SECURE BORDERS: Obama Administration – Fails To Address Home Grown Terrorist Issue, Reports 9-11 Commission Authors

Report: US must deal with domestic radical problem

WASHINGTON – The U.S. was slow to take seriously the threat posed by homegrown radicals and the government has failed to put systems in place to deal with the growing phenomenon, according to a new report compiled by the former heads of the Sept. 11 Commission.

The report says U.S. authorities failed to realize that Somali-American youths traveling from Minnesota to Mogadishu in 2008 to join extremists was not an isolated issue. Instead, the movement was one among several instances of a broader, more diverse threat that has surfaced across the country.

“Our long-held belief that homegrown terrorism couldn’t happen here has thus created a situation where we are today stumbling blindly through the legal, operational and organizational minefield of countering terrorist radicalization and recruitment occurring in the United States,” said the report, which was obtained by The Associated Press.

As a result, there is still no federal agency specifically charged with identifying radicalization or working to prevent terrorist recruitment of U.S. citizens and residents, said the report, slated to be released Friday by the Washington-based Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Security Preparedness Group.

The group, headed by former 9-11 commission leaders Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, laid out a detailed description of domestic terror incidents ranging from the Fort Hood, Texas, shooting spree and the attempted Christmas Day airliner attack in late 2009 to last May’s botched truck bombing in New York’s Times Square.

Over the past year, terrorism experts and government officials have warned of the threat posed by homegrown radicals, saying terror recruits who go abroad could return to the U.S. to carry out attacks.

But the U.S., the group said, should have learned earlier from Britain’s experience. Prior to the 2005 London suicide bombings, the British believed that Muslims there were better integrated, educated and wealthier than their counterparts elsewhere.

Similarly, the U.S. believed that its melting pot of nationalities and religions would protect it from internal radical strife, the report said.

The terrorists, said the report, may have discovered America’s “Achilles’ heel in that we currently have no strategy to counter the type of threat posed by homegrown terrorists and other radicalized recruits.”

The report also points to an “Americanization” of the leadership of al-Qaida and its allied groups, noting that radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who had links with suspects in the failed Times Square bombing and the Fort Hood shootings, grew up in New Mexico. And Chicagoan David Headley played a role in scoping the targets for the Lashkar-e-Taiba attacks on Mumbai in late 2008 that killed more than 160.

Abroad, Al-Qaida, its affiliates and other extremist groups have splintered and spread, seeking safe havens in undergoverned areas of Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and places in North and East Africa. That diversified threat has intensified as militants reach out to potential recruits through the Internet.

Assessing future threats, the report lists potential future domestic targets, including passenger jets, western or American hotel chains, Jewish or Israeli sites and U.S. soldiers, even at their own bases in America.

And it also warns that it is no longer wise to believe that American extremists will not resort to suicide bombings. As an example they point to Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, who has been charged with killing 13 people and wounding 32 in last year’s shootings at Fort Hood, saying he had written about suicide operations in e-mails, and that his attack appeared to be one.

McAuleys World:

First we must secure our borders … Then Prsident Obama could always schedule a “beer summit” with the Countries enemies …. or maybe he can schedule a “beer sunnit” with America’s original domestic terrorists, those like Bill Ayers who have already participated in random, violent and lethal attacks on American facilities, motivated by hatred and blind rage …. then again, President Obama has had lots of “beer summits” with Ayers … while Ayers helped him plan his early political campaigns ….

“Ayers, born in 1944, was raised in a Chicago suburb. He became active in the anti-war leftist group, Students for a Democratic Society, while he was a student at the University of Michigan in the mid- 1960s. In 1969, Ayers helped lead a group that splintered off from SDS, Weatherman (known as the Weathermen). The group set off a number of bombs against U.S. targets in the early 1970s, earning it the label of “domestic terrorist organization” from the FBI.”

Notable Attacks:

  • 1970: Bombing of New York City Police Headquarters
  • 1971: Bombing of U.S. Capitol Building
  • 1972: Bombing of Pentagon

    Bill Ayers 1968 Police Photo

    On the SDS, Communism and Anarcho-Communists: An internal battle of SDS ideology.

    “in March 1970 following the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion, an incident in which three members of the organization died when an explosive device, intended for a servicemen’s ball, detonated prematurely. Among the dead were Terry Robbins, Diana Oughton, and Ted Gold … and according to some Weatherman members like Bill Ayers, build an underground revolutionary movement.

