Mario Guajardo Jose Valera, Candidate for Mayor of Valle Hermoso, Mexico, Slain By Drug Cartels

Mario Guajardo Jose Valera, PAN candidate for mayor of Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas, was found dead Thursday morning by gunshot wounds, told CNNMéxico Agency for Research of Public Prosecutions of that city.

The candidate’s son was also slain.

The staff of the agency said it will give full details of the alleged murder of James Guajardo in the coming hours, while local media report that also found the bodies of two others.

The state leader of PAN, Javier Garza de Coss, told Reuters the candidate’s death and announced that the game will offer more details of what happened in a press conference.

The bodies were located in agricultural suppliers Guajardo company, owned by the slain candidate, which is located in this border town today by the PRI government.

On Monday, the PAN candidate for governor of Tamaulipas, José Julián Sacramento, reported that candidates of that party were receiving threats from drug traffickers, Notimex reported.

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