The Blood Stained Usurpers: HAMAS And Palestine’s Gaza Strip – Attempted Overthrow Of The Palestinian Authority Government

1). HAMAS, The Islamic Resistance Party, formed to resist or destroy the Mid East Peace Process, is not part of the Palestinian Government of the Gaza Strip. The Government to which HAMAS temporarily belonged was dissolved on 06/17/2007 by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud  Abbas. There is only 1 legitimate Palestinian Government, The Government of the Palestinian Authority.

2). Do you know what the pre-conditions are for a complete lifting of the “quarantine” of the Gaza Strip?

HAMAS must acknowledge Israel’s right to exist; HAMAS must recognize the  PEACE TREATY negotiated with Israel by Yasser Arafat and The PLO; HAMAS must agree to abandon violence against Israel and the Palestinian Authority Government.

3) THE PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) has been the internationally recognized “voice” of the Palestinian People since the PLO was granted “observer status” in the United Nations in 1974.

Read the true story of “The Wakseh” or Palestinian Civil War here:

Wakseh is the name given by Palestinians to the Civil War now being fought in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian Authority Government & the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO or Fatah) are fighting on one side against the Iranian backed HAMAS or Islamic Resistance Movement on the other.  

What cannot be forgotten is the HAMAS refusal to even negotiate with the Palestinian Authority Government or to relinquish its militant opposition to the existence of an Israeli State.

In discussing HAMAS’ attempted coup in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Authority Government stated the following just two short months ago: “Reconciliation Efforts with Hamas: … and in light of our dire need to unify ourselves and empower our internal front, we must make every possible effort to put an end to Palestinian disunity. The question to be posed, however: Have we not made every possible effort to achieve this goal? The answer is yes. We signed the Reconciliation Document, which had been a fruit of the Egyptian efforts and dialogue between all factions. Earlier, we had signed the Mecca Agreement. President Abbas also promulgated a decree, calling for the conduct of presidential and legislative elections in January 2010 as stipulated by the Basic Law. Nevertheless, the Hamas Movement refused all these initiatives… we may request that the forthcoming Arab Summit Conference and the Islamic Conference Organization denounce the party that rejects the Palestinian reconciliation effort…. this action will disclose and expose the real positions of the Hamas Movement as well as its utilisation of resistance and religion. It will also expose the Arab and Islamic regimes which use Hamas’ forcibletake-over of Gaza for the sake of their own regional and international interests.”…r.pdf   (beginning on page 10.) or try the link at the bottom of this article.

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