    The new organization was intent on overthrowing the government through violent actions. Spreading communism was a priority for the members of Weather, as when Rudd told other members of SDS, “ Don’t be timid about telling people we’re Communist. Don’t deny it, be proud of it.”

    Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) was founded by Aryeh Neier (Director of the socialist League for Industrial Democracy) in 1960. Its principles were elaborated by Tom Hayden in the Port Huron Statement of 1962, which adopted the position of “anti-anti-Communism,” refusing to support the West in the Cold War. What began as a movement to involve the largest possible number of American students in the democratic processes had become by 1969, as a contemporaneous FBI memo summarizes, “an organization totally dedicated to the destruction of American society…In the span of seven years, the SDS had evolved into a hard line Marxist-Leninist-Maoist organization dedicated to the destruction of Western democratic traditions and ideals.”

    Several prominent SDS members organized Progressives for Obama in March of 2008. Among the organizers are Carl Davidson, Mark Rudd, and Todd Gitlin; while several Klonsky family members are represented, Mike Klonsky is conspicuously absent from the signers.

    SDS was an important subject within the Soviet directed and funded Communist Party USA (CPUSA) in early 1968.

    By 1974 Maoism had supplanted the Soviet ideological doctrine guiding many New Left groups willing to use violence to achieve socialist revolution. In Prairie Fire, Ayers, Dohrn and Jeff Jones identified the WUO primary strategy on the side of Maoist thought in the following way,

    The Chinese Revolution is a wonderful development in the advance of humanity. Mao Tse-tung and the Chinese Communist Party have made many important breakthroughs in developing revolutionary strategy in the semi-feudal, semi-colonial world. The thought common to Mao and Ho Chi-minh – that the central revolutionary force of our time is the oppressed nations and peoples of the world leading the liberation struggle against imperialism – is the guiding strategic principle of this era.”


    Mao Zedong: Mao remains a controversial figure to this day, with a contentious and ever-evolving legacy. He is officially held in high regard in China as a great revolutionary, political strategist, military mastermind, and savior of the nation. Conversely, Mao’s social-political programs, such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, are blamed for costing millions of lives, causing severe famine and damage to the culture, society and economy of China. Mao’s policies and political purges from 1949 to 1976 are widely believed to have caused the deaths of between 40 to 70 million people. Since Deng Xiaoping assumed power in 1978, many Maoist policies have been abandoned in favour of economic reforms.

    Mao was killing between 40 to 70 million of his own people at precisely the time AYERS and SDS adopted Ma0ist’s ideology …

    Mao as a supporter of human right’s policies … Mao as a supporter of civil rights …. what a crock!   

    Obama offers $400 Million in Aid to Gaza – The Devil Will Be In the Details

    Obama offers $400 Million in Aid to Gaza – The Devil Will Be In the Details

    On Wednesday, June 10, 2010, during a meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, President Obama offered $400 million in additional aid for the Gaza Strip. To be precise, it isn’t exactly clear whether the $400 million in aid is to be directed solely to the Gaza Strip or is, in fact, intended for the Government of the Palestinian Authority. (Both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank).

    Abbas is the President of the Palestinian Authority Government, headquartered in Ramallah on the West Bank, just 6 miles from Jerusalem.  Map of Israel, Gaza and West Bank –

    The Palestinian Authority Government is the duly constituted Government of the Palestinian people. The Palestinian Authority Government was formed in conjunction with the peace treaty negotiated between the State of Israel and the PLO, negotiations which began in 1993 and continued through 1999.

    The PLO or Palestinian Liberation Organization had been the internationally recognized voice of the Palestinian People since it was granted “observer status” at the United Nations in 1972.

    In June 2007 the terrorist group HAMAS (A Farsi or Iranian acronym for the Islamic Resistance Party) seized control of the Gaza Strip in an attempted coup.  HAMAS had been formed in an attempt to stop or derail the Mid-East peace process started in 1993.

    Prior American Aid

    In 2008 – 2009 the U.S. provided $20.3 million in aid to the Gaza strip. In 2008 -2009 Gaza received a total of  $4.5 billion in international aid. President Obama has increased the amount of U.S. aid to a total of about 8.8% of the total international aid received by Palestine.

    The Devil is In the Details

    As the Gaza funding was announced while President Obama was meeting with President Abbas one might assume that the Gaza funding would be paid to the legitimate government of Gaza, the Palestinian Authority Government, however, there are news reports that some portion of the funding will be paid directly to the terrorist organization HAMAS.

