The Immigration Debate: Modern Slavery – 27 Million Enslaved World Wide In 2010

Rape Tree: Cartel Coyote Trail – After raping the woman Coyotes tie their undergarments in a tree

Millions ‘live in modern slavery’

Some 12.3 million people are enslaved worldwide, according to a major report. [McAuley’s World: I believe this number is inaccurate. As several of the vidoes in this post indicate, it is estimated that there are 27 million people “enslaved worldwide”]

The International Labour Organization says 2.4 million of them are victims of trafficking, and their labour generates profits of over $30bn.

The ILO says that while the figures may be lower than recent estimates, they reflect reported cases which may rise as societies face the problem.

The report calls for a global alliance to improve laws and raise awareness of what it calls a “hidden” issue.

Global problem

The report, entitled A Global Alliance Against Forced Labour, is the ILO’s second major investigation into slavery this century.

The organisation says forced labour is a global problem, in all regions and types of economy.

The largest numbers are in poor Asian countries and Latin America, but there are more than 350,000 cases in the industrialised world.

Four-fifths of forced labour is exacted by private agents and most victims are women and children, the ILO says.

The report has uncovered a significant amount of the kinds of forced labour which have been known about for a long time.

An example is bonded labour – where children are forced to do the same jobs as their parents, without hope of release.

Modern slavery is growing in some conflict zones, with the seizure of children as soldiers or sex slaves.

But the report sees the biggest deterioration in the newly globalised economy, in sectors such as the sex industry, agriculture, construction and domestic service.

Clothes Discarded Along Coyote Trail

Local knowledge

The ILO calls for better laws and stronger law enforcement to break “a pattern of impunity” in “privately-imposed forced labor”.

The report also urges societies to address the roots of the problem by working with local communities in the poorest countries.

The ILO suggests that wealthier countries could tackle the issue by looking at their labor and migration policies.

BBC developing world correspondent David Loyn says there are some positive signs of change.

Increased concern about organized crime has led to a new international protocol against people-trafficking.

Last year, trade unionists from a range of countries met in Cameroon to discuss issues including slavery and abduction, forced domestic labor and the sex trade.

The problem could be resolved in these smaller-scale non-governmental meetings, our correspondent says, because local individuals with business knowledge are more likely to uncover the practice than formal investigators.

But, he adds, it will take a lot to change the culture of forced labor, as it operates best in informal areas outside the view of the normal economy.

McAuley’s World Comments

 The video above presents statistics that supports the claim that are an estimated 27 million “slaves” world wide, over twice the number claimed in the title of this article.  UNICEF, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, reports that 1.2 million children are “trafficked” evey year. One child is trafficked every 30 seconds, two for every minute, of every minute, of every hour,of every day, 365 days a year. 1.2 million. 

I don’t agree with many of the comments above. You can “search” my blog for a number of articles, from a number of sources that refute some of the basic claims offered in the article.

Today, in 2010, most slavery is organized and does not involve “children being forced to work in the same job as their parents”, unless of course their parents have been abducted and sold into sexual slavery or a mother and daughter have been duped into coming to the United States to work as “hostesses” only to be forced into brothels.

 It maybe that some young men have followed their father’s footsteps into  “The Cartel” or “Drug Gangs”, however, that is an act of volition, a voluntary act, not an act of slavery. 

The vast majority of illegal immigration coming into the United States is controlled by Organized Crime, whether it is the Mexican Cartels, the Russian Mafia or the Oriental Triads. If you want to use their “routes of transit” you will pay for passage.

Many that are smuggled or trafficked are held for additional ransom once they arrive,. Others are simply forced to work as slaves in deplorable working and living conditions. 

Today, in 2010, there are more slaves in the world than at any time in our prior history. 

When Cities pass “Sanctuary City Laws” they are acting to foster the modern day slave trade. 

Human or sexual traffickers thrive in environments where local law enforcement is prohibited from determining an individual’s identity or immigration status by local Politicians.

Rape Trees: Psychological  and Ecological Devastation

The day after Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States, the Department of Homeland Security blocked the Border Patrols access to “hidden camera” vidoes like the one above. Why would the Department of Homeland Security do that?

San Francisco proudly boasts of its “Sanctuary City” status, yet it may well be the largest hub of human and sexual trafficking in the Free World. Not only does San Francisco harbor and protect the human smugglers, the sex traffickers, SanFrancisco also ignores our Immigration Laws. Today, San Francisco turns it’s back on those who have been “sexually trafficked” and are being degraded on a daily basis as they live their lifes as “sexual slaves”. Click on video below, then click on “Watch on You Tube”.   

THE UNICEF / MTV EXIT VIDEO – Performed by The Killers

Click on video below, then click on “Watch on You Tube”.


Slavery Map.Org From The University of San Francisco


Review of Judge Bolton’s Decision: The Immigration Debate: The Arizona Law – Judge Bolton’s Decision (Part 1) 

A comprehensive review and analysis of Judge Bolton’s erroneous decision.

Read why the Judge was wrong – compare “Congressional intent” with the Judge’s reasoning.

With these PDF documents:

Bolton’s Decision

DOJ Memo 04/02/2010

Links to:

DOJ Complaint

Arizona Law

The actual Immigration Statutes that should have “controlled” the Judge’s decision.

Official Web Sites of: DOJ/DHS/LESC/NSEERS/FBI

What does Congress “mandate” be done and by whom.

2 Responses

  1. Modern day slavery, human kind will never change. The tyranny of evil men and women cannot hide from the Almighty One. Just goes to show that to this day slavery can’t be stopped. The degradation of life, the suffering and misery these innocent people have to live through, is only measured in increments. People will what ever it takes to survive, even if it means a violation of their body. It is just sad, that we live in a world that has no compassion, no remorse cold hearted people. If they say 1 child every 30 seconds or 2 children a minute, it must be that they are unwanted.
    So how much IS a human life worth? It is precious and worth more than gold.

  2. It’s so sad that there are a cold hearted people. These evil men and women who trafficked these children without pity for sex slave are a rotten soul and their body and soul are eaten with the maggots and worms. I don’t know if slavery has an end. But I hope everyone especially the government has to pay attention to his big issue of slavery.

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