Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps, Tortures And Murders 7 Police / Cartel Ambushes Bus – 12 Officers Killed

Seven police officers have been dragged from their homes, tortured and murdered by a drug Cartel in northern Mexico. 


Mutilated Bodies of Cartel Victims

James Jordan, Sky News Online

The officers, aged between 30 and 48, were grabbed at dawn from their homes by armed men in the northern city of Monterrey.

Their tortured bodies were found hours later in an abandoned plot of land with a message from a criminal group.

All the victims were handcuffed and one had been decapitated.

The bloody killings came after more than 50 people were killed in an ambush on a Mexican federal police convoy and in a prison uprising.

In another incident, marines were caught up in a gunfight in Acapulco while on their way to search a property where suspicious activity had been reported. Two people were detained.

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Acapulco: Marines Under Fire

The ambush on the police convoy in the central coastal city of Zitacuaro left 12 police officers and at least 13 attackers dead.

More than 23,000 people have died in the drug violence, as thousands of troops and police have taken on the the heavily armed cartels

which control the mutlibillion dollar business.

The recent surge in violence prompted Mr Calderon to give a television address to the nation, calling the battle against the gangs a fight for the nation’s future.

Mr Calderon pledged to continue his battle against drug cartels because “it is a fight that, together, Mexicans will win”. lpos=World_News_Article_Related_Content_Region_1&lid=ARTICLE_15650614_Mexico_Gang_Kidnaps%2C_Tortures_And_Murders_Police_Officers_As_Drugs_War_Violence_Surges

Cartel Bus Ambush Kills 12

The bus ambush and attack on the federal police officers occurred in the central coastal Mexican state of Michoacan, the National Ministry of Information said. The convoy had originated in the city of Hidalgo and was on its way to Mexico City.

Authorities said Tuesday they believe La Familia Michoacana drug cartel was behind the ambush, reported, quoting the nation’s head of the anti-drug division, Ramon Eduardo Pequeno Garcia.

The police officers wounded in the ambush were taken to hospitals in Mexico City and Morelia, another city in Michoacan state, the Information Ministry said. They were being protected under heavy guard.

The four-truck police convoy was attacked after the criminals blocked the road with a bus that had been set on fire, Notimex said.

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  1. so very sad!

  2. I hope the cartel rots in h*ll for what they are doing to mexico and its people!

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