    At present it is illegal under the “Patriot Act” for any American citizen to contribute to HAMAS as it is a designated “terrorist organization”.

    Why would the President of the United States agree to send money directly to a terrorist organization sworn to the destruction of Israel, an organization that was formed to disrupt and end the very peace process Obama has sworn to see to a conclusion, a terrorist organization that attempted to overthrow President Abbas’ very government?

    It would make no sense for the President of the United States to provide any type of funding to HAMAS, such an action would run counter to everyone of Obama’s stated objectives in the Middle-East.

    Then again, this is the same President who agreed to the transfer of sophisticated surface to air missiles from Russia to Iran. Missile batteries that one day, in the not too distant future, may be trained against American pilots. The decision to allow the transfer of the missiles to Iran may be the most shortsighted strategic error made by an American President since FDR agreed to the sale of scrap metal to Japan before WWII, metal that was turned into the Japanese Imperial Fleet and Air Force.

    The Congressional Duty To “Mind The Purse Stings”

    Under the U.S. Constitution the Congress shares responsibility for ”oversight” of all U.S. spending with the President.  The powers of the President and Congress to appropriate and spend money “overlap”, each branch acting as a “check and balance” on the other.

    In this instance it will be imperative that Congress step forward and determine exactly what the President intends to do with this money.

    If the money is intended for the Palestinian Authority Government, for use in humanitarian efforts in the Gaza, to build and repair homes, schools and hospitals, even if the money is to be used to drive HAMAS from Gaza and Greater Palestine, to further the “Peace Process” started some 17 years ago, then our money will be well spent.

    Congress must, however, prevent even one dime of the money from going to HAMAS. Any money given to HAMAS will, in one form or another, be converted into weapons which HAMAS will use in their attempt to destroy the Peace Process and ultimately in HAMAS’ attempts to destroy Israel.  

    Obama”s Stale Political Rhetoric

    Once again the President “muddied the waters” when he announced the “aid package”. Obama sent mixed signals to both our ally Israel and our enemies in the Middle-East by not clearly enunciating a strong support for Israel. Instead the President entered into some obtuse and confusing comments concerning the “Egyptian/Israeli blockade of Gaza”. Neither Egypt nor Israel intends to deny the inhabitants of Gaza needed humanitarian supplies.  The blockades have one intent, to stop the flow of illegal arms to HAMAS. The blockade began in June 2007 at the request of Palestinian President Abbas, after the attempted coup by HAMAS.

    The recent reports that Egypt has “opened its border with Gaza” are misleading, the border has been  “open” for years, however, the Egyptians, like the Israelis, inspect all materials going into the Gaza to prevent the flow of illegal weapons. Egypt does this in recognition of the legitimate government of the Palestinian Authority, “Egypt maintains that it cannot open the Rafah crossing since opening the border would represent Egyptian recognition of the HAMAS control of Gaza, undermine the legitimacy of the Palestinian National Authority and consecrate the split between Gaza and the West Bank.”

    For additional info see:

    Shame on REUTERS: News Agency Caught Doctoring Flotilla Photos – “Photos of Bloody Knife Wielding Humanitarian’s” cropped prior to publication

    Shame on Reuters.

    What are we to think when a News Agency starts “doctoring” or “falsifying” news photographs to support its slant on a story.

    Following the Israeli boarding of the alleged “humanitarian flotilla” from Turkey, pictures of the boarding were published in Turkey’s national press. Later the pictures were “cropped” and “enlarged” and published throughout the world by Reuters.

    As it turns out Reuters doctored the original photos.

    The original of the 1st photo shows a “humanitarian” standing with knife in hand over a bleeding IDF soldier laying on the boat’s deck. The Reuter’s photo “crops” the knife from the “humanitarians” hand.

    In the original of the second photo, below, smeared blood is clearly visable on the railing of the boat, an IDF soldier is laying on the deck while a life jacketed “humanitarian” stands above him and a knife is clearly visable in the hand of a second “humanitarian” on the right. The second Reuters photo “crops” both the knife and the blood smear from the photo. When the author of  lightened the photo in his “photoshop” an additional IDF soldier was revealed laying on the deck of the  boat with a metal pipe beneath him in a pool of blood speading out from the soldier’s head.  

    Journalistically, there is no way to justify these alterations. The alterations completely change the “voice” of the photos and have been altered to tell a “false story”.

