Gulf Oil Crisis – Sanctimonious Congressional Hearings – Obama Administration Awarded BP & Transocean 2009 Safety Award For Excellence

To: President Obama & The  U.S. Congress – Please explain this –   

MMS Industry Awards Program

 These awards recognize outstanding safety and pollution prevention performance by the offshore oil and gas industry in four categories.MMS announced the winners at the Offshore Technology Conference luncheon on May 7, 2009, in Houston, Texas.The finalists and winners for 2009 in each of the 4 categories are listed below:2009 Safety Award for Excellence Finalists   

Production Contractors:

  John Whiteford, President, accepting for Baker Energy
  Michael Crosby, Vice President, accepting for C&D Production Specialist Company
  Hank Danos, President and CEO, accepting for Danos & Curole Marine Contractors

    Drilling Contractors:

  Larry Dickerson, President and CEO, accepting for Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.
  John Knowlton, General Manager, accepting for ENSCO International Inc.
  Tommy Travis, Vice President and Division Manager, accepting for Noble Drilling Corporation
  Keelan Adamson, Division Manager, accepting for Transocean

    Moderate Activity Operators:

  Steve Maley, Operations Manager, accepting for Badger Oil Corporation
  Mike Kelly, Vice President, accepting for BHP Billiton Petroleum
  Keith Karwile, Vice President, accepting for Hunt Petroleum Corporation
  Michael Radabaugh, Vice-President, accepting for Noble Energy, Inc.

    High Activity Operators:

  • Darrel Hollek, Vice President, accepting for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
  • Richard Morrison, VP of GoM SPU Production, accepting for BP Corporation North America, Inc.
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation Tony Vaughn
  • Randy Cleveland, U.S. Production Manager, accepting for

The Congress people are so sanctimonious:

Congressman Dingell is asking about “centralizers” and can’t even read his staffers notes. The ‘BIG” controversy here – Haliburton suggested that 21 “centralizers be used and only 6 “centralizers” were used. Who the hell cares? We don’t know if “centralizers had anything to do with the incident yet. They probably had nothing to do with this incident.

Asking about centralizers now is like asking an Airline President if the Hijackers of 911 were given the proper number of frequent flyer miles. The only difference is that we all know what frequent flyer miles are and most people won’t know what the heck “centralizers” are. “Centralizers” are “rings” placed along the outside of “pipe casing” to hold the casing in the center of the “well hole”. They are intended to help create a “uniform sheath of cement outside the pipe casing”. There is no information to suggest that there was anything wrong with the “cement sheath” around the pipe casing. The importance of using 6 instead of 24 “centralizers” – at present, appears to be none, however, he good Congressman can let the innuendo cast a negative light …. I’ve researched this and 1/3 of all oil wells don’t use any “centralizers” at all – centralizers are really a carryover from the 1920’s and the “oil drilling” of a much earlier day when different materials were used in the industry.

This hearing is ridiculous …. DAY 57 and we don’t know why this happened but the Congressman keep asking … so this happened because you are greedy, because you cut corners … Truthfully, the Congressman has no idea why or how this actually happened. Come November we can ask the politicians where the hell they were before it happened and where were you for the first 2 months afterward it happened.

Why didn’t anyone in Congress come to the assistance of Governor Jindal, Governor Perry and Governor Riley when they were screaming for help. How dare these Congress people sit in this silly ass committee meeting asking their politically motivated questions while the Jones Act is still preventing thousands of skimmer vessels from reaching our coast where they could provide assistance, waiving the Jones Act so we can get thousands of booms and additional assistance from dredging vessels to build more berms ……….

Oh My Gosh – A Congressperson with a memo saying “it was a nightmare well”.

How damning! Say, I can’t imagine that I am the only one to have used the term “nightmare” without it being a “Federal Offense”. When my kids were young, they could be “nightmares”, however, I never meant to imply I thought that my kids would become serial killers. Gee, some nights the drive home is a “nightmare”. As I’ve been single for some time now, I’ve learned that returning to the dating scene can be a “real nightmare”. On any given morning my hair can be “a  nightmare” too. I wonder, are there any congress people who understand the concept of a “bad hair day”. Gee I hope I don’t have to testify before Congress.

Now a Congress person is onto “cement bond logs”! Oh my gosh! – Lets reserve judgment – there is no evidence of improper cement or that improper cementing caused this incident. This may be significant or it may not – I’ll reserve judgment until I know if there were any irregularities in the cement and if irregularities in the cement played a role in this event.

Now there is a Congressman pointing to a highlighted memo, which states, “which will take 10 hours to install and I don’t like that”. I am deeply troubled that a member of Congress would take this effort to misrepresent the contents of a memo. The “upset” refers to a belief that a “contractor” was “overbilling” BP for services rendered, not that BP was trying to cut costs at the expense of safety. Anyone who has had a brake job done on their auto will understand this. When you entrust your vehicle to a “service mechanic” to have your brakes overhauled, you might resent the cost, however, you are willing to pay the prevailing rate in anticipation of having a “proper” job done. If the prevailing “rate” for the brake job includes “5 hours of labor” to complete the job, you expect the invoice to reflect as much. If, however, your mechanic submits an invoice for twice the number of hours, or “10 hours of labor” for a 5 hour job – you had better never relay an email that says “10 hours and I don’t like that”.        

Unseemly and sanctimonious.

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