Muslim NYC Taxi Driver Attacked – Ground Zero Mosque? – The Rest of The Story


Slashed Muslim Taxi Driver to Visit NYC Mayor


Ahmed H. Sharif

NEW YORK—Michael Enright once volunteered with a group that promotes interfaith tolerance and has supported a proposal for a mosque near ground zero — an experience distinctly at odds with what authorities say happened inside a city taxi.

The baby-faced college student was charged Wednesday with using a folding knife to slash the neck and face of the taxi’s Bangladeshi driver after the driver said he was Muslim. Police say Enright was drunk at the time.

A taxi drivers’ labor group quickly used the attack to denounce “bigotry” over plans to build an Islamic center and mosque two blocks north of ground zero. While supporters of the mosque say religious freedom should be protected, opponents say the mosque should be moved farther from where Islamic extremists destroyed the World Trade Center and killed nearly 2,800 people on Sept. 11, 2001.               

Michael Enright

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a staunch supporter of the mosque project, invited the taxi driver to visit City Hall on Thursday. ….

A representative for the volunteer group, Intersections International, called the situation “tragic.”

“We’ve been working very hard to build bridges between folks from different religions and cultures,” said the Rev. Robert Chase. “This is really shocking and sad for us.”

The group, founded in 2007, says it’s dedicated to promoting justice, reconciliation and peace among people of different faiths, cultures, ideologies, races and classes. ….

A representative of Intersections International, which supports the mosque project, called the attack “tragic.”

McAuley’s World Comments

Mayor Bloomberg - Ground Zero Mosque Supporter

Tragic event. But as the far left says, never let a tragedy go to waste …

The first reports of this incident went something like this one …

“Michael Enright, the raging drunk who nearly killed a Muslim cab-driver in Manhattan this week, is being held without bail following his arraignment on hate crime charges.”

Until, of course, the facts began to surface … facts that once again, fail to support the spin ….

It now appears that the assailant may be suffering from some sort of disability other than “islamophobia”. 

Imam Rauf: Refuses To Condem HAMAS - Denies Genocide in Dafur

Turns out the highly intoxicated and belligerent Enright supported the Ground Zero Mosque and had worked, as has been documented, with an Interfaith Religious Group that conducted regular outreach programs between Muslims and Christians… that group? Intersections International.

Additionally, as fate would have it … the  injured Bangladeshi driver,  Ahmed H. Sharif, who is, in fact, Muslim, expressed his opinion that “Ground Zero” is an inappropriate place to build the proposed Mosque ….

 “It should be noted that Enright has ties to a left-wing group that is in favor of the “Ground-Zero mosque” while Sharif actually opposes it being constructed at the current location.”

The attack is profoundly regrettable … and the only thing more regrettable than the attack is the shameless manner in which the far left media and the liberal fringe politicians, who represent the increasingly smaller group of individuals who support a mosque at Ground Zero, have attempted to milk this tragedy for political benefit …

The argument offered on behalf of the poorly conceived and unconstitutional Ground Zero Mosque was and is simply false… the attacker was not motivated by the proposed location of the Mosque… and the victim did not support the Mosque being built in that location …

We now know that the MSM long ago adopted the adage “never let the facts get in the way of telling a good story” when they jettisoned any pretense of journalistic ethics…

At 9:00 AM this morning, August 26, 2010, there were at least 176 on-line MSM articles that referred to Enright as a “hater”, motivated by “anti –Islamic rhetoric” and being personally opposed to the location of a Mosque at Ground Zero…

Zero for three on facts … but why let facts get in the way of the desired spin … after all, you should never let a tragedy go to waste …

I’m so relieved the MSM cares so deeply … wanna bet not one of these “concerned journalists” can site the number of cab drivers stabbed or shot in NYC over the last 12 months …

Does the term “hypocrite” come to mind …

There are over 13,000 cabs operating in NYC and an additional 40,000 “other for hire vehicles” …

 “Homicide is consistently among the top causes of work-related deaths. While the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and others have reported since the 1990s that the taxicab industry has a very high occurrence of workplace homicide, some are still surprised to learn that taxicab drivers face a greater risk for injury and homicide on the job than those working in law enforcement and security… One project involves analyzing taxicab homicide data obtained from newspaper articles on over 700 homicides occurring between 1992 and 2006.”

Ask the “concerned” Mayor of New York or anyone of the authors of the 176 MSM articles mentioned earlier if they can give you the name of even one of these 700 murdered cabbies … yet they are shamelessly willing to exploit Ahmed Sharif’s personal tragedy for their own political gain …

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