    Reuter’s must act quickly and decisively and fire both the photographer and photo editor responsible for this charade.

    View the photos here:

    and here

    and here:

    Additional Photo Notes: 

    Notes: In the 2nd set of photos displayed here ( ) and below, note the “stab mark” on the Israeli’s soldiers left leg approxiately 5 inches below his belt (on our right – the soldiers left). Also note that the lifejacketed “humanitarian” has this soldier in a submission hold (see the Israeli’s wrist) also note the 3rd person’s hand and blood stains on the Israeli’s right leg, below the strap. (click on photo above for enlargement). A total of three “humanitarians” attacking this one “subdued” soldier with knifes. Gee, and some of these “humanitarians” were eventually shot & killed. How could that have happened?

    ADVISORY: If your search engine is YAHOO – note that YAHOO, at present, claims it can’t “locate” the sites. Luckily for us, Google has no problem finding the photos or the articles associated with them. Gee, why can’t YAHOO find the sites?

    The Blood Stained Usurpers: HAMAS And Palestine’s Gaza Strip – Attempted Overthrow Of The Palestinian Authority Government

    1). HAMAS, The Islamic Resistance Party, formed to resist or destroy the Mid East Peace Process, is not part of the Palestinian Government of the Gaza Strip. The Government to which HAMAS temporarily belonged was dissolved on 06/17/2007 by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud  Abbas. There is only 1 legitimate Palestinian Government, The Government of the Palestinian Authority.

    2). Do you know what the pre-conditions are for a complete lifting of the “quarantine” of the Gaza Strip?

    HAMAS must acknowledge Israel’s right to exist; HAMAS must recognize the  PEACE TREATY negotiated with Israel by Yasser Arafat and The PLO; HAMAS must agree to abandon violence against Israel and the Palestinian Authority Government.

    3) THE PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) has been the internationally recognized “voice” of the Palestinian People since the PLO was granted “observer status” in the United Nations in 1974.

    Read the true story of “The Wakseh” or Palestinian Civil War here:

    Wakseh is the name given by Palestinians to the Civil War now being fought in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority Government & the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO or Fatah) are fighting on one side against the Iranian backed HAMAS or Islamic Resistance Movement on the other.  

    What cannot be forgotten is the HAMAS refusal to even negotiate with the Palestinian Authority Government or to relinquish its militant opposition to the existence of an Israeli State.

    In discussing HAMAS’ attempted coup in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Authority Government stated the following just two short months ago: “Reconciliation Efforts with Hamas: … and in light of our dire need to unify ourselves and empower our internal front, we must make every possible effort to put an end to Palestinian disunity. The question to be posed, however: Have we not made every possible effort to achieve this goal? The answer is yes. We signed the Reconciliation Document, which had been a fruit of the Egyptian efforts and dialogue between all factions. Earlier, we had signed the Mecca Agreement. President Abbas also promulgated a decree, calling for the conduct of presidential and legislative elections in January 2010 as stipulated by the Basic Law. Nevertheless, the Hamas Movement refused all these initiatives… we may request that the forthcoming Arab Summit Conference and the Islamic Conference Organization denounce the party that rejects the Palestinian reconciliation effort…. this action will disclose and expose the real positions of the Hamas Movement as well as its utilisation of resistance and religion. It will also expose the Arab and Islamic regimes which use Hamas’ forcibletake-over of Gaza for the sake of their own regional and international interests.”…r.pdf   (beginning on page 10.) or try the link at the bottom of this article.

    HAMAS: Harbinger of Death – Illegitimate Gaza Govt Seeks End To Mid East Peace Process

    Wakseh: Civil War in Palestine (2006 to 2010) HAMAS vs. The PLO – The War The Media Ignores

    Wakseh is the name given by Palestinians to the Civil War now being fought in the Gaza Strip between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO or Fatah) and the Iranian backed HAMAS or Islamic Resistance Movement.

    As a brief reminder, the PLO was formed in 1964 by Yasser Arafat and is recognized as the “sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, by over 100 states with which it holds diplomatic relations, and has enjoyed observer status at the United Nations since 1974. The PLO was considered by the United States and Israel to be a terrorist organization until the Madrid Conference in 1991. In 1993 the PLO recognized Israel’s right to exist in peace, accepted UN Security Council resolutions 242 and 338, and rejected “violence and terrorism” and  in response Israel officially recognized the PLO as the representative of the Palestinian people.”

