“With Surrogates Like These” – A Conservative Commentary on the Obama Campaign Strategy; By FOX New’s Andrea Tantaros

September 12, 2008

For a candidate who has made the concept of change the hallmark of his entire campaign for President of the United States, Barack Obama has mobilized an echo chamber that is reflective of anything but. Policy positions aside, this crucial juncture calls for surrogates who will highlight and bolster the reform message, not negate it.

Webster’s defines a surrogate as a substitute for oneself. If that’s accurate, why is the “agent of change” turning to the same stable of Democratic spinners?

When it was time to pick a Vice President, a commitment to one’s skill set, a partner and a mouth piece, the pick was…Joe Biden? Not only is Biden the furthest thing from change, he is also one word away from the political equivalent of a Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction.”


Politicians are prone to word, not wardrobe, malfunctions. And Biden is a repeat offender. Just this week, rather than laud Hillary for her achievement, he admitted Obama should have picked Senator Clinton instead. I couldn’t agree with you more, Joe. And after that sentiment everyone can see why you’re right on this one. Can’t wait for the debates.

When the wheels started to come off Barack’s bus thanks to Sarah Palin’s epic rise with American females he ran to…Hillary Clinton? Let’s get one thing straight. Biden was right. But a symbol of change she is not. Obama dispatched her anyway. She wasn’t good enough for the ticket but she was good enough for a cat fight? Putting a political institution like Hillary, as popular as she may be, to go a few rounds with a peripheral prize fighter like Palin only contrasted the change verses experience argument to Obama’s detriment. To her credit, Hillary was much too smart to take the bait.
Next in the change conga line? None other than Bill Clinton. You know it’s bad when the Obamas are dispatching Bubba. Unpredictable, often off message and a relic of our country’s political past, Clinton adds no refreshing shift in direction and runs in direct contrast to Obama’s alleged “different kind of politics.” Bill is damaged goods from a primary season of Days of Our Lives drama and hits rewind as a reminder of the scandal plagued 1990’s.

When it comes to really profound political friends and allies, we can’t forget the epicenter of political change and diversity: Hollywood. The sprinkles on the icing have been the immergence of Democratic deities like Matt Damon who recently compared Sarah Plain to a bad Disney movie. If Palin equals Disney then Obama’s film genre is Ben Affleck: grossly over hyped, hard to follow, anemic on substance, and poised for a disappointing ending.

McCain, on the other hand, has looked mostly outside of the beltway for his motley messengers: Huckabee, Romney, Rudy, and best of all, Sarah Palin.

Obama interpreted the Webster’s meaning precisely. If surrogates are a substitute for oneself, his team is a clear indicator we’re not poised for change you can believe in, but more of the same we should run from.

Andrea Tantaros is a Republican political commentator, media consultant and former Press Secretary to the House Republican Conference. For more click here


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