Day 93 In The Gulf: UK’s Guardian Newspaper Spikes Story:”Gulf Oil Crisis – Fact From Ficton”

The following post was placed in “related articles” in a number of newspapers, including many of the top 50 international papers of the world. The posts were researched and written as my response to a perceived “dropping of the ball” by the main stream media … I remember when the basics; who, what, when, where, why and how – preceded getting two independent sources to verify the information before the media “went to press”. Today, those criteria have clearly been abandoned … just about anyone can make any type of claim or statement and the press will repeat it on air or in print. As it turns out many news organizations are now “colluding with” interested parties and assisting the parties in “shaping” the news …   

The post was made  because many of the papers continue, to this day, to repeat “speculation” and “fictions” as fact …. example, “the gulf well is 36,000 feet deep”, when, in fact, the well is 18,000 feet deep.

Exactly how difficult can it be to get this type of fact correct?

Just yesterday major American news organizations posted headlines proclaiming that “Congressional Hearings” were cancelled because  “witneses” who were “BP employees” had not appear before the committee. In another instance posted a headline that, and I’ll need to paraphrase, “BP Exec testifies to leak in a safety device”, above a video of the the “testimony”. Not one of the 4 employees who “failed to appear” worked for BP, they were all Transocean Employees. Transocean is the owner/operated of the drilling rig. The “BP Exec” on CNN’s “video” was, as announcer on the video clearly states, “an emplopyee of Transocean”. The gentleman was neither an “exec” nor was he an employee of BP. Later in the day testimony confirmed that the “witness” was not very well informed, the “safety device”, a BOP, had passed vigorus testing days after the alleged event that this “rig worker” reported on.

Did you know that of the 126 workers on the Deepwater Horizon Rig, only 7 were in the employ of BP.  

Since I started posting my “note”, only one paper,, one of London’s largest papers, has blocked and deleted the posting…

What political reason could there be for the Guardian to do this? 

I beleive the post treats BP very fairly …. pointing out the fact that the Obama Administration has controilled all aspects of the “well repair” for months.

The Guardian’s readers who accessed the post appeared to have “liked” the article … not a single negative or derogatory comment was received on this blog.   

The post the Guardian deleted folloows:

“Finished extensive research into what happened to the Deepwater Horizon and what has transpired since it sank on 04/22/2010.

No finger pointing. No demonization. A fresh look at things …

Well, there is one bit of finger pointing – the Obama Administration delayed the latest repair from May 2 until July 14, 2010 – a 71 day delay …

Gulf Oil Crisis – Facts from Fiction, Part 1 of 3

My posts are fully linked and sited.

They are also free ….”

The post was active for a few hours and hundreds of Guardian readers “linked” to the posts from each of several articles where the post was placed … then, without explanation … the post was deleted …  


21 Jul 2010, 9:03AM

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What reason for this censorship?

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