McChrystal’s Meeting With Obama – Questions, Thoughts and Reflections On An American Hero

General McChrystal just entered the building for his meeting with President.

My thoughts ands questions follow:

1) Who imbedded this journalist? Who authorized it? Which Pentagon Official or Obama Administration Official is responsible? I doubt McChrystal called Rolling Stone and suggested they send someone over for a few months.

2), McChrystal was in a bar in Paris. While a 4 star General is never really “on leave” this is as close as it gets. How did the “journalist” get to the same bar? Did he ride with McChrystal and his staff to the bar or did he wander in and sit in a booth near them and then join them after they had “had a few”/

McChrystal is the best General this country has. A consummate tactician and true warrior. His record of service to this Country can be matched by few.

Whatever is said, he has served this country with honor.

McChrystal knows the rules.

I’m sure he appreciated the consequences of his actions beforehand.

Did you understand what the General’s action implies.

The General’s criticisms of the Obama Administration were unartfully worded, but accurate. From the Ambassadors to its retired Military Advisors, the Obama Administration is mishandling the war and this country’s foreign affairs.

A General cannot publicly criticize his Commander in Chief and until now I believe General McChrystal has done his best to keep his silence, even though he is severely undermanned for the mission that needs to be accomplished. (Example: The Obama Administration is doing nothing to stop the flow of equipment and fighters from Iran into Afghanistan)

Is it possible that after considering the safety of his troops in the field and balancing his perception of the safety of the Country as a whole, General McChrystal is using this magazine article to speak out?

The country will lose a great General today.

I hope we hear from the loyal American citizen, Mr. Stanley McChrystal, tomorrow.


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