PART 4 Continued: 4B Barack Obama – The Unauthorized Biography of a Marxist -Obama Sr and Stanley Ann Dunham – 11 Months in Hawaii?


The Washington Post Reported that when Barack Obama, Sr. first arrived in Hawaii he was interviewed by the Hawain Press, the reporter Hirozawa relays Obama’s comments, “he would study business administration and wanted to return to Kenya to help with its transition from tribal customs to a modern economy.” He was concerned, he said, about his generation’s disorientation as Kenyans rejected old ways yet struggled with “westernization”.”

Obama did not mention his opposition to the “Westernization” of Kenya in the interview – Obama was, in fact, a  Marxist.

The Washington Post went on to report that, “Taking a room at the Charles H. Atherton branch of the YMCA,  not far from campus, Obama quickly adapted to the rhythms of student life. One of his frequent hangouts was the snack bar in an old Army-barracks-style building near his business classes. It was there that he met the Abercrombie brothers, first Neil and then Hal, who had escaped the darkness of Buffalo to attend graduate school in Honolulu, and their friends Peter Gilpin, Chet Gorman and Pake Zane. They were antiestablishment intellectuals, experimenters, outsiders, somewhere between beatniks and hippies, and they loved to talk and drink coffee and beer. Neil Abercrombie went on to become a Democratic Congressman from Honolulu, Hawai.

The Washington Post went on to elaborate on Obama’s Press interview with Hirozawa, “When asked if people questioned him about Kenya, he laughed and said: “Oh, yes. People are very interested in the Mau Mau rebellion [a long-standing uprising against the British] and they ask about race relations in Kenya. I tell them they’ve improved since the rebellion but are not perfect. They also ask if Kenya is ready for self-government. Some others ask me such questions as how many wives each man has back home, what we eat, how I dress at home, how we live, whether we have cars.”

He [Obama] did not answer those questions in the story. Nor, on one matter, was he forthcoming with his friends at the university. Neither newspaper readers nor his fellow students knew that he had left a son and a pregnant wife back in Kenya.                              

Obama “pontificated on Kenya and nationalism and colonialism and his fears about what might happen.” “He was very concerned that tribalism would trump nationalism,” Neil Abercrombie said. “And that people like himself would not be properly recognized, would not be fully utilized, and there would be discrimination and prejudice. Jomo Kenyatta [Kenya’s first post-colonial leader] was a Kikuyu, and Barack and Mboya were Luo, and Kikuyu were going to run things. We’d get into it, that deeply” said Abercrombie.                                                                    

This writer won’t speculate on whether Abercrombie’s memory is faulty, or the Washington Post’s writers notes were in accuate, however, the historical facts are this ….. When Obama Sr. arrived in Hawaii in June 1959, future President Kenyatta was in jail in Kenya. This was a matter of discusssion in local and Internation Press. The Bristish did not call and end to the “State of Emergency” in Kenya until November 1959. Kenyatta was not released from jail in Kenya until July 1961, after Obama Sr. had finished his second year of studies in Hawaii. In June 1962 Barack Obama Sr finisjed his studies at the University of Hawaii, with honors and according to a report in the Honolulu-Star-Bulletin, departed Hawaii for Harvard on June 22, 1962. It wasn’t until May 1963 before Jomo Kenyatta would be elected the first President of Kenya, 11 months after Obama Sr had left Hawaii.  In December 1963 Kenya was granted independence. In the spring of 1964 Obama Sr completed his Masters degree at Harvard and returned home to Kenya. In December 1964 Kenya becomes a Republic. While Abercrobie and Obama may have discussed Kenya, the discussion as described, did not place in the time frame reported.                                                                                
The Washington Post goes on to report, “During his time in Hawaii, the elder Obama seemed adept at walling off various aspects of his life.” The Washington Post goes on to repeat the Obama Jr claim in “Dreams” that, “He eventually told Ann about a former marriage in Kenya but said he was divorced, which she would discover years later was a lie”, the Post closed with these comments, “few members of the snack bar crowd remember the Obama-Dunham relationship. Hal Abercrombie said he never saw them together. Pake Zane, who left the island for a spell in 1961, could not recall Ann from those days but had precise memories of Obama”…. ”                        
Neil Abercrombie did remember her appearing at some of the weekend gatherings. Obama was such a strong personality, he said, that he could see how the young woman was awed and overwhelmed by him. “She was a girl, and what I mean by that is she was only 17 and 18, just out of high school. And he brought her at different times. She mostly observed because she was a kid. Everybody there was pretty high-powered grad-student types.” Ann’s friends on Mercer Island found Ann’s involvement with the group a, “logical extension of long coffeehouse sessions in Seattle and the teachings of Wichterman and Foubert. The forum now involved graduate students from the University of Hawaii. They spent weekends listening to jazz, drinking beer and debating politics and world affairs.”,0,2623808.story?page=4                                        ,8599,1729524-3,00.html

