MSNBC’s Chris Matthews – Makes Racist Comments – Obama – State Of The Union Address

Well I’ve waited for several days for Chris Matthews to issue another apology, another apology in a long line of apologies …. the guy makes a habit out of being rude and offensive ….. but so far nothing ……..

In case you haven’t heard what happened and given the ratings at CNBC and the ratings for Matthews’ program, I’m guessing most of you have not heard, the following is a summary of what transpired ….

From: Newsvine – Chris Matthews on Obama: ‘I forgot he was black’

NEW YORK — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says President Barack Obama has done so much to heal racial divisions that he “forgot he was black” while watching his State of the Union address.

Those four words — “forgot he was black” — so instantly set the Twitter world afire that Matthews came back less than 90 minutes later Wednesday night to explain what he meant.

The MSNBC commentator said it was noteworthy to him that a black president was addressing a room of mostly white people and how it didn’t seem to be an issue. He said he saw it in the context of growing up at a time racial divisions were ever-present.

Says Matthews: “I went in the room tonight, you could feel it wasn’t there tonight and that takes leadership on his part, to get us beyond those divisions.”

Matthews is utterly clueless and the liberal media are wrong to give him a pass on these comments. Maybe you can blame this ultra-liberals racism on the generation he was born in – but I think not …. whatever – Matthews comments are inexcusable, excusable in that he should suffer the consequences for his comments …. certainly he can be forgiven – however, he should also suffer some consequences (read punishment) as this was not an isolated event  ….  Mathews needs to undertsand their are consequences for ones  actions ……. An explanation is not what was needed and an apology alone, at this point in time, is not enough ….

MSNBC needs to suspend Matthews for a month or two.

This is not Mathew’s first “faux pas”  …..

Matthews apologizes for `enemy camp’ remark

NEW YORK — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews apologized on Wednesday for saying that President Barack Obama had traveled to an “enemy camp” at West Point to address the nation on the war in Afghanistan.

The pundit had made the remark Tuesday during on-air analysis of Obama’s speech, noting that he saw skepticism and little enthusiasm in the faces of cadets and officers at the U.S. military academy, a place where former President Bush made a hawkish speech in 2002 before the Iraq War started.

“I didn’t see a lot of warmth in the crowd out there,” he said. “He went to maybe the enemy camp … to make his case.”

Matthews said on his show Wednesday that he had gotten “some very tough calls” from former cadets and parents of cadets, who told him the audience of military officers and officers-in-training are trained not to show the kind of emotion that he thought was lacking. He said he had no reason to assume that those in Obama’s audience were more hawkish on the war than the president.

“I’ve heard too many politicians say, `Oh, that was taken out of context,’ to explain something they wish they hadn’t sent,” he said. “Let me just say to the cadets and their parents, former cadets and everyone who cares about this country and those who defend it, I used the wrong words and, worse than that, I said something that is just not right and for that I deeply apologize.”

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews explains ‘Oh God’ remark

NEW YORK — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said he was surprised by the “peculiar stagecraft” of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s response to President Barack Obama’s speech to Congress, leading him to quietly say “Oh God” as Jindal approached a microphone.

The remark inspired a brief Internet guessing game about who had said it and questions about whether someone at MSNBC was mocking the Republican governor.

Matthews: I Wronged Clinton With Remark

NEW YORK — With protests rumbling, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said Thursday that he was wrong to say last week that the reason Hillary Clinton is a senator and a candidate for president “is that her husband messed around.”

Matthews discussed those remarks at the opening of his show “Hardball” Thursday, the same day feminist leader Gloria Steinem and the heads of four prominent women’s groups complained in a letter to his boss that Matthews had shown a pattern of sexism.

Had a conservative commentator made even one of these remarks there would have been a firestorm of protest calling for their dismissal.

Conservative or liberal, it doesn’t matter, any commentator with this track record should be disciplined.

It is well past time for MSNBC to give Matthews a “time out”, he should be sent to a corner and told to think about his actions …….. ultimately, it may simply be time for Mathews to retire ……. his tirades, rooted in a long forgotten 60’s liberaism, are out of touch and out of date ……

Matthews is a victim of his era …. not its champion.

Racist, offensive and irrelevant – an embarrassing combination.

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