    HAMAS, on the other hand, is a terrorist organization that denies the Holocaust of World War II and is pledged to the destruction of Israel and the elimination of Jews throughout the world.

    HAMAS is a militant Islamic movement. The group is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and the creation of a Palestinian Islamic state. It was founded in 1987 by Sheikh Ahmad Yasin, and its leadership comes from an Iranian element of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas’s aims are militant: it takes the position that Palestine cannot be surrendered to non-Muslims. It opposed the 1993 peace agreement between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel. Beginning in 2000, the group intensified its violent acts against Israelis, including numerous suicide bombings and rocket attacks.  

    HAMAS was founded for the sole purpose of disrupting the Middle East Peace Process and to bring the process of normalization between the Palestinian Authority (The Independent Palestinian Government) and Israel to an end.

    Middle East Peace Process 1993 – 2000    The PLO & Israel

    In 1993 the Government of Israel entered into negotiations with Yasser Arafat and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization). 

    These negotiations went on for 6 years, until 1999, when the last of a group of agreements were signed that provided for “a transitional period of self rule” based on a “set of on reciprocal steps by the two parties” which were intended to result “in the creation of two separate and independent states“, one the Sovereign state of Israel and a second Palestinian State. 

    The Principles that were first signed on September 13, 1993 state, “The Government of the State of Israel and the P.L.O. team (in the Jordanian-Palestinian delegation to the Middle East Peace Conference or the “Palestinian Delegation”), representing the Palestinian people, agree that it is time to put an end to decades of confrontation and conflict, recognize their mutual legitimate and political rights, and strive to live in peaceful coexistence and mutual dignity and security and achieve a just, lasting and comprehensive peace settlement and historic reconciliation through the agreed political process. Accordingly, the, two sides agree to the following principles

    The principles called for free and democratic elections supervised by a Palestinian Police Force (Article III): “In order that the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip may govern themselves according to democratic principles, direct, free and general political elections will be held for the Council under agreed supervision and international observation, while the Palestinian police will ensure public order.”

    Article 4 of the Principles applied to the areas referred to as the “West Bank” and the “Gaza Strip” and stated that both geographic areas would be considered one political entity: “The two sides view the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a single territorial unit, whose integrity will be preserved”


    Article 6 of the “principles” noted the limited transfer of authority to the Palestinian Authority, “Immediately after the entry into force of this Declaration of Principles and the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Jericho area, with the view to promoting economic development in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, authority will be transferred to the Palestinians on the following spheres: education and culture, health, social welfare, direct taxation, and tourism. The Palestinian side will commence in building the Palestinian police force, as agreed upon. Pending the inauguration of the Council, the two parties may negotiate the transfer of additional powers and responsibilities, as agreed upon.”                                                                                                                                      

    The Palestinian Authority was charged with certain responsibilities in Article VII: “In order to enable the Council to promote economic growth, upon its inauguration, the Council will establish, among other things, a Palestinian Electricity Authority, a Gaza Sea Port Authority, a Palestinian Development Bank, a Palestinian Export Promotion Board, a Palestinian Environmental Authority, a Palestinian Land Authority and a Palestinian Water Administration Authority, and any other Authorities agreed upon, in accordance with the Interim Agreement that will specify their powers and responsibilities. After the inauguration of the Council, the Civil Administration will be dissolved, and the Israeli military government will be withdrawn.

    The Israeli Government retained certain authority over the Gaza Strip and West Bank in Article VIII: “In order to guarantee public order and internal security for the Palestinians of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, the Council will establish a strong police force, while Israel will continue to carry the responsibility for defending against external threats, as well as the responsibility for overall security of Israelis for the purpose of safeguarding their internal security and public order. The withdrawal of the military government will not prevent Israel from exercising the powers and responsibilities not transferred to the Council.”

    The principles included provisions for the resettlement of individuals displaced by the 1967 Arab – Israeli War and laid the ground work for establishing relations between the “Palestinian Authority” and the Governments of Egypt & Jordan: “The two parties will invite the Governments of Jordan and Egypt to participate in establishing further liaison and cooperation arrangements between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian representatives, on the one hand, and the Governments of Jordan and Egypt, on the other hand, to promote cooperation between them. These arrangements will include the constitution of a Continuing Committee that will decide by agreement on the modalities of admission of persons displaced from the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967, together with necessary measures to prevent disruption and disorder. Other matters of common concern will be dealt with by this Committee”.

