Part 4 A – Barack Obama – The Unauthorized Biography of a Marxist -Obama Sr and Stanley Ann Dunham – 11 Months in Hawaii?

In early 1959 a 29 year-old Kenyan by the name of Tom Mboya came to the United States to raise scholarship moneys to educate young Kenyan’s in the United States. Mboya had been educated in Catholic primary and secondary schools in Kenya. He also attended Holy Ghost College, Cambridge and Oxford Universities.                                                                                                            

There were no Universities in 1959 Kenya. In 1959 Kenya was in the midst of the Mau-Mau Rebellion.                                                                                                               —Tom-Mboya-s-fatal-links-with-CIA/111469                                                                             ,+Furedi,+Mau+Mau,+Consolidation+of+Reaction,_Sr.                                                                                                                 

The Mau Mau Rebellion was partly a Nationalist movement, partly a Tribal Movement. 1959 Kenya had other concurrent independance movements. Some supported Western alliances while others had a Soviet-Marxist orientation.  Mboya was certainly a Nationalist and his preference for Western educational practices cannot be disputed. Mboya’s Socialist beliefs were similar to the British Labor Party’s. Mboya’s beliefs and his dynamic leadership would earn him the life long enmity of Kenya’s Pro-Soviet Marxist groups. Ten years after this trip to the United States, Mboya would be assassinated by Nahashon Isaac Njenga Njorogein in Nairobi. Some would blame the act on Kenya’s Presdient Kenyatta, others would blame the Pro-Soviet Marxists members of the Kenyan Peoples Union (KPU). Communist publications would place the blame (or justification for the killing) on a mythical connection between Mboya and the American CIA. Presdient Kenyatta ordered the arrest of KPU leader and Mboya’s fellow Luo tribesman, Oginga Odinga. Odinga was never formally charged inregard to the killing. Oginga Odinga is the father of Raila Amollo Odinga the current Prime Minister of Kenya. Raila Odinga assumed office following the highly disputed 2007 Kenyan Presidential Elections. Independant Election observors declared Odinga’s opponent the winner. Odinga seized power by force. Subsequent protests led to the deaths of thousands of Kenyans and the displacement of an additional 500,000. Odinga was educated in East Germany in 1960. East Germany was a Communist Block country at the time.                                                                                                        —Tom-Mboya-s-fatal-links-with-CIA/111469                                                                                                     ,+Furedi,+Mau+Mau,+Consolidation+of+Reaction,_Sr.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

BBC Film Tom Mboya’s Funeral

Barack Obama Sr. was not only a fellow Luo Tribesman, he was Oginga Odinga brother in law. This has been confirmed by Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Oginga Odinga’s son, who states that Obama, Sr is his “maternal uncle”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Odinga’s BBC Radio interview, where he makes this claim is here:

Pictorial History – 2007 Kenyan Election Violence Here:  


Again, Mboya came to the United States in 1959 with the intent of rasing scholarship money to educate the next generation of Kenyan leaders in the United States.  Mboya rejected the extreme violence of the Mau-Mau Rebellion in favor of a non-violent form of resistance. Mboya choose the path of Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr., not the path of Lenin and Stalin. Mboya, the General Secretary of the Kenyan Federation of Labor, received international acclaim in May 1958 when he organized a non-violent boycott of Nairobi’s buses, cigarettes and beer. The boycott has been compared to Ghandi’s salt march/boycott in 1930’s India (March 1930). Mboya has been compared to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Mboya’s attempts to persuade Americans to contribute to his scholarship fund were remarkably succesful. Kenya, he said, needed Kenyans to be trained in America, so that when independence came they would be capable of replacing the British bureaucrats and administrators who ran the country.  Eight thousand Americans contributed to the fund, including some very famous leaders of the black community – those contributors included Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, and Jackie Robinson. ,,_Sr.            

In late August 1959, Barack Obama, Sr. said farewell to his wife Kezia at Nairobi Airport and departed to begin his educational studies as one of 81 Tom Mboya Scholarship recipients. Obama would leave his 18 month old son, Roy, behind. Kezia was 3 months pregnant with their second child, a daughter Auma.                                                                                                                                    

Barack Obama Jr. Campaigns for Odinga In Kenya At Us Taxpayer Expense – Senate Fact Finding Trip
Violence Following Kenyan Election

In his autobiography, “Dreams of My Father”, Barack Obama Jr. claims that, “The Kennedy’s (President John F Kennedy’s family) decided: ‘We’re going to do an airlift. We’re going to go to Africa and start bringing young Africans over to this country and give them scholarships to study so they can learn what a wonderful country America is. This young man named Barack Obama [Sr.] got one of those tickets and came over to this country.” This account of Obama Sr’s arrival in the US is ficticious. The Kennedy family involvement with the airlift did not begin until 1960, one year after Obama, Sr. had arrived and started studies at the University of Hawaii. The Kennedy involvement, while laudable, was limited to arranging transportation for subsequent students. At no time did the Kennedy family provide scholarships – that money being raised through Tom Mboya’s efforts. Myboya did, in fact, become a confidant of President Kennedy.                    ,_Sr.    

Obama repeated this falsehood in a 2007 civil rights speech in Selma, Alabama.  The true facts can be confirmed by documents in the Kennedy Library and other first hand sources.                                                          

During the Selma speech Obama went on to falsely embellish the story when he said, “There was something stirring across the country [then] because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Junior was born. So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama.” Bloggers have pointed out that the Selma bridge protest did not occurr until four years after Obama’s birth. The Washington Post went on to confirm that the Bloggers were correct.                                                                                                                                                  htttp://

Odinga Supporters Violence In Kenya 

In September 1959 Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. begins his studies at the University of Hawaii. Eleven months later, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is born.

By the time Obama arrived in Hawaii in 1959, Frank Marshall Davis had been working for Marxist-Soviet causes in Hawaii for 11 years. , ,                                           , ,              at page 15.                                        

In September 1960 Obama, Sr. began his second year at the University of Hawaii. He met a young, 17-year-old, Stanley Ann Dunham in his Russian language class. Ann, as she would later be called, had  arrived in Hawaii in June 1960. Frank Marshall Davis was a friend of Ann’s family. Davis was known to drink and smoke marijuana (or “choom” in the local vernacular) with Ann’s father and namesake, Stanley Dunham.  


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Barack Obama – The Unauthorized Biography of a Marxist – Part 3 – The Hawaii Years, Barack Obama Sr

Barack Obama – The Unauthorized Biography of a Marxist – Part 3 – The Hawaii Years, Barack Obama Sr

In 1935 just before Hitler took power in Germany and just before World War II would begin in Europe, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was born into the Lou Tribe, on the banks of Lake Victoria, Nyang-oma Kogelo in Kenya, East Africa. As a young man Obama was raised as a Muslim, however, as he developed a Marxist philosophy he renounced Islam for Athiesm.,_Sr.

