Deadly Attack On Border Patrol In El Paso – FBI Withdraws From Armed Mexican Force

According to the FBI, Border Patrol agents were responding to a group of suspected illegal immigrants being smuggled into the U.S. near the Paso Del Norte bridge, across from Ciudad Juarez around 6:30 p.m. Monday. One suspected illegal immigrant was detained on the levee on the U.S. side, the FBI said in a statement. Another Border Patrol agent arrived on the concrete bank where the now-dry, 33-feet (10-meter) wide Rio Grande is, and detained a second suspect. Other suspects ran back into Mexico and began throwing rocks, the FBI said. Border Patrol Special Operations Supervisor Ramiro Cordero said preliminary reports showed Border Patrol agents on bicycle patrol “were assaulted with rocks by an unknown number of people.” T.J. Bonner, president of the union representing Border Patrol agents, said rock throwing aimed at Border Patrol agents are common and capable of causing serious injury. “It is a deadly force encounter, one that justifies the use of deadly force,” Bonner said. A U.S. official, meanwhile, said video shows the Border Patrol agent did not enter Mexico. Arturo Sandoval, a spokesman for the Chihuahua Attorney General’s office, said a spent 40-mm shell was found near the body — raising the question of whether the fatal shot was fired inside Mexico. Sandoval said he couldn’t comment on the video reported by the U.S. official because he didn’t know anything about it. A U.S. official, who agreed to discuss the matter only if not quoted by name, said the video also shows what seem to be four Mexican law enforcement officers driving to the edge of the dry but muddy bed of the Rio Grande, walking across to the U.S. side, picking up an undetermined object and returning to Mexico near the area where the boy’s body was. Like their U.S. counterparts, Mexican law officers are not authorized to cross the border without permission. The boy had been deported from the U.S. on 5 separate ocassions and is believed to have been employed by a prominent smuggling ring working out of Juarez, one of Mexico’s most violent and lawless cities.

The Chihuahua Attorney General’s office is checking with Reuters to see if they might be able to fabricate some photos for the evening news.

Shortly after the boy was shot, Mexican soldiers arrived at the scene and pointed their guns at the Border Patrol agents across the riverbank while bystanders screamed insults and hurled rocks and firecrackers, FBI spokeswoman Andrea Simmons said. She said the agents were forced to withdraw.

“It pretty quickly got very intense over on the Mexican side,” she said, adding that FBI agents showed up later and resumed the investigation, even as Mexican authorities pointed guns at them from across the river.

The Mexican authorities accused the Americans of trying to recover evidence from Mexican soil and threatened to kill them if they crossed the border, prompting both sides to draw their guns, said the 16-year-old boy who asked not to be further identified for fear of reprisal.


For Comparison Purposes:

The U.S, shares a 3000 plus mile boarder with Canada. If any individual is caught entering the U.S. from Canada or entering Canada from the U.S., at any point other than an offical and approved point of entry, that person is detained, searched, cuffed and arrested.

Any vehicle, be it a train, bus, truck, boat or private car and any individual entering either the U.S. or Canada at a legal point of entry is subject to being detained and searched without reason or provocation …. anyone ….. at any legal point of entry.

Anyone who has flown into a U.S. airport or arrived at a U.S. port of entry knows full well that they are subject to a personal search (up to and including a body cavity search)  a search of their luggage and computer and they must present I.D., which includes a U.S. passport or a Visa, if they have travelled abroad.

President Calderone of Mexico and President Obama – stop your race baiting now. The rights of a Mexican citizen entering MY COUNTRY are not superior to those rights that I, as an American citizen, enjoy.

The United States extends visitation and immigration rights like no other Country in the world. Last year 160 million people entered the United States on non-immigration documents (vistor and guest worker permits).

Secure the borders Mr. President. Close the border with Mexico Mr. Presdient. Remove Mexico’s “special status” in immigration matters, resume the ICE raids and deport all illegal aliens and criminal aliens currently housed in U.S. jails or prisons, immediately. Order the Attorney General to enforce our Federal immigration laws and prosecute every “Sanctuary City” in the Country.  ……


If they are not here legally, jail them until you throw them out! We need no futher bad examples! The only way to have our laws respected is to enforce them. The Country is no different than my home – If  I want my rules to be respected in my home, I must enforce them!

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  1. They should have shot down these border patrol pigs.

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