Clearly, Neil Abercrombie’s recollections are coloured by the vision he had as a 25 year-old. No other individual has described Stanley Ann Dunham Obama in this manner – no one. The role of “observor” is in direct contradiction to all other descriptions of Ann. It would seem, based on all of the descriptions given of Ann, that if she were acting as an observor, it was done so intentionally and not due to being in awe of the upper classman. Possibly, the comments reflect Abercrombie’s latent sexism. After all, these upperclassman, with the exception of Obama Sr, were only psuedo intellectual Marxists. At home, Ann could converse with the real deal, Frank Marshall Davis. With Frank Marshall Davis as a family friend and visitor, I doubt that Ann Dunham Obama, was overly awed by this wannabe college clique. The local college football star is just a bit less impressive when Eli or Payton Manning are regular dinner guests at your home. Why didn’t the clique ever go to Ann’s home, a large house on the very fashionable Kamehameha Blvd..

Again, Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham Obama, met in a Russian language class in September 1960.,8599,1729524-2,00.html.   

In 1960, thirty thousand college students were enrolled in Russian Language courses across the United States. The University of Hawaii was one of the first to offer the instruction.  The basic Russian class was taught that year by one of the two Russian Language instructors on staff, Ella Wiswell or Isabelle Tripianky. The teachers were similar in both background and teaching style. Wiswell was a Russian emigre and talented linguist who for a while had been the only University of Hawaii Russian Language faculty member. Tripianky was also a Russian emigre, who like Wiswell had studied at the Sorbonne in Paris. The class was held in old Hawaii Hall, and numbered about two dozen students in all, many filled with the dewy eyed idealism of American Cold Warriors who hoped to work as intelligence analysts for the CIA. 

Other students enrolled in the Language course for a variety of reasons, including their support of the Soviet Union. While just a matter of coincidence, it was at about this time that a young man, who had previously studies Russian in just such a course while serving in the US Marines, who later served at a “listening post” in Japan where he intercepted Soviet Military transmissions and intrepreted them for the US Government, was returning from the Soviet Union where he had gone to live after renouncing his American citizenship. That young man would become famous in a few short years, 1963 Dallas, Texas, to be exact. Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President John F Kennedy in Dallas in November 1963. 

Obama’s acquaintences in Hawaii rationalize his study of Russian in this manner, “Barack Obama Senior’s interest in the class seemed to make far more sense. As a future member of the Kenyan government’s technocratic elite, the ability to speak both English and Russian, the languages of the two countries vying for influence and control over his native land would certainly give him a leg up in the competition among returning scholars for plum jobs back home.”

This rationale would prove to only partially correct. English was a common language in Kenya but Russian would serve Obama’s intended course of political activity to a higher degree. Obama was a Pro-Soviet Marxist.

There is scant evidence of the relationship between Barack Obama and Ann Dunham. Obama’s friends have little or no memory of her. Obama relates two stories, a first date where Obama Sr was late and a dinner at the Dunham home where his maternal Grandparents failed to notice their daughter holding her “friends hand”. I chuckle when I read this second reference, a clear Obama fabrication – as Obama grows older he will realize how transparent this fabrication is to all men who have daughters, or to those daughters who now have daughters of their own  – it is not remotely possible for a man’s daughter to sit at the dinner table and “secretly” hold hands with her “friend” without both parents, particularly the father, not knowing exactly what is going on….. and it doesn’t matter if the parents approve or disaprove of the young man.

