Day 85 In The Gulf: The New Cap Is In Place – Testing Continues – Oil Still Flows Into The Gulf

Update 07/13/2010

The new cap on the well is secure and does not appear to be leaking, however, a new and smaller “BOP” has been attached to the new cap … the oil is flowing through the old “LMRP” or Lower Marine Riser Package … through the new cap … into the new BOP and out the top end of the new BOP into the gulf …. the Feds & BP are closing off vents in the new BOP and they will eventually attach a new riser or pipe to the top end of the “new “BOP” to take the oil to the surface …. at the moment … the oil continues to flow into the Gulf …. however, the new repair appears on track to stop the spill ……….

NPR’s 6 camera live feed ….

McAuley’s World Comments:

Why haven’t they placed a “riser” or “pipe” on the top end of the new BOP to take oil to the surface and one of the recovery ships?

I’m certain they can conduct pressure testing on the repair while they simultaneously capture the 1.4 million gallons of oil that is reported to be flowing into the Gulf every day … 

The picture to the left, taken in the early minutes of 07/13/2010 shows the new “BOP” and what appears to be a new riser attached to its top ….

Update: 07/14/2010 – see Day 86 In The Gulf

NEW ORLEANS – BP’s work on capping the Gulf of Mexico gusher was frozen Wednesday after the federal government raised concerns the operation could put damaging pressure on the busted well that could make the leak worse.

An administration official, who asked not to be identified because of the sensitivity of the talks with BP, said the government was acting out of “abundance of caution” and didn’t want potentially dangerous pressure tests on a tighter containment cap that has been placed over the well to go ahead until BP answers questions about possible risks.

The delays were a stunning setback after the oil giant finally seemed to be on track following nearly three months of failed attempts to stop the spill, which has sullied beaches from Florida to Texas and decimated the multibillion dollar fishing industry.

The administration official said Energy Secretary Steven Chu, U.S. Geological Survey chief Marcia McNutt and other government scientists met with BP Tuesday in Houston and had a number of questions about the plan to test the integrity of the well. Chu and other officials want to ensure that putting downward pressure on the well will not cause further leaks, the official said.

“Our basic position was, if you can give us the answers we need … then go ahead,” the official said. Until then, “they can’t go forward.”

McAuley’s World Comments:

I can’t believe this. The “BEST AND BRIGHTEST” the Obama Administration has to offer didn’t understand, in advance of placing a “new cap” on the well, that putting a new cap and valve of the well and then closing the valve to shut off the oil would increase the pressure in the well?

Where do they find these people?

Do you have a garden hose? When the water is running through the hose have you ever shut the nozzle on the end of the hose? Does the water pressure in the hose go up? Gee, the same thing happens at every house in the Country.

I’ll bet that there isn’t a single water tower (or water reservoir) that has had a catastrophic failure anywhere in the Country because someone shut off a garden hose nozzle in their yard.  

The Government is not presently measuring the pressure in the well; the Government is measuring the pressure in the “oil reservoir” under the Gulf. This is akin to making you wait to fix a leak in your hose while the city measures the water pressure in your local water tower…

Meanwhile, 1.5 million gallons of oil spills into the Gulf each and everyday…


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