The Immigration Debate: AP -Arizona helped deport thousands – The Stats That Tell The True Story

The following post is based on an AP article titled:

Arizona helped deport thousands without new law

The Key Statistics in this article …

“An estimated 10.8 million people, about 26 percent of the state’s population, are living illegally in California, compared with 460,000, about 12 percent, in Arizona.”

The chart below puts this statement in perspective … Only seven (7) of our fifty (50) States have populations larger ten million (10,000,000).

If you think ten million (10,000,000) is a large number of people, well you are correct. If that seems obvious to you, just remember that the Federal Government doesn’t think so …

10.8 million is such a large number, that you would need to add the total populations of our 11 smallest states (smallest populations, not smallest land size) to get a number as large as 10.8 million. That is right, as you can see on the chart bellow, you need to add all the people living in the states from Idaho through Wyoming … the total population of 11 our States.

There are at least twenty million (20,000,000) illegal aliens currently living in these United States. Only two of our States have populations larger than 20,000,000 … California and Texas ,,, and let us not forget of California’s 36,961,000 a total of 10,800,000 are illegal.

We, the American People, don’t know who these people are. They have avoided our legal entry process … Of those that are apprehended, nearly 40%, 4 out of ten, have prior criminal records that would bat legal entry by any immigration standard this Country has ever set … Many are members of Cartels or Cartel related gangs – directly affiliated with the organized crimes of drugs, smuggling, human and sexual trafficking …

Contact you elected representatives today and encourage Congress to act in support of the Arizona Immigration Law … tell your Congressperson to demand that the Obama Administration enforce our immigration law today … Come November, remember, remember exactly what your Congressperson or Senator does.

 Secure our borders now … 

U.S. Population – Ranked by Population -Top 7 States

U.S States – Ranked by Population

Response to Turley Comment:

McAuley’s World Response:

While we are “stuck” with what DHS reports I believe the best available data can be found here:

You are looking for Table 37: 1999 – 2008 Deportations/Removals by Country of Origin – Spreadsheet Format.

The spread sheet breaks out  the numbers by Country and “criminal”/”non criminal” activity.

Example: Afghanistan 1999 Total: 31  Criminal 20  Non-crimnal 11

I haven’t been able to convert the document into an acceptable format for WordPress.

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