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The Main Stream Media is at it again… blindly supporting Obama’s twisted logic…

How many times have you heard the various Main Stream Media Pundits parrot the following statement, “Everyone agrees there is a “Constitutional Right” to build a Mosque at Ground Zero…

Being a bit of a Constitutional buff, I’d think someone in the MSM would ask the Constitutional Law Instructor in Chief where that “right” is enumerated in our Constitution. (That is correct, he was never a “Professor” – the correct term for his position was “lecturer”).

[If you are not familiar with the “Ground Zero memorial Park see: Rise of Freedom: Bringing Life to Ground Zero – First Trees for Ground Zero Memorial Park Start Journey ]

Look it up for yourself, there is no such guarantee in the Constitution. Not even if the “church” owns the property as the President suggested and if the “church” meets and follows all local laws and ordinances



Ground Zero Map - Click To Enlarge - WTC 7 Located Center Top of Map

[NOTE PHOTO MAP ABOVE: See collapsed WTC 7 – which is “technically” across the street from “Ground Zero” – but is part and parcel of  “Ground Zero” to me … the “Mosque” is located directly up W. Broadway, 1 block past Barclay Street. The planned Mosque is located just on the other side of the “Old Post Office Building”.  The planned Mosque, which will be 11 stories tall, will tower over the Memorial Park and the Old Post Office Building] 

Our Constitution grants the right of “freedom of worship” … not a right to build “structures”…  the right to build structures is limited … in some instances, that right is very limited…

If there were a Constitutional Right to build a house of worship, one might think that it would apply to all “houses of worship” equally … wouldn’t you … then again, this is the Obama Administration and this Administration has a set of rules it applies like no other Administration in the history of the United States.   


ST. Nicholas Church Moments Before Collapse of WTC 2

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

Let me introduce you to the Parrish of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, located at 155 Cedar Street, in New York City. St Nicholas Church was founded in 1919 when 5 Greek families bought a local Tavern and it’s property to establish the St. Nicholas Parish. The families paid $25,000 for the property; a vast sum of money in 1919. The Parish served the local community continuously from 1919 until 9/11/2001 when, after the attack on the WTC, Tower #2 collapsed on the Church and obliterated it. 

With this “magical” Constitutional right invoked for the Mosque, I’m confused as to why St. Nicholas hasn’t been “granted permission” to rebuild. Why do they need “permission” …. I thought it was a Constitutional right …

This isn’t a “new” church … it was an existing Church …a Church with an 80 year history of serving the local community before 9/11.

The Constitutional Right

What are they talking about … some mythical “freedom to build a house of  worship” … there is no such thing.   

We are a Country of “limited rights” – we have “freedom of religion” , but you can’t stand and pray on the steps of the Supreme Court building … we have “Freedom of Speech” but you can’t sing the National Anthem on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial … “Freedom of Religion” but you can’t hold a prayer vigil in front of an abortion clinic … “Freedom of Religion”, but you can only take one wife at a time, doesn’t matter what your religion states… “Freedom of Speech”, but you can’t shout “fire” in a crowded movie theatre … we are a Country of limited rights …

Have you tried putting up a public Christmas display or tried singing a “Christmas Carol” at Christmas in front of your City Hall ?

The Memorial Park at Ground Zero 

The “memorial park” at ground zero is a “public cemetery’…  despite what the press may be trying to sell you … significant restrictions are imposed on structures and businesses around cemeteries … The Mosque will broadcast the “Muslim call to prayer” from speakers  5 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year …  a substantial burden to place on non-Muslims who wish to “worship” or “pay their respects” at Ground Zero … a Mosque can be located anywhere … Islamic terrorists created Ground Zero and Ground Zero cannot be moved …

Islamic call to prayer

The adhān (Arabic: ‎ Azan/Ezan is the Islamic call to prayer, recited by the muezzin. The root of the word is “to permit”, and another derivative of this word is “ear”.