In the early 1950’s the Mau-Mau rebellion began in Kenya. The Rebellion started within the Kikikuyu Tribe. The Mau – Mau’s wanted independance from Britian and a Kenya that was free of Whites. The first recorded meetings of the rebellions leaders are now reported as having taken place in August 1951. The Rellions goal; end British Rule in Kenya and drive out or kill all white settlers in Kenya. The Mau-Mau imposed an “oath” on black Kenyans, those who refused to take the oath were slaughtered. Intitiation into the Mau-Mau  could include the murder of Whites settlers.  

A Brief History Of The Mau-Mau Rebellion & Time Line Of Obama Sr’s Life

24th August 1952 – The Kenyan government imposes a curfew in three districts on the outskirts of Nairobi where gangs of arsonists, believed to be members of the Mau Mau, have been setting fire to homes of Africans who refuse to take the Mau Mau oath. (These sites also provide a broader historical review of the Mau-Mau Rebellion)                                                                                

7th October 1952 –  Senior Chief Waruhui is assassinated in Kenya — he is speared to death in broad daylight on a main road on the outskirts of Nairobi. He had recently spoken out against increasing Mau Mau aggression against colonial rule.

1950’s BBC Newsreel on Mau-Mau

19th October 1952 – The British government announces that it will send troops to Kenya to help the fight against the Mau Mau.

21st October 1952 –  With the imminent arrival of British troops, the Kenyan government declares a state of emergency following a month of increasing hostility. Over 40 people have been murdered in Nairobi in the last four weeks and the Mau Mau, officially declared terrorists, have acquired firearms to use along with the more traditional pangas or machettes. As part of the overall clamp down Jomo Kenyatta, president of the Kenya African Union, is arrested for alleged Mau Mau involvement. Kenyatta would later visit the Soviet Union and seek support for his Marxist endeavors. While there can be no doubt that Kenyatta and the Mau-Mau’s were influenced by Soviet Marxism, the support the Mau-Mau’s received from the Soviets was largely verbal. Very little in the way of armaments or money were forth coming from Moscow.                                                               Moscow was busy consolidating its possessions behind the Iron Curtain. The Communists, however, have a different view of this history.,+Furedi,+Mau+Mau,+Consolidation+of+Reaction 

1950 BBC Newsreel – Death Waruhui 

30th October 1952 – British troops are involved in the arrest of over 500 suspected Mau Mau activists.

14th October 1952 – Thirty-four schools in Kikuyu tribal areas are closed in the continuing clamp down on Mau Mau activists.

18th November 1952 – Jomo Kenyatta, president of the Kenya African Union and the country’s leading nationalist leader is charged with managing the Mau Mau terrorist society in Kenya. He is flown to a remote district station, Kapenguria, which reportedly has no telephone or rail communications with the rest of Kenya, and is being held there incommunicado.

1950 BBC Report – Capture of Massacre Suspects

25th November 1952 – The Mau Mau declare open rebellion against British rule in Kenya. British forces respond by arresting over 2000 Kikuyu suspected of Mau Mau membership.


18th January 1953 – Governor-general Sir Evelyn Baring imposes the death penalty for anyone who administers the Mau Mau oath – the oath is often forced upon Kikuyu tribesmen at the point of a knife, and calls for the individual’s death if he fails to kill a European farmer when ordered. Refusal to take the “blood oath” or failure to kill Europeans when ordered results in immediate execution by the Mau-Mau.

1950 BBC Newsreel – Shadow Over Kenya

26th January 1953 – Panic has spread through Europeans in Kenya after the slaying of a white settler farmer and his family. Settler groups, displeased with the government’s response to the increasing Mau Mau threat have created their own Commando Units to deal with the threat. Sir Evelyn Baring, the Governor-general of Kenya has announced that a new offensive is to begin under the command of Major-general William Hinde. Amongst those speaking out against the Mau Mau threat and the government’s inaction is Elspeth Huxley, author (who wrote The Flame Trees of Thika in 1959), who in a recent newspaper article compares Jomo Kenyatta to Hitler.

January 1953 – Barack Obama, Sr. marries his first wife, Kezia. In some press reports Obama’s marriage to Kezia is noted as having occurred in 1957. Obama was married to his first wife when he was 18. Obama was born in 1935, he was 25 years old when he met Stanley Ann Dunham in Hawaii in 1960. The tribal marriage to Kezia was sealed with a dowery payment of 14 cattle.,_Sr.,        

1st April 1953 – British troops kill twenty-four Mau Mau suspects and capture an additional thirty-six during deployments in the Kenyan highlands.

8th April 1953 – Jomo Kenyatta, known to his followers as Burning the Spear, is sentenced to seven years hard labour along with five other Kikuyu currently detained at Kapenguria.

17th April 1953 – An additional 1000 Mau Mau suspects have been arrested over the past week around the capital Nairobi.

3rd May 1953 – Nineteen Kikuyu members of the Home Guard are murdered by the Mau Mau.

5th March 1953 – Joseph Stalin dies.

29th May 1953 – Kikuyu tribal lands are to be cordoned off from the rest of Kenya to restrict movement of potential Mau Mau terrorists.

July 1953 – Another 100 Mau Mau suspects have been killed during British patrols in Kikuyu tribal lands.

15th January 1954 – General China, the second in command of the Mau Mau’s military efforts is wounded and captured by British troops.

9th March 1954 – Two more Mau Mau leaders have been secured: General Katanga is captured and General Tanganyika surrenders to British authority.

March 1954 – The great British plan to end the Mau Mau Rebellion in Kenya is presented to the country’s legislature — General China, captured in January, is to write to the other terrorist leaders suggesting that nothing further can be gained from the conflict and that they should surrender themselves to British troops waiting in the Aberdare foothills.

11th April 1954 – British authorities in Kenya admit that the ‘General China operation’ revealed previously to the Kenyan legislature has failed.

24th April 1954 –  Over 40,000 Kikuyu tribesmen are arrested by British forces, including 5000 Imperial troops and 1000 Policemen, during widespread, coordinated dawn raids.

26th May 1954 – The Treetops Hotel, where Princess Elizabeth and her husband were staying when they heard of King George VI’s death and her succession to the throne of England, is burnt down by Mau Mau activists.

18th of January 1955 – The Governor-general of Kenya, Sir Evelyn Baring, offers an amnesty to Mau Mau activists — the offer means that they will not face the death penalty, but may still be imprisoned for their crimes. European settlers are up in arms at the leniency of the offer.

21st April 1955 – Unmoved by Kenya’s Governor-general’s, Sir Evelyn Baring, offer of amnesty the Mau Mau killings continue – On this day two English schoolboys are murdered.