    Israel agreed to withdraw its troops from the Gaza Strip & the West Bank: “After the entry into force of this Declaration of Principles, and not later than the eve of elections for the Council, a redeployment of Israeli military forces in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip will take place, in addition to withdrawal of Israeli forces”.

    Prior to signing these accords on September 13, 1993, Yasser Arafat, Founder of the PLO and the “President” of the Palestinian Authority, made the follow statement on behalf of the PLO, on September 9, 2003: “The PLO recognizes the right of the State of Israel to exist in peace and security”. “Numerous leaders within the PLO and the PA, including Yasser Arafat himself, have declared that the State of Israel has a permanent right to exist and that the peace treaty with Israel is genuine”. “The text of the Palestine National Charter as amended in 1968 contains many clauses calling for the destruction of the state of Israel. In letters exchanged between Arafat and Rabin in conjunction with the 1993 Oslo Accords, Arafat agreed that those clauses would be removed. On 26 April, 1996, the Palestine National Council voted to nullify or amend all such clauses, and called for a new text to be produced. A letter from Arafat to US President Clinton in 1998 listed the clauses concerned, and a meeting of the Palestine Central Committee approved that list. A public meeting of PLO, PNC and PCC members also confirmed the letter in Clinton’s presence. Nevertheless, a new text of the Charter has never been produced, and this is the source of a continuing controversy. Critics of the Palestinian organizations claim that failure to produce a new text proves the insincerity of the clause nullifications.” “Palestinians are no strangers to compromise. In the 1993 Oslo Accords, we agreed to recognize Israeli sovereignty over 78 percent of historic Palestine and to establish a Palestinian state on only 22 percent.” — Saeb Erekat, Chief Palestinian negotiator, August 5, 2000”. QUOTES IN THIS PARAGRAPH ARE FROM THE OFFICIAL PLO WEB SITE:

    HAMAS  – Created to Prevent Peace

    In  1993 Hamas’s military wing carried out suicide bombings in Israel in an attempt to derail existing agreements and to prevent further negotiations.

    In early 2000 The Islamic Resistance Movement or  HAMAS began rocket attacks and IED (improvised explosive device) attacks against Israel. Yes, the same IEDs used against American troops in Iraq & Afghanistan, IEDs manufactured in Iran.

    HAMAS challenged Yasser Arafat’s authority to negotiate the 1993 agreements with Israel and has refused to recognize the “agreements” or to concede that the State of Israel or its Jewish citizens have a “right to exist”. 

    “The Islamic militant group HAMAS has no intention of recognizing Israel’s right to exist and will not change its charter advocating the destruction of the Jewish state”

    “31 January 2006 (RFE/RL) — The Palestinian militant group The Islamic Resistance Group or HAMAS says it rejects international pressure to recognize Israel and disarm”.

    The fighting between HAMAS and Israel and HAMAS and the PLO continued to escalate until the death of Yasser Arafat in November 2004.

    The decrease in violence following Arafat’s death was brief, with the attacks resuming in early 2005. By 2006, the violence reached proportions similar to that in Jordan in 1970 and Lebanon in the 1990′s, the violence is described by Arabs as the “Palestinian Civil War”.

    In early 2006 the entire International Community warned HAMAS that aid to the Palestinian Authority Government would be “cut off” unless “Hamas renounced violence, recognized Israel, and accepted previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements”, which Hamas refused to do.  On April 7, 2006 the United States and the European Union and other Arab States, a group of Countries which had been the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) largest donors since it’s creation in 1996, announced they were halting assistance to the Hamas-led  government in the Gaza Strip.  

    In February 2007 the PLO (Fatah) and HAMAS agreed to create a “Palestinian National Unity Government” or “NUG”, however, HAMAS continued its attacks in the Gaza Strip. 

    As the situation worsened the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud  Abbas sacked Prime Minister Haniyeh and dissolved the government on June 14, 2007. He then declared a state of emergency and swore in a new cabinet on June 17, 2007. The new government was free of any attachments to Hamas. The international community threw its support behind Abbas. In addition to receiving the backing of the Arab League and the European Union, both Israel and the United States announced that they were prepared to lift the financial and economic sanctions against the PA that had been in place for over a year. 

    At present there is no “blockade” or “financial or economic sanctions” in place against the legitimate Palestinian Authority Government in the West Bank.

    It was at this time that HAMAS moved militarily to cease control of the Gaza Strip.