Adhan is called out by the muezzin in the mosque, sometimes from a minaret, five times a day, summoning Muslims for mandatory (fard) prayers (salah).

The main purpose behind the loud pronouncement of adhan five times a day in every mosque is to make available to everyone an easily intelligible summary of Islamic belief. It is intended to bring to the mind of every believer and non-believer the substance of Islamic beliefs, or its spiritual ideology. Loudspeakers are sometimes installed on minarets for the purpose. 

The Islamic call to prayer is an act of proselytizing … an act of recruitment … an act or attempt to convert as a proselyte … the “call to prayer” or “call to Islam”  is designed to do just that … it is the specific intent of “the call” …

The United States has a proud history of allowing religious groups to proselytize … or recruit, however, the right to do so stops at the door of  another religions’ house of worship and at the front gate of any Memorial Garden … but I wouldn’t suggest you hold your breath waiting for the Obama Administration to send out the DOJ to enforce these restrictions on the proposed Mosque … just as I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the DOJ to ask about the delay in granting St. Nicholas Church the right to rebuild …  


    Transliteration Translation
    Allahu Akbar God is the greatest/most great
    Ash-had an la ilaha illa llah I testify that there is no deity except for God
    Ash-hadu anna Muħammadan rasulullah I testify that Muhammad is a Messenger of God
    Hayya ‘ala-salatt Make haste towards the prayer
    Hayya ‘ala ‘l-falah Make haste towards success (reward)
    Al-salatu khayru min an-nawm Prayer is better than sleep
    Allāhu akbar God is the greatest!
    La ilaha illallah There is no deity except for God


    Transliteration Translation
    Allahu Akbar The God is greater than any description
    Ash-hadu allā ilāha illaha illa llāh I testify that there is no deity except for The God
    Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan-rasūlu llāh I testify that Muhammad is a Messenger of The God
    Ash-hadu anna Aliya wali-ul-lah I testify witness that Ali is the vice regent of God
    Hayya ‘alas-salāt Make haste towards the prayer
    Hayya ‘alal-falāh Make haste towards the worship
    Hayya- al Khair al amal Make haste towards the best thing
    Allah-u Akbar The God is the greatest!
    Lā ilāha illallāh There is no deity except for The God

A beautiful video of the “Call to Prayer” – 8 minutes long – but no matter the beauty, no matter the reverence – no matter the sincerity – it is simply impermissible to subject those non Muslim’s “praying” or “paying their respects” at the Ground Zero Memorial Garden to the intrusive announcement and proselytizing of the Muslim call to prayer – 5 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year … especially in light of the fact that these are the very same words that preceded the deaths of the loved ones entombed at Ground Zero… The Mosque can be located anywhere … despite our best efforts we can’t locate all the bodies ….  

The main purpose behind the loud pronouncement …  It is intended to bring to the mind of every believer and non-believer the substance of Islamic beliefs, or its spiritual ideology …

Final Transmissions from AAL Flight 11 Boston to Los Angeles:  

8:31:04   Flight makes contact with Boston control center.
8:37:08   Controller asks pilots to look for a lost American Airlines plane: “Do you have traffic look at uh your twelve to one o’clock at about uh ten miles south bound to see if you can see an american seventy six seven out there please.”
UAL175 “Affirmative we have him uh he looks uh about twenty yeah about twenty nine twenty eight thousand.“
Controller: “United 175 turn five turn thirty degrees to the right I (want to) keep you away from this traffic.”
8:41:32                   Cockpit: “We figured we’d wait to go to your center, we heard a suspicious transmission on our depature out of Boston. Someone keyed the mike and said ‘everyone stay in your seats’.”
Cockpit: “it cut out.”
Flight transmits “Did you copy that?” (Controller on land line).
Flight turns toward the southwest, with ATC clearance.
8:46:18   Transponder signal no longer received.
8:53:23   Controller: “ . . . we may have a hijack, we have some problems over here right now.”
9:00:02   Last radar reading is observed at an altitude of 18,000 feet as the flight is descending at a ground speed of 480 knots.
9:01   Allahu Akbar
9:03   Plane crashes into south tower of World Trade Center.

