DAY 84 In The Gulf – The Leak May Be Capped! Thank the Lord …

Update 07/13/2010

The new cap on the well is secure and does not appear to be leaking, however, a new and smaller “BOP” has been attached to the new cap … the oil is flowing through the old “LMRP” or Lower Marine Riser Package … through the new cap … into the new BOP and out the top end of the new BOP into the gulf …. the Feds & BP are closing off vents in the new BOP and they will eventually attach a new riser or pipe to the top end of the “new “BOP” to take the oil to the surface …. at the moment … the oil continues to flow into the Gulf …. however, the new repair appears on track to stop the spill ……….

NPR’s 6 camera live feed ….


NEW ORLEANS – BP expects to attach a new, tighter cap to its leaking well later in the day and then testing will be needed before it’s clear if the oil has stopped spilling into the Gulf of Mexico.

BP Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said in a Monday morning briefing the plan to replace a leaky old cap on the well remained on track to be done by the end of this week.

The new cap is designed to funnel oil to vessels on the surface [a production valve] as part of a containment system that could prevent crude from spilling for the first time since April 20.

Update 07/12/2010 – 7:40 PM

NEW ORLEANS – Live underwater video showed a new cap was placed Monday onto the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico, offering hope of containing the gusher for the first time since BP’s deepwater rig exploded in April.

BP officials did not immediately comment on the video images streamed online by the company.

The company has said the next step will be running tests to make sure there are no other leaks from the well. Tests and monitoring could last from six hours to two days, and oil will still leak into the Gulf during that time.

Adm Allen, the commander overseeing the spill response, said: “This could lead to the shutting off of the well.”

BP hopes partly to close the cap on Tuesday to test the well’s integrity.

“The measurements that will be taken during this test will provide valuable information about the condition of the well below the sea level and help determine whether or not it is possible to shut the well for a period of time,” Adm Allen said in a statement.

During testing, the system collecting the leaking oil will be shut down for six to 48 hours while pressure readings are taken to make sure there are no other leaks from the well.

This repair had been suggested weeks ago …..

The repair required no new technology …. no new techniques …

Just imagine if this repair would have been completed in Week #1

Voter Fraud In the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary: “We Will Not Be Silenced” – A film by GiGi Gaston

“We will not be silenced” portrays a systemic attack on the Democratic Party’s primary process in the 2008 Presidential election.

Please visit the website here:

Democracy is based on the premise of one person, one vote.  

Don’t surrender your rigtht to live in a Democracy.

This is how you can stop this from happening again:

1). Find out if your State is a “caucus state”. 

2). Contact the County officials in your Party.

3). Find out who your “Credential Commitee Chairperson” is ….. meet them and make up your mind if you believe they are honest … This is the person that has responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the elections in your community … the “Credentials Committee” is responsible for applying your Party’s Rules for nominating your Party’s Candidates for election …..

The videos above are discussing voter fraud in the Primary process …. of improperly denying people the right to vote in the community where they live … while others are allowed to vote improperly in communities where they do not belong … 

This “voter fraud” is detected and prevented at the local level, when individuals are first admitted into the “Caucus” site or building. “Sign in” sheets and the production of “identification” is required in every state … the rules or “crieria”to participate in a Primary is established by the Party or the State – not by the supporters of any particular candidates …

4). Discuss our upcoming primary elections with your neighbors and consider volunteering … who is better qualified to make sure that only your neighbors are allowed to “vote” in your community …

5). It has been reported that bus loads of individuals arrived in Iowa for that State’s Caucuses, something that had never happened at any time in Iowa’s past ….

Why would members of a local community arrange “bus transit” to attend a local “Caucus” in their community. When this writer lived in a “Caucus State”, he walked to the Causcus, just as I now walk to vote in my primary election. Why would my neighbors and I rent a bus to go vote on election day?  I wonder why all those Iowan’s rented buses with Chicago license plates to drive them to the Causcuses in their local neigbhborhood … I guess all the local buses were previously spoken for …

6). Contact your elected Representives and demand that this activity be investigated:

Get involved … take back our Democracy …

Why isn’t the Department of Justice investigating this activity?

More on the DOJ and the New Black Panther Voting Scandal

It took the mainstream media nearly a year to catch up. Jennifer Rubin began reporting on the New Black Panther case in August 2009, hit it again in December 2009, and then provided a tick-tock of the scandal last month. The mainstream media studiously avoided any coverage of the scandal. Now that one of the Justice Department trial team members, J. Christian Adams, has resigned and come forward to do press interviews and testify before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. others are waking up.

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