June 10th , 1955 – Britain withdraws the offer of amnesty to the Mau Mau.

Barack Obama, Sr. turns 20 years old.

October 1955 – Official reports suggest that over 70,000 Kikuyu tribesmen suspected of Mau Mau membership have been imprisoned, whilst over 13,000 people have been killed (by British troops and Mau Mau activists) over the last three years of the Mau Mau Rebellion.

7th January 1956 – The official death toll for Mau Mau activists killed by British forces in Kenya since 1952 is put at 10,173.

5th February 1956 – Nine Mau Mau activists escape from Mageta island prison camp in Lake Victoria.

January 1958 – Barack Obama, Sr. has his first child, a son Roy, with his first wife Kezia.

25th – 27th May – 1958 – Tom Mboya, General Secretary of the Kenyan Federation of Labor organized a non-violent boycott of Nairobi’s buses, cigarettes and beer. Mboya, like Obama, was a member of the Luo Tribe. – page 9.                 Unlike Obama, Mboya was not a Pro-Soviet Marxist. Mboya was raised in Catholic Schools in Kenya and later attended Oxford University. Mboya’s Socialist leanings were in line with those of the British Labour Party not the Soviet Communist Party.  

Early 1959 – Tom Mboya traveled to the United States to persuade Americans to contribute to a scholarship fund and he was remarkably succesful in his efforts. Kenya, he said, needed Kenyans to be trained in America, so that when independence came they would be capable of replacing the British bureaucrats and administrators who ran the country. In the late 1950s, there were no universities in Kenya. Eight thousand Americans contributed to the fund, among them leaders of the black community including Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, and Jackie Robinson – the famous baseball player. According to the “Tom Mboya Archives” at Stanford University, Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, a literacy advocate, provided most of the financial support for Obama Sr.’s early years in the United States. ,,_Sr.                                                                                                                                              Mboya’s affinity for American and British educational systems offended both the Soviets and the Pro-Soviet forces within Kenya.                                                                                                                     

July 1959 – 11 Mau Mau activists held at Hola Camp in Kenya are killed. British opposition political parties cite the deaths in their attacks on the UK government along with Britian’s continuing role in Africa in upcoming British elections.

August 1959 – Kezia, now three months pregnant with the Obama’s second child, a daughter, Auma, says her farewell as Barack Obama, Sr. leaves to study at the University of Hawaii. Barack Obama Senior was one of eighty one Tom Mboya scholars that year, along with his friend Phil Obeigwe. The two would meet for a send off party in Mboya’s Nairobi offices before flying off to America together.

September 1959 – Barack Obama Senior begins studies at the University of Hawaii. ,

10th November 1959 – The British call an end to tthe state of emergency in Kenya.

18th January 1960 – The Kenyan Constitutional Conference being held in London is boycotted by African nationalist leaders.

In “Dreams”, Barack Obama Jr. claims that, “The Kennedy’s (President John F Kennedy) decided: ‘We’re going to do an airlift. We’re going to go to Africa and start bringing young Africans over to this country and give them scholarships to study so they can learn what a wonderful country America is. This young man named Barack Obama [Sr.] got one of those tickets and came over to this country.” This account of Obama Sr’s arrival in the US is entirely fiction. The Kennedy family involvement with the airlift did not begin until 1960, one year after Obama, Sr. had arrived and started studies at the University of Hawaii.,_Sr. Obama repeated this falsehood in a 2007 civil rights speech in Selma, Alabama.  These facts can be confirmed by documents in the Kennedy Library. During the Selma speech Obama went on to falsely embellish when he said, “There was something stirring across the country [then] because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Junior was born. So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama.” Bloggers have pointed out that the Selma bridge protest did not occurr until four years after Obama’s birth. The Washington Post went on to confirm the falsehood. Barrack, if you have a claim on a connection to Selma, it isn’t this one.

BBC Newsreel – Tom Mboya Funeral

June 1960 – Barack Obama, Sr. finishes his first year of study at the University of Hawaii.

June 1960 – Stanley Ann Dunham arrives in Hawaii with her family.

September 1960 – Barack Obama, Sr and Stanley Ann Dunham meet in a Russian Language class at the University of Hawaii.

November 1960 – Stanley Ann Dunham turns 18 and conceives Barrack Obama, Jr.

February 21 1961 – It is claimed that Barack Hussien Obama, Sr. married Stanley Ann Dunham in Maui, Hawaii. There were no parents, friends or witnesses present. Writers have suggested that since no documentary evidence of a marriage has ever been produced, the failure to produce such evidence strongly suggests that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Senior were never legally married. 

The State of Hawaii maintains all marriage records in its Department of Vital Records, a part of the Department of Health. Its website states that any family member can request copies of valid marriage certificates by simply paying a small fee. Documentary evidence for marriages that took place in Hawaii in 1961 is readily available for any any inquiring family member.

18th April 1961 – In return for the release of Jomo Kenyatta, African nationalist leaders agree to take a role in Kenya’s government.

June 1961 – Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. finishes his second year of studies at University of Hawaii. Stanley Ann Dunham finishes her first year studies at the University of Hawaii.

14th July 1961 – Jomo Kenyatta, now aged 71, is finally released from house arrest in Gatundu, 22 kilometres outside Nairobi.

August  4, 1961 – Barack Hussein Obama, Jr is born. It is reported that Stanley Ann Dunham drops out of school to take care of the child. This is incorrect. It has been reported that Barack Hussein Obama, Sr was not present at the birth. Stanley Ann’s high school classmate Susan Blake had the impression that he was not there, and may not even have been on the island of Hawaii at the time, but no other contemporary has any recollections on this issue one way or the other.

August 1961 – Obama biographer David Mendell reports that Barack Obama Senior rented a small one floor house near the campus of the University of Hawaii around this time, ostensibly as a home for his young wife and their new son.                                                                                     Other reports suggest this is incorrect.

Late August 1961 – Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama returns to Mercer Island, Washington and enrolls in classes at the University of Washington.

The Obama Family Myth – as desribed in “Dreams” is that Barack Obama Sr. abandoned his wife and young child to study at Harvard. That Obama Sr. had a choice between Harvard and the New School, that he choose Harvard over the New School where scholarship money would have helped support the family. Again, this is myth. Ann Obama left Barack Obama Sr, in August 1961, weeks after Barack Jr’s birth. Ann found funding for her own studies at the University of Washigton while Barack Sr completed his studies at the University of Hawaii. Ann did not attend Obama’s graduation ceremonies and did not return to Hawaii until Obama had moved on to Harvard University.

21st August 1961 – All restrictions on Jomo Kenyatta’s movements are lifted following his release from prison the previous month.

