Day 69 Gulf Crisis: How BP wants to start over in bid to contain Gulf oil spill: Plan Originally Posted On Word Press

How BP wants to start over in bid to contain Gulf oil spill

Finally, printed confirmation in the form of an article in the Christian Science Monitor. An article which states,

“On Wednesday, BP and the Coast Guard are expected to decide whether to greenlight a project that would remove the containment cap and replace it with a larger cap connected to two flexible riser pipes. The replacement cap, called an overshot tool, would not sit atop the stump of the original riser pipe, but would bolt directly to the blowout preventer, perhaps creating a better seal.”

As I have previously noted, the current activity involves an attempt to “capture” & “maintain” oil production. The plan under discussion Wednesday involves the use of “flexible riser pipes” rather than a “shutoff valve”.

Lets keep our fingers crossed Wednesday ……

The Plan was originally posted here on WordPress:

Which ever “valve” is selected, whether a “production” valve or a “shut off” valve, the valve will need to withstand the pressure of the gulf

Y shaped valve with shut off

 floor (10,000+ f00t deep) and a “flow” pressure of  approximately 12.000 PSI.

The following are generic photos of various “valves” that this writer imagines are currently under consideration. Again, these valves are “generic” and only suggest design styles that maybe under consideration.

Valve #1″ Y shaped valve with shut offs. You need to imagine this “valve” turned upside down, with the “top” of the valve in this picture bolted to the well riser. (The “official name” of what I refer to as the “wellhead” is the Lower Marine Riser Package – LMRP). Flexible riser pipes would then be bolted to the two flanged ends (currently in the bottom of the picture) which would be pointing to the surface after the valve’s attachment to the LMRP.

Valve #2 is called a “High Pressure Ball Valve.

Description: 90 degree rotation, high pressure ball valves are designed for flow shut-off and are very durable for industrial use

Operation: Hydraulic, manual, electric

Sizes: standard 2″ and 10″ (other sizes available)

Temperature Range: -15C to 50C

Pressures to: Maximum operating pressure of 10,000 PSI (689 BAR)

Features: Redundant Anti-blowout seal, lock-out mechanism, IP67 rated

Options: Proximity switch, bypass valve, Body SA350 or stainless steel

High Pressure Ball Valve

The Valve in picture #3 was used in the Space Shuttle Launch pad.  

Space Shuttle Launch Pad Valve with shut off




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