    In June 2007 HAMAS succeeded in a violent takeover of all military and governmental institutions in the Gaza Strip. Thousands of PLO supporters were killed by HAMAS. The NUG was dismissed by the PLO and an independent government was formed by the PLO in the West Bank.

    At present Fatah (PLO) controls the larger West Bank, while HAMAS is in control of the Gaza Strip, a situation clearly not contemplated in the peace accords, which state that the West Bank and Gaza Strip shall be treated as a single political entity.

    In January 2009 the Israeli military re-entered the Gaza Strip in response to the increasing missile attacks by HAMAS on Jewish cities located along the Gaza border. Israel, had not, as is frequently misreported, surrendered the right to reintroduce a military presence into the Gaza Strip – The Palestinian Authority has never been granted the rights of an Independent State as it has never met its obligations under the Principles signed in 1993. After a 3 week operation in the Gaza, Israeli withdrew its troops before the end of January 2009.                                               

    While HAMAS continues its fight against their Palestinian brothers in Fatah/PLO they also are smuggling arms and missiles into the Gaza Strip from Iran and launching attacks against Israel.

    Contrary to what the American and International Press would have you believe, HAMAS does not represent all Palestinians nor does it represent a majority of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. A significant number of the HAMAS fighters are not even Palestinian or even Arabic but are instead Iranians and Persian.

    HAMAS is not the legitimate or legal government in the Gaza Strip. That “right” is correctly claimed by the Palestinian Authority Government of President Mahmoud Abbas.  

    The Israeli Government made this comment 18 months ago, “”Another one-way ceasefire that leads to rocket attacks on Israel is not acceptable”,  “There must be monitoring mechanisms in place to help ensure the smuggling of weapons to terrorist groups in Gaza comes to an end… I urge all parties to pressure HAMAS to turn away from terror and to support legitimate Palestinian leaders working for peace.”

    The Obama Administration has been silent and failed to support the Israeli Government’s call for an end to the violence. The Obama Administration, unlike all previous American Administrations, has abandoned Fatah/PLO as the representative of the Palestinian People through the Palestinian Authority Government and has instead embraced the Iranian based HAMAS who refuse to even concede that Israel has a right to exist.

    HAMAS’ missile attacks on Israel continue: , , , ,

    In 2009 it was reported that over 8,600 rockets had been launched by HAMAS into the Israeli cities of Sderot, Ashkleon, Ashdod and Beersheba.

    The missile attacks are, in fact, defined as “war crimes” by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch because the attacks target innocent civilians.  

    The United Nations reported that in one month alone HAMAS  launched “some 800 rockets and mortar shells into Israel”. In February 2010, just 3 months ago, “The HAMAS government in Gaza on Saturday backtracked on its apology earlier this week in which it expressed regret for harming Israeli civilians in rocket attacks. The apology had signaled a rare deviation from HAMAS’ violent ideology, and the subsequent zigzag reflects the Islamic militants’ conflicting objectives. HAMAS, which seized Gaza by force in 2007, is trying to reach out to the West in hopes of winning recognition and getting Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza. However, HAMAS or The Islamic Resistance Movement is also reluctant to discard its violent ideology for fear of losing credibility at home.”


    Today, June 6th, 2010, Israeli is not conducting an “Economic Embargo” of the Gaza Strip as has been claimed.

    Israeli has not enforced an “economic embargo” of the Gaza Strip since 2007 and HAMAS’ initial attack on the Palestinian Authority Government in June of that year. That 2007 embargo was put in place at the request of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah).

    The Governments of Israeli and Egypt have ”blockaded” the Gaza Strip since June 2007 and the renewed civil war between HAMAS and the PLO (Fatah). Israel maintains that the blockade is necessary to limit Palestinian rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on its cities and to prevent HAMAS from obtaining other weapons. Egypt maintains that it cannot open the Rafah crossing since opening the border would represent Egyptian recognition of the HAMAS control of Gaza, undermine the legitimacy of the Palestinian National Authority and consecrate the split between Gaza and the West Bank. The “blockade” concerns arms. Humanitarian aid still flows into the Gaza.

    GAZA STRIP AID 2008 – 2009

    For a list of the aid being sent into the Gaza Strip and which Countries are sending it see:

    Over $4.5 billion in aid was promised to the Gaza Strip in 2008 -2009. Remember, Gaza is the size of Washington D.C.. Unfortunately, HAMAS has prevented much of the aid from being delivered – not the story being reported on your evening news is it?