September 1961 – Barack Obama, Sr. continues his studies at the University of Hawaii. Ann Obama continues her studies at the University of Washington.

March 1962 – Ann Obama registers for additional courses at the University of Washington.

May 1962 – According to the Tom Mboya archives at Stanford University, Elizabeth Mooney Kirk wrote to the Mboya Scholarship Fund asking it to fund Obama Senior’s graduate studies at Harvard. No mention was made in the request of the need to fund the living expenses of a wife and son.

June 1962 – Barack Hussein Obama, Sr graduates with honors (Phi Betta Kappa) after only 3 years of study at the University of Hawaii. Neither Ann Obama nor Barack Jr. attend the graduation.

June 22, 1962 – The Honolulu Star-Bulletin noted Obama’s departure from Hawaii for Harvard.

June/September 1962 – Ann Obama moves back to Hawaii with Barack, Jr. She would resume her attendance at the University of Hawaii on an irregular part time basis.

September 1962 – Barack Sr. begins studies at Harvard University. Obama would meet an American-born teacher named Ruth Nidesand who would return to Kenya with Obama after his graduation from Harvard. Obama and Nidestand would eventually marry, she would become his third wife. The couple would have two children before they divorced.

27th May 1963 – Jomo Kenyatta is elected prime minister in Kenya’s first multi-racial elections.

November 1963 – President Kennedy is killed in Dallas, Texas.

12th December 1963 – Kenya becomes the 34th African state to achieve independence.

16th December 1963 – General amnesty is announced for Mau Mau activists.

January 1964 – Ann Obama files for divorce. 

Spring 1964 – Barack Obama graduates from Havard University with a Masters degree in Economics.(the degree was awarded in 1965) and Obama returned home to Kenya.  Upon his return Obama was hired by Shell Oil Company, however he soon obtained a position as an Economist with the Kenyan Ministry of Transportation. Obama would then become the Senior Economist in the Kenyan Ministry of Finance working under the direction of Tom Mboya’s Ministry of Economic Planning and Development.,_Sr.   

12 December 1964 – Kenya is declared a republic. Jomo Kenyatta the first President.  

BBC Newsreel – Kenya a Republic – President Kenyatta  / Vice President Odinga 

July 1965 – Barack Obama, Sr. publishes an article titled “Problems Facing Our Socialism” in the East Africa Journal. The article was highly critical of the blueprint for national planning titled “African Socialism and Its Applicability to Planning in Kenya”. The blueprint had been prepared by Tom Mboya’s  Ministry of Economic Planning and Development.                                                                  Mboya a fellow member of the Luo Tribe had been Obama’s mentor and protector. It had been Mboya, not the “Kennedy Family”, who had provided Obama with his opportunity for education in the US. Myboya’s publication, also called “Sessional Paper 10 on Harambee and the Principles of African Socialism” (adopted by Parliament in 1964) provided a model of government based on “African values” rather than Pro-Soviet Marxism. Mboya’s paper was considered the equivalent of Kenya’s “Economic Constitution” – Obama’s criticism of Mboya and his the support for the Pro-Soviet Marxists in the KPU (Kenyan Peoples Union),  was a career killer.,+Furedi,+Mau+Mau,+Consolidation+of+Reaction  (The above post by Communist University online).

Early 1967  – Support for the KPU had significantly diminished – KPU support was limited to a  “handful of Luos”.,+Furedi,+Mau+Mau,+Consolidation+of+Reaction 

5th July 1969 – Tom Mboya was assassinated by Nahashon Isaac Njenga Njorogein in Nairobi. After mboya’s death, Obama could not find another sponsor to help further his career. Obama’s career in Government stagnated. Whether President Jomo Kenyatta was involved in the killing of Mboya or not has always been highly disputed.                          

Some have suggested Mboya was killed because of alleged ties with the American CIA.—Tom-Mboya-s-fatal-links-with-CIA/111469 

These allegations have been presented in works friendly to Marxist/Leninist ideology as a justification for Mboya’s assassination. There is no credible evidence of a CIA tie with Mboya, however, pro Soviet Marxists strongly opposed Mboya’s educational programs for young Kenyan’s (Marxists or not). Moscow wanted to educate the young Kenyan’s.                                        ,+Furedi,+Mau+Mau,+Consolidation+of+Reaction   Questions remain as to whether Mboya may have been killed by the last remenants of the Pro-Soviet Marxist KPU.

Kenyan journalist Philip Ochieng, who traveled with Obama to America as a fellow student remained Obama’s friend for life. Ochieng, who referred to himself as Obama’s, “old drinking buddy”, recalled that Obama antagonized other officials with his “boasting,” was “excessively fond of Scotch” and ended up in poverty “without a job.” He got into frequent car accidents, one of which led to the amputation of both his legs. He was killed in another car accident, in 1982, at the age of 46.”

In ‘Dreams” Obama states that Obama Sr’s career “was destroyed by a conflict with President Kenyatta”, that assertion is not supported by the facts.,_Sr.

While it is probabe that President Kenyatta distrusted Obama Sr. on the basis of their different tribal affliations (the animosity between the Kikuyu and Luo tribes continues to this day) it is much more probable that Obama’s betrayal of Tom Mboya and his radical Pro-Soviet Marxism made him an outcast in both the mainstream Luo Tribal Political System and in the greater Pan-African political movement fostered by Mboya and Kenyatta. Acknowledging this would be politically inconvenient for Candidate Obama.

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Their story as told by family and friends.

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Barack Obama; The Unauthorized Biography of a Marxist – Part 2 – The Hawaii Years – Frank Marshall Davis

Part One Is Posted Here:

Barack Obama; The Unauthorized Biography Of A Marxist – Part 2 – The Hawaii Years – Frank Marshall Davis

In June 1960 when Stanley Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii after highschool she was described by her friends as a liberal athiest and an avowed Marxist. Stanley Ann’s friends who were similiarly inclined refered to her as a “fellow traveler”. An “intellectual rebel” with a fledgling beatnik sensibility.,0,2623808.story?page=3 , ,

Former classmates noted her love of foreign films, art-house theaters, poetry and University District coffee shops like the Encore where discussion of jazz and politics would take place. Dunham hadn’t had a boyfriend in high school, according to Maxine Box, her best friend at the time. John W. Hunt, another of her close friends, recalled the coffee house discussions about world events, French cinema, the meaning of life and the existence of God. Others state that, “When Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii, she was a full-fledged radical leftist and practitioner of critical theory.” ,,0,2623808.story                                                   ’smother/index.html

The Hawaii or Oahu of 1960 was much smaller than it is today. While Oahu still occupies about 550 square miles, the population was only 500,000. Compare that for example with the 1960 population of Chicago – which was 7 times larger – 3.5 Million (3,500,000).