Excerpts from flight 91 Flight Recorder: The New York Times, April 12, 2006 By David Stout 

“Ladies and gentlemen: here the captain,” a heavily accented voice begins over a constant crackle. “Please sit down, keep remaining seating. We have a bomb on board, so sit.”

“No more! No more!” someone says in the background. “No, no, no, no…”

“In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate,” a hijacker says early on.

“No, no, no, no…” someone says moments later.

“Go ahead, lie down. Lie down. Down, down, down.”

“No more,” someone says seconds later. “Please, please, please, ” someone says. “Please, please, don’t hurt me.”

“I don’t want to die,” says one person, apparently a woman.

“No, no. Down, down, down, down, down, down,” another voice says.

“No, no, please.”

Moments later, about six minutes after the plane was seized, a hijacker says in Arabic, “Everything is fine. I finished.”

“Yes,” someone replies in Arabic.

While it may never be certain what that exchange hinted, a chilling possibility was offered on Tuesday, when information was offered about the nearly 40 telephone calls that Flight 93 passengers attempted during the ordeal. Not all calls went through. One that did was from Marion Britton, a passenger, to a friend. Ms. Britton told her the plane had been hijacked.

“Don’t worry,” the friend consoled. “They’ll probably take you to another country.”

“Two passengers have had their throats cut,” Ms. Britton replied.

The chant “Allah is the greatest!” is uttered nine times in Arabic, moments later, the jet crashes …

At 9:35, a woman prosecutors identified as a flight attendant begs for her life.

“I don’t want to die,” she pleads.

“No, no, down, down,” a hijacker responds.

“I don’t want to die. I don’t want to die,” she repeats.

Loud female cries then are heard on the tape.

“Everything is fine. I finished,” a hijacker says in Arabic.

Inside the cockpit the hijackers decide to crash the plane. “Pull it down. Pull it down,” an Arabic voice says. The jetliner heads downward and rolls.

“Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest!” one of the hijackers shouts over and over again.

11/05/2009 Major Nidal Hassan – murders 13 at Ft. Hood in Killeen Texas – Hasan reportedly jumped onto a desk and shouted: Allahu Akbar, before firing more than 100 rounds at soldiers processing through cubicles in the center, and on a crowd gathered for a college graduation ceremony scheduled for 2 p.m. in a nearby theater .

Islam – Muslim Jihad / Japan – Shinto Militarism

 A deeper, more thorough understanding of Jihadism, can be obtained if one studies the religious pragmatism of Japan and the utilization of the Shinto religion by Japan’s “militarists” between the 17th and 19th centuries.,1518,474092-2,00.html

Japanese Officer Beheads Prisoner WWII

To the Jihadist, the Prophet Mohammed’s words directs one’s actions … In Japan, the “Prophet” was the Japanese Emperor. In Japan the Emperor was God’s representative on earth … (as to Jihadist’s, they follow a perverted interpretation of the Phophets words). 

In Japan, the “faithful” preceded the Emperor shouting “Banzai”, “Banzai”, “Banzai” …. “Banzai” being a “prayer” that the Emperor live and reign 10,000 years … later “heroic imperial soldiers met their deaths crying “Tenno banzai” – “10,000 lives for the Tenno.” 


I don’t believe the Japanese were promised virgins in the next life …

Not so long ago every American recognized the term “Banzai” as the term uttered by our Japanese foes in World War II as they lauched suicidal charges against our land troops or crashed their planes on the decks of our Navy ships …  suicide attacks by military personnel against military targets … not attacks against unarmed civilians …

At the end of World War II and Japan’s defeat, the Shinto religion lost its status as the “official” religion of Japan; however, the Shinto religion remained Japan’s largest. The Shinto religion is recognized in the United States and there are “Shinto Temples” located across the United States.

