$840 Million Of $1 Billion In “Green Stimulus” Spending Sent Overseas – 3000 Jobs Created in China – 300 In US

Note the following from Liberal Democratic Senator Charles E Schumer

November 05, 2009

Schumer takes aim at Texas wind farm


Sen. Charles E. Schumer on Thursday moved to block the federal government from doling economic stimulus dollars to a $1.5 billion dollar wind farm planned for west Texas because it will rely on turbines manufactured in China.

Under the $787 billion economic stimulus package enacted in February, the group is eligible to seek a federal grant paying for 30 percent of certain costs on the planned 648-megawatt wind farm. Although the project is expected to involve 2,000 to 3,000 manufacturing jobs in China, Schumer said it would create just a little over 300 in the U.S.

Although Schumer singled out the Texas wind project Thursday, he said he was concerned that about 84 percent of the more than $1 billion in stimulus grants doled out by the Energy Department has gone to foreign companies. (or 84 cents out of every dollar)

Schumer said the spending pattern is helping create jobs overseas, therefore running counter to the stimulus package’s goals of spurring an economic recovery within the U.S. And, he said, when the grant money flows outside U.S. borders that undercuts Congress’ goals of spurring domestic manufacturing jobs and plants for emerging alternative energy technologies.


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