When they arrived in Hawaii the Dunham family moved into a large house on Kamehameha Avenue.

Ann, she dropped the Stanley after arriving in Hawaii, would not begin classes at the University of Hawaii until September, three months away. Prior to starting those classes she would meet one of her Father’s acquaintances, Frank Marshall Davis.

Frank Marshall Davis

Frank Marshall Davis was born in 1905 in Arkanasas City, Kansas. In 1923 he began his college education at Friends Unversity in Whichta, Kansas. When Friends University was originally founded in 1898 it was associated with the Religous Society of Friends or Quakers. , ,

In 1924 Davis transferred to Kansas State Agricultrural College, now called Kansas State University. Davis studied there in 1924-1927 and again in 1929, but her did not finish his degree. ,

Davis spent his early years in Kansas as had Obama’s grandparents and mother. ,

In 1927, Davis moved to Chicago. where he worked at various African-American newspapers. He also wrote free-lance articles and short stories for African-American magazines. It was during this time that Davis began a serious effort to write poetry, including his first long poem, entitled Chicago’s Congo, Sonata for an Orchestra.  Norman Forge’s Black Cat Press published Davis’s first book, Black Man’s Verse, in the summer of 1935. The book was an alliance of free verse written in the rhythm of jazz that condemned racial prejudice. ,

In 1930, Davis moved to Atlanta to work as editor for a semiweekly black newspaper. Later, Davis became the editor of the Atlanta Daily World.

In 1935, Davis moved back to Chicago to take the position of managing editor of the Associated Negro Press, a news service for Black newspapers.

In 1937, his second book, I Am the American Negro, loudly critiqued racism and its social connotations. The following year, Davis published his third book, Through Sepia Eyes (1938), which contained four poems. The poems were published in later volumes of Davis’ books. In 1948, Davis published 47TH STREET which many believe to be his best work. In his title poem, Davis chronicled a “rainbow race” of south side Chicagoans and their commonalities of economic class rather than race. Yes, in his day, Davis was a  south side Chicago community oraganizer. 
A reader interested in Davis’ poetry should check out this site> where poetry from “47th Street” and “Awakening” can be viewed.  Also see:


In 1946, Davis married Helen Canfield, who is descibed as a white Chicago Socialite 19 years his junior. The couple divorced in 1970. Canfield was Davis’ second wife.

In 1948, after 47th Street was published, Davis moved to Hawaii. There has been much speculation about why Davis left Chicago for Hawaii, including comments that the actor Paul Roberson suggested Hawaii would be a place more tolerant of a bi-racial marriage. . 

Roberson, himself a Communist, would later be defended by Davis.

According to Davis’ biographer, Davis told the press he was there for an extended vacation to write, while his wife painted.                      

In actuallity, Davis immediately began work launching The Honolulu Record with Koji Ariyoshi. The “Record” was a paper published by the International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union headed by Harry Briggs. , ,                      Both Ariyoshi and Briggs were convicted of being Communists in 1958.

Davis confirmed this relationship and his contacts in his own biography. at page 15.                                                  Davis compared the Honolulu Record with the Chicago Star, a paper now acknowledged as a Communist publication of the 1940’s.

In 1975, Hawaii Governor John Burns, who in the 1950s was a Democratic Party organizer and delegate to Congress, would reflect that perhaps there were Communists in the union. “Every guy in the ILWU was at one time or another a member of the Communist Party of America. This is where they got their organizational information and how to organize, and how to bring groups together and how to create cells and how to make movements that are undetected by the bosses and everything else. … I know what they were about. I said this is the only way they are going to organize,” he said. Dan Inouye, the U.S. Senator from Hawaii. who during the 1950s was Burns’ political ally, noted in his autobiography that Communists were probably enrolled in the union. “No one with any sense of political reality denied that there were probably some Communists in the ILWU. … “

Davis authored a column called “Frankly-speaking” in the Honolulu Record. , authored a column called “Frankly-speaking” in the Honolulu Record. ,



For the reader interested in sampling Davis’ columns written for the “Record” check out this site: – The site has posted columns from 1949 – 1950. In his columns critize Davis critizes the Marshall Plan, Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, opposes support for Nationalist China and denounces our Democratic Allies from WWII while extolling the virtues of Marxist/Communist Russia and China.

Immediately after arriving in hawaii Davis also undertook organizational activities for the Communist party. These activites led to his ouster from the Hawaii NAACP. The International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union would eventually sever ties with its Communist connections and join the CIO. The CIO would later merge and become the AFL-CIO. In 1958 the Honolulu Record would close. 

A history of the Hawaii NAACP’s clash with the Communists can be read here: – page 16. Davis was specifially identified as a Communist oranizer in a letter from Edward Berman (NAACP Chair, Hawaii) to National NAACP leader Roy Wilkins. page 17. 

Berman’s letter stated, “”I (Berman) was at one of the election meetings at which one Frank Marshall Davis, formerly of Chicago (and formerly editor of the Chicago Communist paper, the Star) suddenly appeared on the scene to propagandize the membership about our ‘racial problems’ in Hawaii. He had jut sneaked in here on a boat, and presto, was an ‘expert’ on racial problems in Hawaii. Comrade Davis was supported by others who had recently ‘sneaked’ into the organization with the avowed intent and purpose of converting it into a front for the Stalinist line….
…Already, scores of Negro members were frightened away from these meetings because of the influx of this element. Only by a reorganization with a policy that will check this infiltration, can we hope to get former members back into a local NAACP branch. We are going to have to have that authority over here-otherwise you’ll have a branch exclusively composed of yelping Stalinists and their dupes-characters who are more concerned about the speedy assassination of Tito (Yugoslav communist dictator who had just broken with the USSR) than they are about the advancement of the colored people of these United States.”
Davis’ own writings on the mistakes of the Oahu NAACP, The CIO, the dangers of State Employees taking a “loyalty oath” or pledge to “protect and defend the Constitution” and the joys of a discrimination free Soviet Union can be read here: 

A partial history of Marxist/Communist activities in Haiwaii can be read here. , – at page 9.

When the Dunham’s arrived in 1960 Honolulu, Frank Marshall Davis, fellow Kansan, athiest, Marxist-Communist, writer, poet and jass musician was waiting to greet them. Frank Marshall Davis and Stanley Dunham were drinking buddies and in the local vernacular, “Choomers”, or pot heads as we would have called them in my 1960’s neighborhood.

It is hard to imagine that young, 17-year-old Stanley Ann Dunham would not have been impressed with the accomplished Davis. He was after all, the imbodiment of all that she had been taught to admire. Davis at this time was 55 years old and married to a 35 year old white sociallite from Chicago. A renowned Communist, athiest, author, journalist, poet, musician and political organizer. To the young Stanley Ann Dunham he must have been the equivalent of a modern era rock star.