No one would ever suggest that it would be appropriate to locate a Shinto Shrine, never mind that some mythical “Constitutional Right” existed to build a “Shinto Shrine” on the shores of Pearl Harbor where the chant of “Banzai, Banzai, Banzai” would echo across the waters on a daily basis; the waters where so many American serviceman remain entombed.

USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor

The Mosque isn’t located at “Ground Zero”.

To borrow a phrase from the American Football star, Ocho Cinco, “Please Child”.  

I’m not certain how the MSM is defining “Ground Zero”, but it must be a very “restrictive definition”, a definition that very few Americans would accept as being honest or accurate. A definition that would be outright rejected if the individuals had ever actually visited “Ground Zero” in the weeks after the 9-11 attack, or worse, if they were one of the thousands who ran past the location where the Mosque will be built as they fled for their life’s as the WTC collapsed.

The photo below shows one of the entrances to what is described as “Ground Zero” … this “entrance” is less than 300 steps from the Mosque.

Entrance Ground Zero - 300 Steps From Proposed Mosque

The Map below provides a visual reference of the path taken by the landing gear of one of the “homicide” planes to the roof of the building to be replaced by the Mosque.

I believe it to be entirely accurate to refer to the Mosque as the “Ground Zero Mosque”, but for the “Old Post Office Building”, which could be demolished any day now, the Mosque would be directly across the street …

To deny the Mosque is the “Ground Zero Mosque” would be like taking a lawn chair to your local professional football game and attempting to sit on the sidelines with the players. As the security officers descend on you with handcuffs drawn, ordering you to leave the field, you are always free to explain that you are not, in fact, on the “football field” … as the “field” is outlined by “a white chalk rectangle” roughly 120 yards long and 50 yards wide and you and your chair are at least 30 feet outside that “box”.

You can decide for yourself if you believe those who claim “There is no Mosque at “Ground Zero”” are being truthful …

Path Taken By Landing Gear to Roof of Building to be Replaced by Mosque - 1 Block Away From WTC 7

Closing note to Keith Olbermann … (Is he still on T.V.?)  You simply can’t get the “Mosque” to be 4 blocks from Ground Zero, Keith, unless you take the path used by the Huffington Post videographers… For those of you, who have been “exposed” to that video lie, but have never been to New York, the path taken by the Huffington Post videographer required a “tour” of the “Ground Zero” area – the videographer had to “work it” to avoid the most direct route … to actually go on a multi block “tour” of the area around “Ground Zero”. Kinda like a crooked NYC cabbie taking you downtown from the airport … if you end up with a bill for $150, the Huffington Post was driving … Olbermann should be fired for his “lie” … and his disgraceful use of a famous passage about the holocaust before he told his lie … Keith, the holocaust had its propagandists too …

The most direct route between “Ground Zero” and the “Mosque” requires you to start at the corner of Barclay Street and West Broadway, where WTC #7 once stood (blow up the map below and then compare it to the map immediately above) and walk less than 300 steps directly up West Broadway to where the Mosque will be built … Do this for me, go outside and step off 300 steps, don’t march, don’t stretch, don’t really measure, just 300 easy steps … turn around and look at your house …. are you still “in your neighborhood”… And so is the Mosque at “Ground Zero”…

Watch the video below … the collapse of WTC #7, which was located one block away from site where the proposed Mosque would be built… the “reporter” speaking to the woman and child as WTC 7 collapses was 11 blocks further away than the proposed Mosque site… You decide… just how restrictively should we “define” Ground Zero…


The video below, with the late Peter Jennings as the announcer, features WTC 7 before it’s collapse. The twin WTC Towers have already collapsed. WTC 7 is visible in the center and left center of the video. WTC 7 has smoke billowing all about it … as the maps above indicate; the proposed Mosque site is less than 300 steps from the corner where WTC 7 stood. WTC was 47 stories tall.


You decide … is the Mosque at Ground Zero or not?

