Obama Advisor: He opposed Troop Surge, not enough troops were to be deployed

Today in an interview on Fox News, Obama’s Chief Military Advisor, Major General Paul Eaton stated that real reason for Obama’s opposing the “TROOP SURGE” in Iraq was that the surge, which “only involved 30,000 additional troops”, did not call for a large enough number of troops to be redeployed.

The Major General refuseed to admit that the troop surge had worked. After repeated questing the  Major General admitted that the surge was responsible for the dramatic reduction in violence in Iraq.

A search of news outlet sources fails to disclose even one instance where Candidate Obama previously stated that his opposition to the surge was in any related to his belief that the “troop surge was the right idea – but we need to send more troops”. Stay tuned as the left continues its attempt to redefine its stance on the war in Iraq.

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