Commentators speculate whether Davis might be the reason Stanley Ann Dunham may have told her son, if she told her son, of a desire to attend the University of Chicago. There is no documentation that she ever applied the University of Chicago. Of course the “allegation” that Stanley Ann Dunham had been accepted at the University of Chicago may simply be another example of the “literary license” or just another lie presented by Obama in “Dreams”.

Other writers speculate that Frank Marshall Davis may, in fact, be Barack Obama’s biological father.  

This speculation seems to be based on three facts.

Fact 1:

That in 1968 Davis published a hard core autobiograpical, pornograpic novel titled Sex Rebel: Black. The novel was published in San Diego in 1968 by Greenleaf Classics under the pseudonym Bob Greene.

Before his death Mr Davis confirmed that he was the author of “Sex Rebel: Black” after a reader had noticed the “similarities in style and phraseology” between the pornographic work and his poetry. 

Davis stated, “I could not then truthfully deny that this book, which came out in 1968 as a Greenleaf Classic, was mine.” In the introduction to “Sex Rebel”, Mr Davis (writing as Greene) explains that although he has “changed names and identities…all incidents I have described have been taken from actual experiences”.

In this book Davis notes a sexual liason with “Anne” an underage girl of 13. (Note that Stanley Ann Dunham was 17 when she met Davis).  

The book, which closely tracks Mr Davis’s life in Chicago and Hawaii and the fact that his first wife was black and his second white, describes in lurid detail a series of shockingly sordid sexual encounters, often involving group sex.

One chapter concerns the seduction by Mr Davis and his wife of a 13-year-old girl called Anne. Mr Davis wrote that it was the girl who had suggested he have sex with her. “I’m not one to go in for Lolitas. Usually I’d rather not bed a babe under 20. But there are exceptions. I didn’t want to disappoint the trusting child. At her still-impressionistic age, a rejection might be traumatic, could even cripple her sexually for life.” He then described how he and his wife would have sex with the girl, “Anne came up many times the next several weeks … She obtained a course in practical sex from experienced and considerate practitioners rather than from ignorant insensitive neophytes….I think we did her a favour, although the pleasure was mutual.” 

Stanley Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii in June 1960. Her best friends on Mercer Island state she had no boyfriends while in Highschool. By November 1960 she had conceived Barack Hussein Obama.

Fact 2:

In the Obama family lore, Barrack Hussein Obama Sr., abandoned his family to study at Havard. Having been accepted at both the New School in New York and Harvard, he choose Harvard and abandoned his family rather than study at the New School where schoalrship money would have helped support the family. The facts do not support these allegations. Ann Dunham took her new born infant and abandoned Barack Obama, Sr. just weeks after the infants birth.

Fact 3:

“Dreams” portrays Obama as an exceptionally gifted student in Indonesia. This is not particular accurate. The facts show Obama struggled with the language and was a marginal student, as many students studying in a foreign language would be. At about age 10, Obama was sent back to live with his Grandparents in Hawaii. Just prior to Obama’s arrival, Frank Marshall Davis divorced his 2nd wife. (1970). 

NEXT: Barack Obama; The Unauthorized Biography of a Marxist – Part 3 –

Barack Obama – The Unauthorized Biography of a Marxist – Part 3 – The Hawaii Years, Barack Obama Sr

Barack Obama; The Unauthorized Biography Of A Marxist – Obama’s Factual Family Story

OBAMA: The Unauthorized Biography – Part 1


Barack Obama’s first book, “Dreams of My Father” has been discussed at length in the popular press and by the Candidate himself. Unfortunately, the book and the discussions associated with book on broadcast media are short on fact and long on the fiction that the candidate has carefully manufactured about his past.

Obama, himself, gives the readers a “buyers beware” warning in the introduction to the reissued edition of “Dreams”. Obama notes the dangers of writing an autobiography include “the temptation to color events in ways favorable to the writer … [and] selective lapses of memory.” Obama states, “I can’t say that I’ve avoided all, or any, of these hazards successfully.” 

My question, did candidate Obama even make an attempt to avoid the temptation?,0,546290.story

In “Dreams” Obama distorts many of the truths concerning his youth to serve his own self interest. The Chicago Tribune noted, “Still, the story of his early years highlights how politics and autobiography are similar creatures: Each is shaped to serve a purpose.”,0,546290.story   I wonder what the Tribune writer meant, in plain words? That Obama shaped his autobiography to serve Obama’s political purpose? Yes, I would agree, if that is what the writer intended to say.  

A Washington Post author noted, “Dreams From My Father” is as imprecise as it is insightful about Obama’s early life”. This writer believes the “imprecision” speaks volumes about Obama, the man and the candidate.  The Post author goes on to state, “… he readily acknowledged, he rearranged the chronology for his literary purposes and presented a cast of characters made up of composites and pseudonyms”                                                                      

In “Dreams” Obama puts words spoken by adult, radical leftists, into the mouths of his classmates who deny ever having had the discussions attributed to them in his book.,0,546290.story

In “Dreams” Obama paints a portrait of a  “youth living in a distant land searches[ing] and finds new friends, a new language and a heartbreaking lesson about his identity in the pages of an American magazine.” Researchers later determine that this claim is, at a minimum, factually incorrect. Why let a bald face lie get in the way of telling a good story?,0,546290.story?page=2  Some have suggested that this “lie” is actually a reference to the musician MICHAEL JACKSON.

Obama goes to great length in “Dream’s” to describe himself as “A young black man who struggles for acceptance at an institution of privilege, where he finds himself growing so angry and disillusioned at the world around him that he turned to alcohol and drugs.”,0,546290.story

Obama’s minority and mixed race friends at the Punahou School, an ultra-elite private school in Hawaii, failed to notice Obama’s anger over “race”, “social injustice” or “acceptance”. The direct quote from the Chicago Tribune writer is, “The handful of black students who attended Punahou School in Hawaii, for instance, say they struggled mightily with issues of race and racism there. But absent from those discussions, they say, was another student then known as Barry Obama.”,0,546290.story?page=4

In “Dream’s” Obama neglects to mention the Bohemian/Marxist lifestyle practiced in his Grandparent’s home. Alcohol and marijuana use were a regular part of the Marxist social gatherings at the Dunham residence. Obama’s first expsoure to “chooming”, Hawaian slang for smoking pot, was not at school but at home.                                              ,0,546290.story?page=5

Frank Marshall Davis, a renowned Activist, Poet, Jass Musician, Labor Organizer and member of the Communist Party, United States of America (CPUSA), was a family friend and regular guest of the Dunham/Obama Family.

