Obama’s Gulf (Oil Spill) War: Day 56 – Obama’s Speech

According to the MSM and the “Talking Heads” that claim the title of  ”Democratic Strategists” there is no question. Oppose or criticize and you are branded a racist.

Personal Criticism of Obama, The Man and His Policies 

As an American and as a Conservative I was elated to celebrate the election of our first black President, however, I was not willing to celebrate the election of Barack Obama, the man,  nor am I currently willing to celebrate Obama’s policies. “Content of character not color of skin”.

Oh how I wish our first black President would have been General Colin Powell.  I can only speculate as to how General Powell would have handled our current set of crisis.

While I’ll never know for sure, I’d speculate that under General Powell’s leadership we would now be moving towards securing our borders, that after 53 days the oil leak in the gulf  would be capped.

Under General Powell’s leadership, Operation Desert Storm only lasted 40 days  (01/17/91 to 02/27/91) and the “ground war” with Iraq lasted a total of 13 days (02-14-91 to 02-27-91).

I just can’t imagine General Powell conducting an international “bow and scrape” tour or engaging in a never ending set of apologies for America’s role in world affairs.

I can’t imagine Powell embarrassing his Nation. I have never heard General Powell play CYA and blame others or point the finger of blame. He was probably to busy leading ….

Under Powell’s leadership would we, as a nation, be speculating on whether the latest set of “impotent sanctions” against Iran would have any meaningful effect on stopping that rogue nation from developing nuclear weapons? Would the Nation be wondering, “and if these don’t work, what do we do next?”

I doubt that the national economy would be be any worse than it is today, if General Powell, if he were President, had simply ignored it.

Yes, these are speculations, but my strong criticism of Obama has nothing to do with race. My speculation as to  “what would General Powell do” has nothing to do with race either.   

When Obama was elected the Liberal Main Stream Media and the Democratic Party heralded the beginning of a “post-racial” America. Less than 18 months into Obama’s Presidency the MSM and the Democratic Political strategists are running to the familiar comforts of race and gender baiting.

It is 2010, isn’t it time we move on?  Let us remember and never forget the lessons of the 1960’s, even if those lessons are 50 years old! We, as Americans, need to learn and move on. To understand this is 2010 and not 1960. To learn from the past but not surrender to being a victim of it.

To try and use the disaster in the Gulf to pass “Cap & Trade”, no matter what they are calling “Cap & Trade today, is inexcusable.

If I heard the President correctly, 56 days into the disaster and we still have no idea what really caused  the explosion or fire. The “root cause” is still a mystery. Nor do we have a “sure fire” plan to cap the well.

I may have missed it, but who exactly “serves” of the President’s committee “evaluating our options to cap the well”. What? That committee doesn’t exist? The President is setting up multiple committees, panels and conferences but he is not establishing a national command structure to respond to the Gulf disaster, a committee or working group of the best “deep sea mining specialists” in the world nor is he accepting help from any of the 17 Countries who have graciously extended an offer to assist the United States in its time of need. The President’s focus is always on “Attorneys”, “Courtrooms” and more “regulations”.

The President talked about leading, about his “war against the gulf spill” but unfortunately he has no idea how to accomplish his goals. One thing you can count on, he has called the Attorneys. No matter what the problem, the answer is always the same, call the Attorneys.

FUN FACT: Once again the Obama Administration has claimed that the problem rests with a failure to regulate. Let me suggest that the problem in the Gulf, like our immigration problem is not a failure to regulate but a failure to enforce the existing regulations. Did you know that there are over 16 million pages of regulations concerning offshore oil drilling, over 16 million pages. Regulations on the density of the material used in the pipes, regulations concerning  the compounds used in the seals and gaskets that are used in the various assemblies, regulations concerning the components  in the electrical assemblies to be  used in the various sensors, sensors that are also regulated . Changing or adding regulations to this mess would be meaningless until we start to enforce the regulations that exist today. Just like our immigration problems …. Why write new regulations if you don’t enforce the ones that exist today.

How, exactly, do we write new regulations to address this disaster when we have not figured out exactly what caused it?

Did the President say last night that while he had a vision for the Country, that he wasn’t exactly sure where we were going or how he we would get us there, but that if we gave him our money, he would drive as fast as he could and maybe, just maybe, we might like where we ended up. Is he kidding me … sounds like a  juvenile road trip from my youth not a plan for a “war against the spill in the gulf”.

Mr. President we want answers …. We want action on capping that well.

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