WTC 7 as seen from the Observation Deck of WTC #1

Freedom of Religion – When Religions Collide

I want you to stop and imagine for a moment that the “Bosnian Killing Fields”, where 8,000 Muslims were murdered in cold blood, that these killing fields were located in upstate New York instead of Srebrenica. Next imagine that a Christian Group announced plans to build a Community Center and Church on the “Killing Fields”, you know, to help build bridges between the ‘groups” and that loud speakers would adorn the “Center” and broadcast the “Rosary” across the fields, five times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year …. Who would be protesting that exercise of “Freedom of Religion” …. the permits to build would be denied outright, and the denial would be rightly applauded not protested ….

Defenders of The Genocide in Dafur 

This same type of “genocide” that was committed in Srebrenica has been ongoing for a decade now; in Dafur, southern Sudan, a decade of genocide committed by Muslim extremists …. 

Criminal Investigators Unearth Mass Grave Outside Srebrenica

Read this excerpt from 10/10/2006 …

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Two years have passed since then-Secretary of State Colin Powell reported to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that genocide was being committed in Darfur, Sudan. Samuel Totten awakes in the middle of the night sometimes and remembers the accounts of rape, torture and slayings that he documented while spending two weeks in 2004 at refugee camps in neighboring Chad.

Despite Powell’s assessment, the international community has done little to stop the killing and brutalization or help the people of Darfur, Totten lamented. Government of Sudan troops and Arab militia known as Janjaweed attacked village after village of black Africans …

Since 2003, the genocidal conflict in Darfur has devastated millions of non-combatant civilians and resulted in the death of at least 200,000 people. As of 2010, Sudan continues to direct its troops and proxy Janjaweed militias to systematically destroy the livelihoods of Darfuris by bombing and burning villages, looting economic resources, and murdering, raping, and torturing non-combatant civilians.

Imam  Feisal Abdul Rauf  – Bridge Builder or Defender of the Islamic Faith – Extremists and Non-extremist alike

April 2, 2010, in the American Muslim …. oh my, the Imam won’t even admit that genocide has taken place or is taking place in Dafur … no mention of Muslim extremists … wow, what a middle of the road type of guy …. I’m sure the poor villagers of the Sudan would be impressed with the Imam’s rationalizations … sounds like the type of guy that would hesitate before condemning the terrorist organization HAMAS …

Read the Imam’s letter in it’s entirety here:

Rethinking Sudan

… and consider this  from March 26, 2010

Cordoba Initiative Unveils New Push in Sudan

Organization to Focus on Elections, US-Sudan Relations and Other Challenges and Opportunities

NEW YORK – The Cordoba Initiative (CI), a leading global civil society organization promoting understanding between the Muslim world and the West, announced on Monday a major new initiative to help improve relations between the US and Sudan. “There is now an opportunity for the US and Sudan to fundamentally change their relationship,” said Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Chairman of CI. “This will help each nation achieve its goals. It is also a way to build goodwill between the West and the Muslim world.

Cordoba Initiative Unveils New Push in Sudan

The Imam should stop the political BS and admit that the genocide is taking place … The Nazi’s denied the genocide in WWII, the Bosnian’s denied the genocide until the mass graves were uncovered  (some even continued to deny the genocide after forensic analysis of the graves were completed) …. the genocide in Sudan will not stop until the Sudanese Government and its “defenders” and “supporters”, Imam Rauf included, admit that the genocide is taking place and demand that it stop … the best way to “create goodwill” is to stop the raping, torturing and murdering of black African villagers in their own villages… the first step to “goodwill” is to stop the atrocities, not deny their existence… if only America would surrender the African villagers to the slaughter could we then develop “good will” … 

There is nothing “moderate” about denying the geoncide in Dafur, nor would a moderate hestitate to condemn the terrorist organization HAMAS … a moderate would demand that HAMAS reject its platform of hate mongering racism … how could any clear thinking individual refer to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf  as a moderate … the liberal left should be ashamed by their attempt to spin this as a “freedom of religion” issue …  if you want to understand what the Imam means by “freedom”, just look to HAMAS and Dafur for his examples …