What is clear is this, based on the account in “Dreams”, Ann Dunham met Barack Obama in September 1960. Two months later she was expecting Barack Obama Jr.. 

Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Senior were said to have married before a justice of the peace on the island of Maui on February 2, 1961, by which time the now eighteen year old Ann’s pregnancy was known to both of them. The wedding had no witnesses, not even her parents, and no record of the event has yet been found. The only evidence that suggests a February, 1961 date for the wedding was a document included in Ann Dunham’s 1964 divorce proceedings against Obama Senior.

The lack of any documentary evidence, when such evidence for legal marriages that took place in Hawaii during 1961 is readily available today to any inquiring family member, strongly suggests [to some] that Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Senior were not ever legally married. The State of Hawaii maintains all marriage records in its Department of Vital Records, a part of the Department of Health. Its website states that any family member can request copies of valid marriage certificates by simply paying a small fee. If Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Obama were legally married on February 2, 1961, the marriage certificate is maintained by the Hawaii Department of Vital Records, and a copy of it can be made available to any blood relative easily.

Barack Hussein Obama II was born on August 4, 1961 at 7:52 PM in Honolulu, Hawaii. Stanley Ann Dunham was listed as the maiden name of the mother and Barack Obama was listed as the name of the father in the document put forward that appears to be a State of Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth. The document was filed on August 8, 1961. There is no indication that Barack Obama Senior was present at the birth of his third child. Stanley Ann’s high school classmate Susan Blake had the impression that he was not there, and may not even have been on the island of Hawaii at the time, but no other contemporary has any recollections on this issue one way or the other.

Strangely, there is no documentation that would support the fact that Barack Obama and Ann Dunham Obama ever cohabitated. True, one not need cohabitate to impregnate, but, the failure to cohabitate, even after the pregnancy & marriage, certainly raises questions in this writer’s mind about the legitimacy of the Obama account in “Dreams”.

Obama biographer David Mendell reports that after the birth of Barack Jr., in late August or early September, Barack Obama Senior rented a small one floor house near the campus of the University of Hawaii, ostensibly as a home for his young wife and their new son. It’s not clear how much time, if any, the Obama family spent there together, living under the same roof.

Prior to this time Obama had continued to live at the YMCA, while Ann Obama continued to live with her parents.

Stanley Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii in June 1960. Within 11 months she met both  Frank Marshall Davis and Barack Obama, conceived Barack Obama Jr and left Hawaii to return to Mercer Island with her infant son but without her “husband”.

Blake recalls that Dunham, who was calling herself Ann Obama at the time, visited her at her house in Mercer Island during the last week of August, 1961.

Blake recalls that Dunham, who was calling herself Ann Obama at the time, visited her at her house in Mercer Island during the last week of August, 1961.

She left Honolulu just as soon she had clearance from her doctor to travel with her new baby. He was just 3 weeks old. She had sent a postcard that she would be in town, and was staying with a friend of her mother’s. She drove out to my house in her mother?s friend’s car, and we spent the entire day together. She was very excited about her new life, and her husband. She was nuts about him, crazy in love. I was under the impression that he had left Honolulu before Barack’s birth, that he had gone to Harvard already for his studies, and that Ann was on her way to join him there. She planned on raising her son, getting a job, and attending school, she told me. Her husband would head back to Kenya after graduating from Harvard to join the newly formed government, and she would take her place beside him. It was all very exciting, a dramatic change in her life in the one year since she had graduated from high school.” 
Another high school classmate, Maxine Box, recalls visiting with Stanley Ann Dunham and her new born baby a week or two later, in early September 1961.
I remember it was a sunny day, and I visited Stanley at the house of the friend she was staying with on Mercer Island. We talked for about an hour, mostly about her new baby, Barack Obama Junior. I recall that she said she was on her way to join her husband, but I don?t recall where that was. We didn?t talk much about her husband or her plans, we talked mostly about the baby. Like most of my friends, I was shocked at the turn of events. Stanley Ann was only a year out of high school and was already married with a child. I never thought that she was someone who wanted to get married. She was always someone who seemed focus on getting an education.  
Seattle Times journalist Jonathan Martin reports that some high school classmates recall visiting her and her young son alternately at the Laurelhurst student housing, then at a Capitol Hill apartment during the period that stretched from March 1962 to at least September 1962.    In March, 1962, Stanley Ann Dunham enrolled as a full time student at the University of Washington for the spring quarter, which continued until June, 1962, earning 10 credit hours that quarter. She also rented her own apartment.

