A MESSAGE FOR MICHIGAN – Obama on Granholm “The Best Governor in the Country”

Minutes ago, while Barack was addressing a typical crowd in Detroit, he thanked his fellow Harvard Alum, Governor Granholm and referred to her as “The Best Governor in the Country”. Barack went on to state that when he is President, Governor Granholm’s polcies would lead the state out of “your economic woes”. Aparently, Obama is unaware that Granholm, thankfully, has only two years left to serve and that her first six years in office have been some of the worst in the history of the State. Not since the Carter Administration has Michigan seem times as bleak as these. 

Hold on to your seats Michiganders, Obama specifically enbdorsed Granholm’s Tax policies – can you believe that – he endorsed the Policies that have led to the economic ruin of Michigan.

Michigan – the choice is yours – Obama has told you (maybe I should say he has warned you) what you have to look forward to if he is elected to the White House.

One closing bipartisan comment – If Michigan Votes for Obama – they will be getting what they deserve. Michigan, after 6 years of Granholm, you should know better! 

Read About Obama & Granholm Tax Policy: https://mcauleysworld.wordpress.com/2008/09/08/michigans-dem-governor-granholm-appoves-of-obama-tax-policy-matches-her-policies-of-last-6-yrs/ 

Compare the Granholm/Obama Tax Policy with Governor Ted Strickland’s Policies (Strickland is the Democratic Governor of Ohio – a State on the economic rebound): https://mcauleysworld.wordpress.com/2008/09/08/ohios-dem-governor-says-no-to-obama-tax-plan-says-obamas-view-of-ohio-is-wrong/

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