The Crisis in Dafur – Islamic Racism – The North/South Divide

The New York Times (15 May 2004) said that many of the racist attitudes traditionally directed toward slaves have been redirected to the sedentary non-Arab Racist ideology plays an important part of the Genocide, the sharp distinctions between Arabs and Africans in the racially mixed Darfur region had not been drawn until the ideology of pan-Arabism , an ideology that originated in 1860’s Sudan and later in  Libya, made itself felt. Some of the nomadic sheiks of the region came to see themselves as the avatars of Arabism, the authentic representatives of their Bedouin origins. They foisted a racial label on a farming people whose way of life they simultaneously disdained and felt threatened by. Arabs see the black African nationals of the Sudan as inferior to the Arab peoples, the racism, racial sentiments against non-Arabs have been used & manipulated by the central government for political and religous purposes. The Christian Science Monitor asserts that racism is at the root of Sudan’s Darfur crisis and the decade long genocide. The reluctance to call it genocide perpetuates hypocrisy in Afro-Arab relations., “Arab militias are force behind the racist, fundamentalist, and undemocratic Sudanese state”  Those who call themselves Arabs point to Arab ancestors who arrived as slave traders both before and after the arrival of Islam, and who gradually converted local Sudanese to the Islamic faith. President Nimeiry of Sudan, said in 1969: “Sudan is the basis of the Arab thrust into the heart of Black Africa, the Arab civilizing mission.” this genocide has been described as an example of Arab racism at its worst.

The Arab Gathering, a shadowy Nazi type brotherhood deeply embedded in the Bashir regime, preaches a doctrine of Arab supremacy and a Sudan “cleansed” of non-Arabs. (Ethinic cleansing, the atrocity whihc is closely held by NAZI and HAMAS alike, is alive and well in Dafur)  Der Spiegel wrote that the Sudanese regime uses tribal conflicts and Arab racism to justify their genocide.

Reread Imam Rauf’s “letters”, then reread the comments made by the NYT, the Christian Science Monitor and Der Spiegel … are they even referring to the same “conflict”… the same “Sudan” …. the same “crisis” …

 “Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing” …


The Janjaweed, a militia armed by the Sudanese government, are pastoral Arab tribesmen who have long despised the black African farmers who practice settled agriculture. They are described as “a grotesque mixture of the mafia and the Ku Klux Klan”, a journalist on CNN says. “These guys have a racist ideology that sees the Arab population as the supreme population that would like to see the subjugation of non-Arab peoples. They’re criminal racketeers that have been supported very directly by the government to wage the war against the people of Darfur.”, from PBS: “blatant racism and a political ideology known as “Arab supremacism” also fuel the Janjaweed’s agenda.” who “are cleaning the land of non-Arabs.”, the BBC: “Arab militias of a campaign of ethnic cleansing against non-Arab locals.”,  the US State Department in 2005 report on Sudan’s Human Rights Practices : “The government continued to support the largely Arab nomad janjaweed militia.”and that Darfurians were “threatened with death, and subjected to racial epithets during attacks.”,  the attackers “call non-Arab Africans abid or slave, and zurga, which means Black, but is used as a racial slur.”,  there were reports (The Guardian 20 Jul, 2004) of Arab women singers complicit in rape, “While African women in Darfur were being raped by the Janjaweed militiamen, Arab women stood nearby and sang for joy.”

Imam Rauf, let us forget about “building goodwill”, let us get down to “brass tacks” … call the evil acts what they are “evil”, call the “evil speech” what it is, “evil”, and call for an end to the evil now …… don’t hestitate, don’t parse your words, don’t try to shift the blame … a moderate man does not turn a blind eye to evil … there is nothing moderate about denying evil nor is there moderation in defending the evil actions of others because they share your faith …

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