Another class mate, Barbara Cannon Rusk, recalls visiting Stanley Ann Dunham and her baby son Barack at her apartment on Capitol Hill in Seattle shortly after the end of these spring quarter classes. (1962).

I had moved to Utah for a while after high school, and I came back to Seattle in the summer of 1962. I remember visiting the World’s Fair, and then stopping by Stanley Ann’s apartment on Capitol Hill. It was a small apartment, upstairs. It was after June, and could have been as late as September, 1962. I visited her for half a day or so. It was after the end of the spring quarter classes, and she wasn’t in classes, and didn’t have a job. I recall her being melancholy at the time. I had a sense that something wasn’t right in her marriage. It was all very mysterious. First, her husband wasn’t there, he was already off in Harvard. I didn’t ask her about the relationship, feeling it was a private matter. My daughter Michelle was just a few weeks younger than Stanley’s son, who she called Barry, and they played together on the floor.

While Stanley Ann Dunham was living in Seattle, Barack Obama Senior finished his senior year at the University of Hawaii. The Kenyan sponsor who had covered most of Barack Obama Senior’s expenses while he studied at the University of Hawaii, Ella Kirk, wrote to Tom Mboya asking him to fund Obama Senior’s graduate studies, preferably at Harvard, in May of 1962. No mention was made in the request of the need to fund the living expenses for his wife and son.

As with Susan Blake and Maxine Box, Barbara Cannon Rusk never saw her friend Stanley Ann Dunham again.

As previously noted, Obama Sr. graduated from the University of Hawaii in June of 1962 with a degree in mathematics and economics and a Phi Beta Kappa key in recognition of his academic excellence. He departed for Harvard on June 22, 1962.

In “Dreams”, Obama Jr notes, that the “story in the Star-Bulletin on the day he left, June 22, said Obama planned a several-weeks grand tour of mainland universities before he arrived at Harvard to study economics on a graduate faculty fellowship. The story did not mention that he had a wife and an infant son.” Author and Washington Post writer David Marannis confirms this story. This should be framed in a new context, it is likely that Stanley Ann Dunham did not attend her husband?s graduation ceremony, she was in Seattle.

Some time between the late summer 1962 visit with Barbara Cannon Rusk at her Seattle apartment and January, 1964, when she filed for divorce against Barack Obama Senior, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama moved back to Honolulu from Seattle. She returned to live with her parents, rather than continue her efforts to raise Barack in Seattle as a single mother attending college. After her return she attended the University of Hawaii on an irregular, part time, basis.

Barack Senior finished his studies at Harvard in the spring of 1964 and immediately returned to Kenya. The amount of time Barack Obama Sr spent with his namesake, if, in fact he spent any time at all, is unknown. Obama Sr returned to Hawaii some 9 or 10 years later and spent a month with Barack Obama, Jr. (That visit will be dioscussed in a later installement).

Upon his return to Kenya in June 1964, Obama Sr joined the Kenya Peoples Union (KPU) a Pro-Soviet group founded by Oginga Odinga. Odinga, while a fellow member of Luo tribe, opposed Tom Mboya and President Kenyatta and all those who favored Kenyan ties with the West and Western styled democracy. ln July 1965, just 11 months after his return to Kenya, Barack Obama Sr published an article titled “Problems Facing Our Socialism” in the East Africa Journal. The article was highly critical of the blueprint for national planning (titled “African Socialism and Its Applicability to Planning in Kenya” or “Sessional Paper 10) prepared by Tom Mboya’s  Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. The Mboya “plan” had been passed by the Kenyan Parliamnent.                                                                  Mboya a fellow member of the Luo Tribe had been Obama’s mentor and protector. It had been Mboya, not the “Kennedy Family”, who had provided Obama with his opportunity for education in the US. Myboya’s publication, also called “Sessional Paper 10 on Harambee and the Principles of African Socialism” (adopted by Parliament in 1964) provided a model of government based on “African values” rather than Pro-Soviet Marxism. Mboya’s paper was considered the equivalent of Kenya’s “Economic Constitution” – Obama’s criticism of Mboya and his support for the Pro-Soviet Marxists in the KPU (Kenyan Peoples Union),  was a career killer. Obama Sr betrayed his mentor Mboya, sided against those in favor with western ties and, as he had been educated in the West (America) was never completely trusted by the KPU or their Soviet Associates. Having severed his ties with those who had helped, he was never able to compensate for the fact that there were hundreds of Kenyan’s who had been educated on Soviet scholarships behind the “Iron Curtain”.,+Furedi,+Mau+Mau,+Consolidation+of+Reaction  (The above post by Communist University online).

