The Ground Zero Mosque Question: How far away is far enough … to build a Mosque at Ground Zero …

How far away is far enough … to build a Mosque at Ground Zero …  

First – some basic things we might agree upon…


Artist Rendering Ground Zero Memorial Park

 1) An 8 acre “Memorial Garden” with approximately 450 trees, 2 Memorial Ponds where the names of the ” 2700 victims will be “engraved” and a Museum are planned … a “Memorial Garden” or “cemetery” for the 2700 … the first trees were planted this weekend on 08/28/2010.

2). Every Mosque in the world shares one thing with every other Mosque in the world … do you know what it is? It is called the “adhan” … which many Westerners incorrectly translate as the “Muslim call to prayer”, the literal translation is the “Call to Islam”.

3). The prayer lasts from 8 to 20 minutes depending on the “caller” and takes place 5 times a day between dawn and dusk, 7 days a week, 365 times a year … the “Call” is “broadcast from speakers atop of the Mosque … and as this Mosque will be located 1 block from Ground Zero – yes one block – you start at the corner of W Broadway and Barclay and walk one block north and you are there, the Mosque will be built on the right hand side … W Broadway and Barclay, the corner where the original WTC #7 stood … On the longest day of the summer, (assuming 16 hours of daylight) the “Call” will be heard approximately once every 3 hours  .. on the shortest day of the year (assuming 8 hours of daylight) the “Call” will be heard every 90 minutes …

Artist Rendering of 8 Acre Memorial Park At Ground Zero

4). The “Call to Islam” is intended, by design, to “proselytize” or “recruit” people to Islam … Google ‘adhan” and select an Islamic site and you will read, “It is intended to bring to the mind of every believer and non-believer the substance of Islamic beliefs, or its (Islam’s) spiritual ideology. As the Mosque will be located 1 block away and will be 11 stories tall… the “Call to Islam” will cascade down on all those in the “park” 5 times a day for as long as the Mosque is 1 block away … visitors and the “permanent guests” alike will be subject to the daily intrusion of the “Call” on their acts of prayer and remembrance… or as an intrusion on their eternal place of rest … 5 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

5). The issue is not as simple as a “Freedom of Religion” issue … is it… the question is how to accommodate “conflicting religions” or “competing religions” in the same place at the same time …

Ground Memorial Pool - Victims Names Will Be Inscribed Around The Pool

6). The “Memorial Garden” at Ground Zero is a “Public Memorial Garden” or “Public Cemetery” … I can assure you unequivocally that if we “magically” transported the “killing fields in Bosnia” where 8000 Muslims were killed in cold blood during the so called “ethnic cleansing” or “Srebrenica Massacre” … to Ground Zero and then suggested that a “Christian Church” would be built 1 block away, you know, to “build bridges”, and that the “Church” would broadcast “Christian Prayers” through “loudspeakers” across the “Memorial Garden” 5 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year … you’d hear a resounding “I think not” … and that would be the appropriate thing to say, the appropriate response … the building permits would never be granted and the denial of permits would be cheered not protested … For those of you who are not familiar with the Bosnian – Serbian Civil War … the United States Military intervened on behalf of the Muslim population and brought the genocide to a halt. Rent or download the DVD “Behind Enemy Lines” … A movie based on actual events.

7) The issue isn’t what goes on inside the Mosque … or what goes on inside your home … the issue is what comes out of the Mosque or your home and how that affects “the rest of the world on the outside” …. and it is this issue that eliminates the false claims that there is some type of mythical “Constitutional Right” to build a “House of Worship” where ever you want or might own property … a right exists to freedom of worship … but the right is a limited one not an unlimited one … Example: The Jehovah’s Witnesses can knock on your door to “proselytize” or “recruit” you to their faith, they cannot enter your “church” or a “public cemetery” to do so …

Arlington National Cemetery: 624 Acres, 300,000 graves. Ground Zero: 8 acres, 2700 graves

8). This isn’t a “freedom of religion” issue and the President should know this full well … This issue is one of balancing competing “freedoms” that are equal … everyone has the right to ball their hand into a fist and jump and spin around with wild abandon … that right ends when your “balled up hand” makes contact with another’s nose … in this instance the “balled up hand” is the “Call to Islam” and the “nose” belongs to the non-Muslims who want their right to visit the Memorial Garden without the intrusion of the “Call to Islam” respected … the “nose” belongs to the relatives of the departed who believe the “Call” is an unnecessary intrusion into the “eternal rest” of their departed loved ones… The inescapable point is this … the Mosque can be located anywhere … not so for Ground Zero … despite our best efforts … we will never locate all the bodies.     

9). Hopefully common sense will prevail and the Mosque will be moved far enough away from “Ground Zero” so that those who visit the Memorial Park can do so without the unnecessary intrusion of the “Call to Islam” cascading down around them during their visit … that the “eternal resting spot” of so many will be undistrubed.  If not, the American legal system will prevent an unconstitutional governmental endorsement of Islam as our state religion and the ‘Ground Zero Mosque” will be moved or prohibited by a Court from broadcasting the “Call to Islam” down upon the “Ground Zero Memorial Park” …

USS Arizona Memorial Pearl Harbor

For those of you who might mock, “what’s the problem… it’s just a “prayer” … the problem lies with the fact that the words of the prayer … ““In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate” and “Allah is the greatest!” , were repeated or chanted as the the 911 attackers crashed their planes or slit the throats of flight crews and passengers on 9-11. In fact, these same words,” Allahu Akbar, are reported to be the last words spoken by Major Nadal Hassan, before he jumped up on a table and opened fire, murdering 13 at Fort Hood, Texas. The suicidal Jihadist cry of  Allahu Akbaris as infamous as the suicidal cry of “Bonzai” in World War II. What is a “Call” to worship for one is a bitter reminder of a senseless, cruel and incredibly violent taking of innocent life for thousands … An incredibly thoughtless and insensitive suggestion by the Mosque supporters … just what was the President of the United States thinking?

SEE: The Ground Zero Imam – Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf; The Wrong Man, The Wrong Mosque, The Wrong Place, The Wrong Time…

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