Maya Soetoro-Ng, Obama’s half-sister, told the Associated Press recently that her grandfather had seen Mr Davis was “a point of connection, a bridge if you will, to the larger African-American experience for my brother”, Barack Obama.

The record shows that the young Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at the age of 10 in 1971, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his “poetry” and getting advice on his career path. In “Dreams” , Obama refers to Davis  as “Frank.”

There is some speculation that Frank Marshall Davis may, in fact, be Barack Obama’s true biological father.

At a minimum, Obama obtained a good deal of his ideology from Frank Marshall Davis. In a 2007 speech at the dedication of a Communist Party (CP) archive, “fellow traveler” and historian Gerald Horne, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, clarified the relationship between Obama and Davis, “……

In “Dreams” Obama continues his family myth that Barack Obama, Sr, abandoned his family to attend Harvard University. The facts bring into question whether Barack Obama, Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham were ever officially married. The facts also established that Stanley Ann took her infant son and abandoned Obama within weeks of the child’s birth.

In “Dreams” Obama claims his maternal grandparents were “conservative” “Methodists” or “Baptists” from Kansas. While this may have been true of his maternal great-grandparents, it is an absolutely false description of the grandparents who raised Obama. The Dunham’s abandoned the faiths of their parents and attended a Marxist Unitarian Church during his mother’s formative years.,0,2623808.story?page=3

Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was an avowed Athiest not a Christian as Obama claims.,0,2623808.story

Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann was a Marist.

Obama’s grandparents moved their family to Mercer Island in Washington State to join a small but liberal community of Marxists.

Chapter 1 – Obama’s Maternal Grandparents:

Madelyn Payne, Obama’s maternal grandmother, was born in the oil boomtown of Augusta, Kansas, to stern Methodist parents who did not believe in drinking, playing cards or dancing. She was one of the best students in the graduating class of 1940. Her family were members of the well to do, white collar community. Madelyn, however, in ways that would foretell the flouting of conventions by her daughter Stanley Ann, was different.
“A bunch of us would go to Wichita, to the Blue Moon Dance Hall,” said Nina Parry, a classmate who still lives in Augusta. “We’d hear Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey and Glem Miller . . . . All the big bands came. It was wonderful.” Then Madelyn met Stanley. Stanley Armour Dunham is Barack Obama’s maternal grandfather.,0,2623808.story?page=2 
Four years older, Stanley Armour Dunham lived 17 miles east, in El Dorado. In 1920, El Dorado, with a population of 12,000, seemed to exist solely for the purpose of drilling holes in the ground. And for good reason. In 1918, the El Dorado field produced 9 percent of the world’s oil production. The Dunhams were Baptists. Unlike the Paynes, Stanley Dunham did not come from the white-collar crowd. Gregarious, friendly, challenging and loud, “he was such a loose wheel at times,” said Clarence Kerns, from the El Dorado class of 1935. Others who knew Dunham described him as a salesman “who could charm the legs off a couch.”,0,2623808.story?page=2  His marriage to Madelyn was one of those that acquaintances said spanned both sides of the railroad tracks, and Stanley was always placed on the wrong side. They secretly married on the spring weekend of the annual junior-senior banquet in 1940, Madelyn’s senior year, several weeks before graduation, according to friends. Continuing to live with her parents, Madelyn didn’t tell them about her marriage until she got her diploma in June. The news was not a big hit at the Payne family home, but parental objections didn’t matter.

Obama writes the following about his Grandfather, “When he was 8 years old, Stanley Armour Dunham found his mother’s body. It was 1926, and Ruth Armour Dunham had committed suicide at the age of 26.” Barack Obama has written that that tragic discovery might have contributed to making his grandfather “a bit wild” as a teenager in Wichita, Kansas. Obama alleges that after his grandfather was kicked out of high school “for punching the principal in the nose.” Obama also claims that the man Obama would later know as “Gramps” hopped freight trains and dabbled in “moonshine, cards and women.”

When World War II came in December 1941, Stanley enlisted in the Army. Madelyn became a Rosie-the-Riveter at Boeing Co.’s B-29 production plant in Wichita, Kansas. The Dunham’s only child, Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, arrived in late November 1942.,0,2623808.story?page=2

The Dunhams were full-time working parents, renters and strugglers in pursuit of the next opportunity. After the war, Madelyn worked in restaurants while Stanley managed a furniture store on Main Street in El Dorado, Kansas.,0,2623808.story?page=2
In 1955 Stanley Dunham began work at  a “large store in downtown Seattle called Standard-Grunbaum Furniture at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pine Street. “First in Furniture, Second at Pine,” read the Yellow Pages ad in the Seattle telephone directory.”,0,2623808.story?page=2 

Madelyn went to work at a bank as an escrow officer.  

The Dunham’s settled on Mercer Island and enrolled their daughter, Stanley Ann, in the new highschool.
The Chicago Tribune author goes on to quote one of Stanley Ann’s childhood friends when he writes, “The island was quiet, politically conservative and all white.”,0,2623808.story?page=2
While Mercer Island was quiet and nearly all white, it was anything but conservative.

The furniture store where Stanley Dunham worked, “Standard-Grunbaum Furniture at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pine Street” was located down the street from the Regional Headquarters of the Communist Party USA. That headquarters was located at 1016 1/2 Second. In 1948, during testimony before the Un-American Activities in Washington State Investigation, the Communist Party’s Seattle headquarters was identified as being located at 1916 Second Ave, between Stewart Street and Pine Streets. The CPUSA party headquarters had been located in that area for at least 7 years. This second site, “The Communism in Washington State History and Memory Project” is dedicated to preserving the history of the Communist movement in Washington State. It is not an anti-communist site. 

In 1955 the Chairman of the Mercer Island School Board was John Stenhouse, an admitted member of the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA).,9171,891423-1,00.html. Mr Stenhouse was a British immigrant who was born (DOB:1908) and raised in China. 

Stenhouse’s testimony/confession to being a Communist was featured in the April 15, 1955 issue of Time Magazine.  Two months later the Dunham’s enrolled their daughter, Stanley Ann, in the Mercer Island highschool which was under the direction of Stenhouse. Two of Stanley Ann’s teachers at this school were avowed Marxists.