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Stanley Ann Dunham’s true reasons for returning to the State of Washington was different than the reason she provided to her friends. In August, 1961, Ann Dunham Obama enrolled in a University of Washington extension course. Between August, 1961 and March 1962, she enrolled in a total of four extension courses at the University of Washington, earning a total of 20 credits for her work in those courses, no small feat, considering that graduation required 180 credits, and the typical full time student earned 45 credits a year. Neither Box nor Blake has any recollection of Stanley Ann telling them she was enrolling on that same trip in extension courses at the University of Washington. 

Barack Obama; The Unauthorized Biography of a Marxist – Part 2 – The Hawaii Years – Frank Marshall Davis

Part One Is Posted Here:

Barack Obama; The Unauthorized Biography Of A Marxist – Part 2 – The Hawaii Years – Frank Marshall Davis

In June 1960 when Stanley Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii after highschool she was described by her friends as a liberal athiest and an avowed Marxist. Stanley Ann’s friends who were similiarly inclined refered to her as a “fellow traveler”. An “intellectual rebel” with a fledgling beatnik sensibility.,0,2623808.story?page=3 , ,

Former classmates noted her love of foreign films, art-house theaters, poetry and University District coffee shops like the Encore where discussion of jazz and politics would take place. Dunham hadn’t had a boyfriend in high school, according to Maxine Box, her best friend at the time. John W. Hunt, another of her close friends, recalled the coffee house discussions about world events, French cinema, the meaning of life and the existence of God. Others state that, “When Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii, she was a full-fledged radical leftist and practitioner of critical theory.” ,,0,2623808.story                                                   ’smother/index.html

The Hawaii or Oahu of 1960 was much smaller than it is today. While Oahu still occupies about 550 square miles, the population was only 500,000. Compare that for example with the 1960 population of Chicago – which was 7 times larger – 3.5 Million (3,500,000).

When they arrived in Hawaii the Dunham family moved into a large house on Kamehameha Avenue.

Ann, she dropped the Stanley after arriving in Hawaii, would not begin classes at the University of Hawaii until September, three months away. Prior to starting those classes she would meet one of her Father’s acquaintances, Frank Marshall Davis.

Frank Marshall Davis

Frank Marshall Davis was born in 1905 in Arkanasas City, Kansas. In 1923 he began his college education at Friends Unversity in Whichta, Kansas. When Friends University was originally founded in 1898 it was associated with the Religous Society of Friends or Quakers. , ,

In 1924 Davis transferred to Kansas State Agricultrural College, now called Kansas State University. Davis studied there in 1924-1927 and again in 1929, but her did not finish his degree. ,

Davis spent his early years in Kansas as had Obama’s grandparents and mother. ,

In 1927, Davis moved to Chicago. where he worked at various African-American newspapers. He also wrote free-lance articles and short stories for African-American magazines. It was during this time that Davis began a serious effort to write poetry, including his first long poem, entitled Chicago’s Congo, Sonata for an Orchestra.  Norman Forge’s Black Cat Press published Davis’s first book, Black Man’s Verse, in the summer of 1935. The book was an alliance of free verse written in the rhythm of jazz that condemned racial prejudice. ,

In 1930, Davis moved to Atlanta to work as editor for a semiweekly black newspaper. Later, Davis became the editor of the Atlanta Daily World.

In 1935, Davis moved back to Chicago to take the position of managing editor of the Associated Negro Press, a news service for Black newspapers.

