British Commodity Trading Firm Admits Manipulation Of International Oil Prices

Oil brokerage PVM names rogue trader behind oil spike


By David Sheppard David Sheppard Fri Jul 3, 8:40 am ET

LONDON (Reuters) – PVM Oil Futures Limited said on Friday Steve Perkins, a senior broker based at the firm’s London office, was responsible for unauthorized trades earlier this week which landed the firm with a loss of nearly $10 million.

The London-based brokerage said Perkins had taken the positions in Brent crude futures early on Tuesday.

The heavy buying during the Asian trading day when volumes tend to be lower caused global crude prices to spike to their highest level this year. Traders and analysts initially struggled to explain the price move.

Brent was trading at about $66 a barrel on Friday, down from the high of $73.50 struck on Tuesday.

After discovering the trades, PVM said in a statement on Thursday it had closed them out “in an orderly fashion,” resulting in losses approaching $10 million.

It said its brokers were not authorized to take positions in the crude oil markets. Oil brokers generally help to match up trading counter-parties such as banks and hedge funds rather than dealing themselves.

PVM confirmed Perkins was a Brent crude futures broker, but declined to discuss his possible motivation for the unauthorized trades. (political or financial or both)

The brokerage said on Thursday PVM was conducting a full investigation and it had informed the Financial Services Authority (FSA), Britain’s regulatory body, as well as the InterContinental Exchange (ICE) (ICE.N), where the majority of Brent futures trade takes place.

PVM is the world’s largest independent broker, trading more than 100 million barrels of over-the-counter and oil futures a day on average. The company said it had met all margin calls caused by the unauthorized trades and was conducting business as usual.

In May, the FSA banned a former Morgan Stanley (MS.N) trader who built up a hefty unauthorized oil futures position following a long liquid lunch, before hiding the deals overnight.


Excessive speculation in oil and commodities markets has been high on the regulatory agenda since crude prices soared to a record of nearly $150 a barrel last July.

PVM head David Hufton has been an outspoken critic of oil market speculation, describing some exchanges as “electronic oil casinos” that boost the price of oil.

Oil analysts said this week’s events could add further ammunition to those already pushing for tighter regulation on futures exchanges and over-the-counter markets following last year’s price surge and the global financial crisis.

The U.S. government wants to boost oversight of commodity markets and expand the power of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), including looking at tightenening the number of speculative positions any one firm or trader can hold.

Analysts said the FSA was expected to follow any moves to reduce position limits taken by its U.S. counterpart in commodity markets.

(Reporting by David Sheppard; additional reporting by Alex Lawler in London and Yaw Yan Chong in Singapore; editing by William Hardy)  

So much for all the talk about how increasing oil prices are an indication of the recovering U.S. economy. The price increases have nothing to do with supply and demand. Specualtors, both financial and political are manipulating the price of oil and gasoline. Additional regulation is fine but the real answer lays in “Drill Baby Drill”, develop all of America’s Oil, Gas and Nuclear potential. What happened to last year’s election time “pledge”, when even the Democrats promised to “Drill Baby Drill”. Can’t believe a damn thing they say can we …..  isn’t it ironic that today marks the 1 year anniversary of $145 a barrel crude –

In Decemebr 2008 the price of crude dipped to $33.87 a barrell.

Crude Oil at $48.88/Barrel – Gasoline $1.13 Gallon / International Stocks Slow Loss Rate

Dated Brent Spot  $48.88 Barrel

NYMEX RBOB Gasoline Futures  $1.13 Gallon

DOW JONES        – 94                8400

FTSE 100








CAC 40












Will DJIA fall below 8000 – International Markets Down – Gas/Oil Futures Lower

Dow Jones        -118              8145          11/18         07.21 AM

FTSE 100








CAC 40












Dated Brent Crude            $49.10 Barrel        -0.62

NYMEX RBOB Gasoline Futures      $1.16 / Gallon     – 0.113

Will we see a floor at a 7500 DJIA, $45/Barrel Oil and $0.95/Gallon Gasoline? 

Dow Down – Crude Oil Futures Below $50/Barrel – Gasoline Below $1.20

Dated Brent Spot         $49.72 Barrel          -$1.27

NYMEX RBOB GASOLINE    $1.17 Gallon         -0.064

























Will Oil Futures find a floor at $45/Barrel, Gasoline at $0.95 Gallon and the Dow at 7500?

Will Oil Drop Below $50 Barrel? Gasoline at $1.25 Gallon

Dated Brent Spot $51.68 -2.50 -.0461 14:38
Nymex RBOB Gasoline Future $1.25 -.0479 -.0368 14:07

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