    On 12 January, HAMAS raided some 100 aid trucks entering Gaza, stole their contents and sold them to the highest bidders. On 20 January, gunmen from HAMAS’ armed militant wing seized 12 trucks loaded with humanitarian aid that had been donated by the Jordanian government to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, according to Jordanian and Palestinian Authority officials. On 3 February, 3,500 blankets and over 400 food parcels were confiscated by HAMAS police personnel from an UNRWA distribution center. On the following day, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator demanded that the aid be returned immediately. In a separate incident on 5 February, HAMAS seized 200 tons of food from UNRWA aid supplies. The following day, UNRWA suspended its activities in Gaza. HAMAS issued a statement stating that the incident was a misunderstanding between the drivers of the trucks and had been resolved through direct contact with the UNRWA. On 9 February, UNRWA lifted the suspension on the movement of its humanitarian supplies into Gaza, after the HAMAS authorities returned all of the aid supplies confiscated. Some local Gaza NGOs providing emergency aid stated that HAMAS had ordered them to stop operating because it suspected they were affiliated with rival group Fatah.  , .

    The World should not forget is the refusal of HAMAS to even negotiate with the Palestinian Authority Government or to reliquish its militant opposition to the existence of an Israeli State. The Palestinian Authority Government has stated the following: “Reconciliation Efforts with Hamas: … and in light of our dire need to unify ourselves and empower our internal front, we must make every possible effort to put an end to Palestinian disunity. The question to be posed, however: Have we not made every possible effort to achieve this goal?The answer is yes. We signed the Reconciliation Document, which had been a fruit of the Egyptian efforts and dialogue between all factions. Earlier, we had signed the Mecca Agreement. President Abbas also promulgated a decree, calling for the conduct of presidential and legislative elections in January 2010 as stipulated by the Basic Law. Nevertheless, the Hamas Movement refused all these initiatives… we may request that the forthcoming Arab Summit Conference and the Islamic Conference Organisation denounce the party that rejects the Palestinian reconciliation effort…. this action will disclose and expose the real positions of the Hamas Movement as well as its utilisation of resistance and religion. It will also expose the Arab and Islamic regimes which use Hamas’ forcibletake-over of Gaza for the sake of their own regional and international interests.”…r.pdf (beginning on page 10.) or through thge link at the bottom of this article:

    Summary of Facts

    1) HAMAS is not the legitimate government of the Gaza Strip as HAMAS seized control through military violence. The Liberal Media continues to mention the elections of 2006 when HAMAS made political gains, however, they consistently fail to note that the Government elected in 2006 was dissolved and replaced on June 17, 2007.  

    2). Israel is not acting alone. Both the Israeli and Egypt Governments are enforcing a “blockade” of the Gaza Strip. A blockade not an economic embargo as is falsely claimed.

    3). All shipments of goods into the Gaza Strip are searched before being allowed entry. The Israeli and Egyptian Governments are trying to prevent the illegal shipment of guns and rockets into the Gaza Strip, illegal weapons which HAMAS has used against both Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza.

    4). HAMAS opposes the peace treaty brokered by Yasser Arafat (PLO/Fatah) between 1993 and 1999 and maintains their fanatical commitment to the destruction of Israel and the death of all Jews. A position frequently echoed by HAMAS’ main sponsor, Iran.

    5) HAMAS has called for the destruction of not just Israel, but also of the PLO (Fatah) for what HAMAS calls the treasonous peace negotiations with Israel. Let us not forget that HAMAS has also called for “Death to America, The Great Satan”.

    6). HAMAS has been guilty of misappropriating humanitarian supplies after they have reached the Gaza Strip and have prevented International Aid workers from distributing supplies to the villages HAMAS associates with the rival PLO (Fatah) group.

    7). Israel violated no international laws when it boarded the ships at sea. Why these alleged “humanitarians” refuse to allow inspection of their cargo is beyond explanation. Why would any humanitarian group object to making sure that weapons had not been smuggled onto their ships? Weapons that might be used, not just against innocent Israeli citizens, but the innocent Palestinians as well, the innocent Palestinians the self proclaimed Humanitarians claim to want to help.

    As HAMAS is actively working to destroy the Israeli Peace Process and to militarily defeat those Palestinians who want to pursue a peaceful co-existence with Israeli, why are these alleged “humanitarians” siding with Hamas? They are not siding, as they so frequently claim, with the peaceful People of Palestine.



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