In 1937, his second book, I Am the American Negro, loudly critiqued racism and its social connotations. The following year, Davis published his third book, Through Sepia Eyes (1938), which contained four poems. The poems were published in later volumes of Davis’ books. In 1948, Davis published 47TH STREET which many believe to be his best work. In his title poem, Davis chronicled a “rainbow race” of south side Chicagoans and their commonalities of economic class rather than race. Yes, in his day, Davis was a  south side Chicago community oraganizer. 
A reader interested in Davis’ poetry should check out this site> where poetry from “47th Street” and “Awakening” can be viewed.  Also see:


In 1946, Davis married Helen Canfield, who is descibed as a white Chicago Socialite 19 years his junior. The couple divorced in 1970. Canfield was Davis’ second wife.

In 1948, after 47th Street was published, Davis moved to Hawaii. There has been much speculation about why Davis left Chicago for Hawaii, including comments that the actor Paul Roberson suggested Hawaii would be a place more tolerant of a bi-racial marriage. . 

Roberson, himself a Communist, would later be defended by Davis.

According to Davis’ biographer, Davis told the press he was there for an extended vacation to write, while his wife painted.                      

In actuallity, Davis immediately began work launching The Honolulu Record with Koji Ariyoshi. The “Record” was a paper published by the International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union headed by Harry Briggs. , ,                      Both Ariyoshi and Briggs were convicted of being Communists in 1958.

Davis confirmed this relationship and his contacts in his own biography. at page 15.                                                  Davis compared the Honolulu Record with the Chicago Star, a paper now acknowledged as a Communist publication of the 1940’s.

In 1975, Hawaii Governor John Burns, who in the 1950s was a Democratic Party organizer and delegate to Congress, would reflect that perhaps there were Communists in the union. “Every guy in the ILWU was at one time or another a member of the Communist Party of America. This is where they got their organizational information and how to organize, and how to bring groups together and how to create cells and how to make movements that are undetected by the bosses and everything else. … I know what they were about. I said this is the only way they are going to organize,” he said. Dan Inouye, the U.S. Senator from Hawaii. who during the 1950s was Burns’ political ally, noted in his autobiography that Communists were probably enrolled in the union. “No one with any sense of political reality denied that there were probably some Communists in the ILWU. … “

Davis authored a column called “Frankly-speaking” in the Honolulu Record. , authored a column called “Frankly-speaking” in the Honolulu Record. ,



For the reader interested in sampling Davis’ columns written for the “Record” check out this site: – The site has posted columns from 1949 – 1950. In his columns critize Davis critizes the Marshall Plan, Presidents Roosevelt and Truman, opposes support for Nationalist China and denounces our Democratic Allies from WWII while extolling the virtues of Marxist/Communist Russia and China.

Immediately after arriving in hawaii Davis also undertook organizational activities for the Communist party. These activites led to his ouster from the Hawaii NAACP. The International Longshoreman and Warehouse Union would eventually sever ties with its Communist connections and join the CIO. The CIO would later merge and become the AFL-CIO. In 1958 the Honolulu Record would close. 

A history of the Hawaii NAACP’s clash with the Communists can be read here: – page 16. Davis was specifially identified as a Communist oranizer in a letter from Edward Berman (NAACP Chair, Hawaii) to National NAACP leader Roy Wilkins. page 17. 

Berman’s letter stated, “”I (Berman) was at one of the election meetings at which one Frank Marshall Davis, formerly of Chicago (and formerly editor of the Chicago Communist paper, the Star) suddenly appeared on the scene to propagandize the membership about our ‘racial problems’ in Hawaii. He had jut sneaked in here on a boat, and presto, was an ‘expert’ on racial problems in Hawaii. Comrade Davis was supported by others who had recently ‘sneaked’ into the organization with the avowed intent and purpose of converting it into a front for the Stalinist line….
…Already, scores of Negro members were frightened away from these meetings because of the influx of this element. Only by a reorganization with a policy that will check this infiltration, can we hope to get former members back into a local NAACP branch. We are going to have to have that authority over here-otherwise you’ll have a branch exclusively composed of yelping Stalinists and their dupes-characters who are more concerned about the speedy assassination of Tito (Yugoslav communist dictator who had just broken with the USSR) than they are about the advancement of the colored people of these United States.”
Davis’ own writings on the mistakes of the Oahu NAACP, The CIO, the dangers of State Employees taking a “loyalty oath” or pledge to “protect and defend the Constitution” and the joys of a discrimination free Soviet Union can be read here: 

A partial history of Marxist/Communist activities in Haiwaii can be read here. , – at page 9.

