Photos: The GAZA Humanitarian Aid – Lawn Chairs? Lawn Chairs?

HAMAS has refused to deliver the “humanitarian aid” recently delivered to the Gaza Strip.

As has been the case since the “blockade” began follow HAMAS military overthrow of the Palestinian Goverment in Gaza in 2007, the “aid” is being delivered to Gaza after undergoing inspection.

HAMAS has refused to allow delivery of the “critically needed” humanitarian goods ……. This isn’t about providing “humanitarian aid” but about breaking the blockade and HAMAS getting access to it’s Iranian armshipments.

The “humantitarian aid” is stacking up in the port of Gaza.

Lawn chairs! Lawn chairs! I guess the summer vacation season is coming and the people of Gaza have a critical need for lawn chairs.

Why would a true “humanitarian group” oppose stopping for an inspection, if the inspection would serve to reduce mideast violence, before having it’s critical shipment of lawn chairs delivered?

No wonder the “humanitarian aid workers” were so heavily armed …… you can never tell when Mediterranean Sea Pirates will swoop down and steal your shipment of lawn chairs.


Hamas has declared war on Israel and has, for the last 10 years, sworn to stop the Mid East Peace Process and to “wipe out” the State of Israel. HAMAS refused to acknowledge that Israel has a right to even exist. To achieve their goal HAMAS has employed homicide bombers, IEDs (improvised explosive devises, manufactured in Iran, just like the ones killing US troops in Iraq & Afghanistan) and lauched over 7500 rockets and motor shells into Israel. Isreal has repsonded with a blockade, a blockade which requires all goods going into Gaza to be inspected. HAMAS does not govern the Gaza Strip, they are a non-governmental entity, HAMAS is a terrorist organization.

Canada shares a border with the U.S. that is over 3,000 miles long. The sovereign nation of Canada and the U.S. have not had a military confrontation since the War of 1812. Despite 200 years of peaceful co-existence every train, truck, car, boat or individual crossing the border between the U.S. and Canada is subject to being detained and searched. Searched for illegal arms, illegal drugs and human trafficking.  There is a long list of every day items that cannot be transported between the Countries of Canada and the United States.  

How did the Liberal Press miss these points and comparisons?

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