John Stenhouse was also the President of Eastshore Unitarian Church, frequently referred to as the “Little Red Church on the Hill”. The church’s nickname was related to the congregations  Marxist/Leninist beliefs. Peter Luton, the church’s current senior minister discussed the church’s Marxist history with the Chicago Tribune.,0,2623808.story?page=3

On the campaign trail Obama refers to his maternal grandparents as “conservative Methodists or Baptists from Kansas”, most writers are forced to disagree with that assertion. It simply is not supported by the facts. Even the Chicago Tribune notes the Duham’s had shed their Baptist and Methodist beliefs prior to reaching Mercer Island.,0,2623808.story?page=3

On the campaign trail, Obama describes his mother this way, “My mother was a Christian from Kansas…”, “the only daughter of parents who grew up in the “dab-smack, landlocked center of the country,” in towns “too small to warrant boldface on a roadmap.” …….. Clearly, both of these statements are lies. Even the Chicago Tribune noted, “Implicit in that portrayal is this message: If you have any lingering questions or doubts about the Hawaiian-born presidential candidate with a funny name, just remember that Mom hails from America’s good earth.” The Tribune goes on to note, “That presentation, though, glosses over Stanley Ann Dunham’s formative years, spent not on the Great Plains but more than 1,800 miles away on a small island in the Pacific Northwest.”,0,2623808.story

In “Dreams” Obama contradicts his campaign speeches when he states, “I was not raised in a religious household… My mother’s own experiences… only reinforced this inherited skepticism. Her memories of the Christians who populated her youth were not fond ones ….”,9171,1546298,00.html

The truth of the story is something else ……….

Chapter 2: Stanley Ann Dunham – Obama’s mother

Very little has been written about Stanley Ann Dunham prior to her arrival on Mercer Island and the beginnning of her highschool years in 1955.

Articles state that Stanley Ann was born in November 1942, 11 months after the start of WWII, while her father was away serving in the US Army.,0,2623808.story?page=2

After leaving Kansas when she was a youngster, she and her parents lived in Berkeley, Calif., for two years, Ponca City, Okla., for two years, and Wichita Falls, Tex., for three years before they ventured to the Seattle area.                                                                   
Stanley Ann finished the 8th grade at Bellevue Washington’s Eckstein Middle School in June 1955. She began highschool the next September. Stanley Ann’s friends from Mercer Island remember her well. “She touted herself as an atheist, and it was something she’d read about and could argue,” said Maxine Box, who was Dunham’s best friend in high school. “She was always challenging and arguing and comparing. She was already thinking about things that the rest of us hadn’t.”,0,2623808.story

Dunham has been described by her friends as “a fellow traveler…” a slang term of the 1950’s used to refer to a communist or communist sympathizer who had not publicly acknowledged their Party membership. The term “fellow traveler” was not a derogatory term nor was it used by anti-communists.’smother/index.html


One of Stanley Ann’s Mercer Island friends, Susan Botkin. recalled her directness, “in those days she dealt head-on with her uncommon first name. No sense trying to hide it, even though she hated it. “My name is Stanley,” she would say. “My father wanted a boy, and that’s that.” Her mother softened it, calling her Stanny or Stanny Ann, but at school she was Stanley, straight up. “She owned the name,” recalled Susan Botkin, one of her first pals on Mercer Island. “Only once or twice was she teased. She had a sharp tongue, a deep wit, and she could kill. We all called her Stanley.””  In a high school culture of brawn and beauty, Stanley was one of the brains. Often struggling with her weight, and wearing braces her junior year, she had the normal teenage anxieties. John W. Hunt said those traits allowed Stanley to become accepted by the predominantly male intellectual crowd, even though she had a soft voice.                                                 



Stanley was decidedly liberal. She was encouraged in her Liberal beliefs, not just by her parents but by Mr Stenhouse the Chairman of the school board and by two of her teachers at Mercer Island High, Jim Wichterman and Val Foubert. These teachers taught advanced humanities courses open to the top 25 students. The assigned reading included not only Plato and Aristotle, Kierkegaard and Sartre, but also late-1950s critiques of societal conventions, such as “The Organization Man” by William H. Whyte, “The Lonely Crowd” by David Riesman and “The Hidden Persuaders” by Vance Packard, as well as the political theories of Hegel and Mill and Marx.  
A wing of Mercer Island High was nicknamed “anarchy alley” because of the teachings of Jim Wichterman and Val Foubert.  
In speaking with the Seattle Times Wichterman said, “Dunham thrived in the environment”. “As much as a high-school student can, she’d question anything: What’s so good about democracy? What’s so good about capitalism? What’s wrong with communism? What’s good about communism?”
Obama visited the Seattle area last October, and in a speech to a Democratic Party rally at Bellevue Community College, he mentioned that his mother attended Mercer Island High School before moving on to Hawaii. In “Dreams,” Obama wrote that the family moved to Seattle “long enough for my mother to finish high school.” The Chicago Tribune noted that, “her stop was more than some educational cup of coffee; Obama’s mother spent 8th grade through high school here. Four of those five years were spent on Mercer Island.,0,2623808.story Those years served to reinforce the Marxist unbringing Stanley Ann received at home. 
The Chicago Tribune noted that Wichterman also touched the societal third rail of the 1950s: He questioned the existence of God. He didn’t stop there, “”I had them read ‘The Communist Manifesto,’ and the parents went nuts,” said Wichterman, adding that parents also didn’t want any discussions about “anything to do with sex,” religion and theology. The parental protests were known as “mothers’ marches.”  The Dunhams did not join the uproar. Madelyn and Stanley had shed their Methodist and Baptist upbringing prior to arriving on Mercer Island or joining the East Shore Unitarian Church where Stenhouse was President.

Stanley Ann’s friends remember her fondness for poetry, jass music and the coffee house scene. “Dunham gravitated toward an intellectual clique. According to former classmate Chip Wall, she caught foreign films at Seattle’s only art-house theater, the Ridgemont, and trekked to University District coffee shops like the Encore to talk about jazz, the value of learning from other cultures and the “very dull Eisenhower-ness of our parents.”

“If you were concerned about something going wrong in the world, Stanley would know about it first,” said Chip Wall, who described her as “a fellow traveler“. . . . We were liberals before we knew what liberals were.”,0,2623808.story?page=3


Sometime prior to Stanley Ann’s graduation in June 1960, her father Stanley travelled to Hawaii and secured employment at a new funiture store and arranged for living quarters for his family. As graduation neared for the class of 1960, Dunham had hoped to join many of her classmates at the University of Washington, however, Stanley Ann did not know of her father’s plan to move the family.

In “Dreams” Obama claims his mother was accepted at the University of Chicago, however, there is no documentation to prove this claim. It is an interesting coincidence given the role that the city of Chicago plays both in Obama’s later life and its connection to those who will influence Obama’s life as a young man.

Stanley Ann’s friend’s don’t recall her mentioning the University of Chicago. They recall a desire to stay and attend the University of Washington or U-Dub as they referred to it. Maxine Box told the Chicago tribune, “I remember she didn’t want to go to Hawaii.” None the less, shortly after her graduation in June 1960, Stanley Ann Dunham moved with her parents to Hawaii. Fourteen short months later Barack Hussein Obama would be born.,0,2623808.story?page=3  

Part 2 – The Hawaii Years – HERE: 

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