When the Dunham’s arrived in 1960 Honolulu, Frank Marshall Davis, fellow Kansan, athiest, Marxist-Communist, writer, poet and jass musician was waiting to greet them. Frank Marshall Davis and Stanley Dunham were drinking buddies and in the local vernacular, “Choomers”, or pot heads as we would have called them in my 1960’s neighborhood.

It is hard to imagine that young, 17-year-old Stanley Ann Dunham would not have been impressed with the accomplished Davis. He was after all, the imbodiment of all that she had been taught to admire. Davis at this time was 55 years old and married to a 35 year old white sociallite from Chicago. A renowned Communist, athiest, author, journalist, poet, musician and political organizer. To the young Stanley Ann Dunham he must have been the equivalent of a modern era rock star.

Commentators speculate whether Davis might be the reason Stanley Ann Dunham may have told her son, if she told her son, of a desire to attend the University of Chicago. There is no documentation that she ever applied the University of Chicago. Of course the “allegation” that Stanley Ann Dunham had been accepted at the University of Chicago may simply be another example of the “literary license” or just another lie presented by Obama in “Dreams”.

Other writers speculate that Frank Marshall Davis may, in fact, be Barack Obama’s biological father.  

This speculation seems to be based on three facts.

Fact 1:

That in 1968 Davis published a hard core autobiograpical, pornograpic novel titled Sex Rebel: Black. The novel was published in San Diego in 1968 by Greenleaf Classics under the pseudonym Bob Greene.

Before his death Mr Davis confirmed that he was the author of “Sex Rebel: Black” after a reader had noticed the “similarities in style and phraseology” between the pornographic work and his poetry. 

Davis stated, “I could not then truthfully deny that this book, which came out in 1968 as a Greenleaf Classic, was mine.” In the introduction to “Sex Rebel”, Mr Davis (writing as Greene) explains that although he has “changed names and identities…all incidents I have described have been taken from actual experiences”.

In this book Davis notes a sexual liason with “Anne” an underage girl of 13. (Note that Stanley Ann Dunham was 17 when she met Davis).  

The book, which closely tracks Mr Davis’s life in Chicago and Hawaii and the fact that his first wife was black and his second white, describes in lurid detail a series of shockingly sordid sexual encounters, often involving group sex.

One chapter concerns the seduction by Mr Davis and his wife of a 13-year-old girl called Anne. Mr Davis wrote that it was the girl who had suggested he have sex with her. “I’m not one to go in for Lolitas. Usually I’d rather not bed a babe under 20. But there are exceptions. I didn’t want to disappoint the trusting child. At her still-impressionistic age, a rejection might be traumatic, could even cripple her sexually for life.” He then described how he and his wife would have sex with the girl, “Anne came up many times the next several weeks … She obtained a course in practical sex from experienced and considerate practitioners rather than from ignorant insensitive neophytes….I think we did her a favour, although the pleasure was mutual.” 

Stanley Ann Dunham arrived in Hawaii in June 1960. Her best friends on Mercer Island state she had no boyfriends while in Highschool. By November 1960 she had conceived Barack Hussein Obama.

Fact 2:

In the Obama family lore, Barrack Hussein Obama Sr., abandoned his family to study at Havard. Having been accepted at both the New School in New York and Harvard, he choose Harvard and abandoned his family rather than study at the New School where schoalrship money would have helped support the family. The facts do not support these allegations. Ann Dunham took her new born infant and abandoned Barack Obama, Sr. just weeks after the infants birth.

Fact 3:

“Dreams” portrays Obama as an exceptionally gifted student in Indonesia. This is not particular accurate. The facts show Obama struggled with the language and was a marginal student, as many students studying in a foreign language would be. At about age 10, Obama was sent back to live with his Grandparents in Hawaii. Just prior to Obama’s arrival, Frank Marshall Davis divorced his 2nd wife. (1970). 

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Barack Obama – The Unauthorized Biography of a Marxist – Part 3 – The Hawaii Years, Barack Obama Sr

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