Obama’s Immigration Speech: Policy or Politics

I’ve listened to the speech three times now.

It hasn’t gotten any better or more specific for that matter.

How can the man who is the President of the Country, ignore the responsibilities he is sworn to uphold, while he race baits and divides this nation with his false claims.

For months we waited for President Obama and his Administration to actually read the Arizona Law.

We should have asked that the Administration read our existing immigration laws instead.

The Country needs “Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.

I don’t get it. What does that mean” Comprehensive Immigration Reform”.

Our country has over 15,000 pages of immigration law. There are over half a million pages of Immigration Hearing Decisions and Immigration Appellate Decisions on the books.

Back when they passed the last three “Comprehensive Immigration Reforms”, Congress actually read the laws they passed. In fact the laws were read and debated and went through the legislative process designed by our Founding Fathers and enumerated in the Constitution. The last three “Comprehensive Immigration Reforms” were not written behind closed doors in the dead of night and taken to a final vote before Congress had the chance to read and comment on the laws.

When the President says, “We need to create a path to citizenship”, what the hell is he talking about?

A path to citizenship? Doesn’t the Country already provide a “path to citizenship” for non citizens?

When the President says, “We need a viable guest worker program”, what the hell is he talking about?

Doesn’t the Country have a “Guest Worker Program”? How can this great Country not have a “Guest Worker Program”?

Isn’t the President an Attorney?

I seem to recall the MSM telling me the President was one of the smartest men in America. Wasn’t he a “lecturer” at a Law School, even if he wasn’t a Constitutional Law Professor as has been claimed.

A Path to Citizenship

The United States of America has had established rules for foreign born individuals to become citizens of this great country since the 1790’s.

The United States adopted its Constitution in 1789 and passed the first immigration laws in 1790. http://www1.umn.edu/humanrts/immigrationlaw/chapter1.html

The United States has clearly defined laws and procedures for foreign born nationals to become U.S. citizens. Those laws and rules are created by the U.S. Congress.

In this writer’s opinion the existing laws are quite detailed and have undergone several “Comprehensive Reforms”, the last such reform was completed in 1996. The one before that in 1986.

Unfortunately, certain American cities (Sanctuary Cities), States and members of the Federal Government, including President Obama and his Executive Branch, refuse to enforce the laws enumerated in either of the last two “Comprehensive Reforms”.  


In 2009 over 1,000,000 foreign born nationals were granted the rights and privileges of being a U.S. Citizen. Over 1 million new citizens.  http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/statistics/publications/natz_fr_2009.pdf

The existing path to citizenship for foreign born nations is a wide one, an average of 2,750 individuals are granted citizenship every day of every week, 12 months a year.

In addition to the 1,000,000 new citizens created every year, the United States grants the rights and privileges of being an LPR (Legal Permanent Resident) to over 1,000,000 foreign born citizens every year.

In 2009 the exact number was 1,130,818. One million, one hundred thirty thousand, eight hundred and eighteen foreign born nationals became “Legal Permanent Residents” in 2009.


Guest Worker Programs

You’d think this great country would have a “guest worker program” wouldn’t you?

I mean, how can a country as great as ours not have a “guest worker program”?

The answer is, the United States has the largest “guest worker program” in the world. The United States allows more “foreign born” individuals to cross its borders to work than all other countries in the world combined.

That is correct: If you take the total number of “guest workers” allowed by all other Countries in the world and add them together, the United States allows nearly twice as many “guest workers” into the USA, to work every year.

In 2009 the United States allowed 36 million “guest workers” to enter the Country.


The 36 million guest workers were part of the 160 million “non-immigrant admissions” allowed into our Country last year. http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/statistics/publications/ni_fr_2009.pdf

A total of 160 million “non-immigrant admissions” into our Country, our Country only has 300 million citizens. For every 2 citizens the United States allowed 1 non-immigrant admisssion.  http://www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/statistics/publications/ni_fr_2009.pdf

Securing the Border

It is estimated that there are as many as 20,000,000  (20 million) illegal aliens currently living in the United States.

Twice in our Countries immediate past we have written and passed “Comprehensive Immigration Reforms”, once in 1986 and again in 1996. Each time the “reform” was passed the bureaucrats in Washington promised to secure our borders. They have yet to secure the borders. Amnesty has been tried and it failed, failed because the Politicians refused to secure the borders. 

Why do we have 20,000,000 (20 million) illegal aliens living in this Country? Because the Federal Government refuses to do its job, because the Federal Government has failed to crack down on and eliminate the illegal and unconstitutional “Sanctuary Cities” in our country.

The illegal aliens in this Country have one thing in common, they have violated this nations laws by either entering this Country illegally or by overstaying the time granted them under a “legal stay”, a time period the illegal aliens promised to honor and obey.

Congress and Immigration Quotas

The United States Congress sets and establishes immigration quotas and limits. The process is a complicated one and involves an analysis of the Country’s need for new citizens, the number of available jobs, whether the Country is in a recession, depression or period of sustained growth. The Congress considers the cost of immigration to American taxpayers and the dangers to the Country’s security in setting quotas and the criteria for excluding individuals from entering the United States.

The illegal aliens who have entered this Country have done so in an attempt to by-pass the Nation’s rules, regulations, quotas and screening procedures.

It has been estimated that 40% of the illegal aliens currently in the Country have been convicted of a felony or are currently wanted on outstanding felony warrants in their Country of origin. These are individuals who would be denied entry into our Country under any form of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” past, present or future.

Comprehensive Reform – What about those waiting for legal admission

There are an approximate 17,000,000 (17 million) people waiting for legal admission into the United States, 17 million who have completed the proper paper work, undergone the necessary screening and interviews, individuals who have conformed to our laws and regulations and are awaiting their turn to become American citizens. Exactly why is it they should be denied that opportunity or be asked to wait in line while “special consideration” is given to those who are here illegally?


Mr. President secure the borders, today. Enforce our existing laws today.

Congress has been empowered to set quotas for the number of new citizens and “guest workers” that allowed to enter this Country every year.

If you’d like to suggest “new quotas” please do so, however, do the job you are sworn to do first, secure our borders.

Mr. President we have two sets of aliens in this Country, those that have followed our laws and come to this Country legally and those that ignored and evaded our laws to get here illegally.

Mr. President this Country is our home. Stop rewarding those who disrespect this home, those who refuse to honor the rules of the “house”. When you reward “bad behavior” you get more “bad behavior”. Enforce our laws, enforce the rules of the “house” and don’t change the rules to accommodate the individuals who ignored them in the first place.

Mr. President we are a Country of laws, it is your job to enforce them. Do your job, Mr. President.  Quit trying to divide the Country for your political advantage and enforce the laws of this land.

Mr. President, the “immigration system” is not what needs to be held accounable, Mr. President you are accountable, accountable for securing our borders.

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