nukes a “game changer”, whatever that means, and that this game changer would be “unacceptable” under any circumstances. 

Obama abandoned his small country/small threat position on Iran. Obama has now adopted John McCain’s position on Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. Obama admitted that his “Plan B” on Iran would include a military option. Obama could not outline his plan for diplomatic negotiations with Iran nor his time line for finalizing negotiations prior to moving on to his “Plan B” . 

Obama also stated that the Iraq troop surge “succeeded beyond our wildest dreams”. Obama then went on to dance and dodge around the direct issue of why Obama would not and could not admit that his position on the Surge had been wrong.

On Pakistan, Obama continued to adopt John McCain’s positions. Upon questioning by O’Reilly, Obama admitted he would not send troops into Pakistan. Obama would continue military aid to Pakistan and pursue diplomatic negotiations in an attempt to focus Pakistan’s efforts against the Taliban fighters within Pakistan’s borders. Obama adopted McCain’s platform on these efforts. Obama stated “Pakistan is preparing for war with India”, failing to limit his observation to the fact that only the militant islamic goups in Pakistan want a violent war of religious conversion with India. Obama failed to note that both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons.  

O’Reilly, in his post interview review, noted that, in his opinion, Obama “is a strong guy”.

While O’Reilly conducted a truly geat interview, his assessment of Obama as a strong guy wins him a “pinhead” award.

Obama’s fatal flaw is his inability to admit he is ever wrong, the surge in Iraq as just one, undeniable, example. The weakest man in the world is the one who cannot admit his mistakes or even one mistake, that he – as a man – is fallible, that he can be wrong, stop, correct his mistake and move on. This is an ingrained and apparently unchangeable flaw in Obama. If Obama is elected this flaw can and will be exploited by this Country’s enemies. Obama has been offered numerous occasions to admit he was wrong on the “Surge” but has failed to do so. To do so now, when it would only be done out of political necessity, would be meaningless.  

We have to ask ourselves who is better suited to carryout John McCain’s policies on Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, John McCain or Barack Obama. 

A 5 MINUTE PORTION OF THE INTERVIEW IS AVAILABLE ON THE FOX NEWS WEB SITE     Part 2 of the interview will air tonight 

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