Health Care Reform: Dems Defeat Amendment to Guarantee American’s Right To Keep Existing Insurance Policy

Senator Orin Hatch, Utah, made the following comments prior to submitting the following list of proposed amendments to the Health Care reform Act:

Hatch believes we should “do exactly what American families are demanding – step back, take a deep breath and start over on a truly bipartisan bill,” he filed numerous amendments in hopes to protect middle class families from tax increases, ensure continued access to quality care for seniors, promote prudent and proven tort reform, and stop out of control government spending. 

Hatch’s amendments include:

– An amendment to exempt any middle-class American family from tax increases of any kind in this bill.

An amendment to stop the implementation of the bill if more than 1,000,000 Americans lose their current health care coverage because of the bill.

– An amendment to prohibit federal health care funds from being spent on abortions.

– An amendment to restore and protect the Medicare Advantage Program, which is enjoyed by almost 10 million seniors

– An amendment to reign in trial lawyer awards in health care lawsuits.

– An amendment to preserve health flexible savings accounts — accounts which millions of Americans use to pay for health care services.

– An amendment to strike the new taxes being imposed on medical devices such as hospital beds and hearing aids, which will simply be passed on to American families.

– An amendment to protect tax payer dollars and prohibit funding in the bill from going to groups such as ACORN.

Hatch was one of the original members of the “Gang Of Seven”, working towards a bi-partisan health care reform, however, Hatch left the group in July, saying “Democratic leadership did not give Democrats enough flexibility to seek true compromise.”

Hatch complained Tuesday that the bill “contains almost $350 billion in new taxes on American families and businesses. This at a time when we are facing some of the toughest economic conditions our nation has ever seen.”


That is correct, Democrats rejected an amendment that would guarantee that Amewricans could keep the policy they currently have and that “if” the proposed health care reform would result in more than 1 Million Americans being forced to give up their current Health Care plan, implementation of the reforms would be blocked. THIS AMENDMENT WOULD BE CONSISTENT WITH THE PRESIDENT’S REPEATED PLEDGE THAT NO ONE WOULD BE FORCED TO GIVE UP THEIR CURRENT POLICY ….. Why then did the Democrats vote down this Amendment?

Answer: Even at this early stage three of the President’s “promises” are being ignored and broken. 1) Medicare is being cut. 2). Seniors are being forced out of Medicare Advantage – 20 Million Seniors will lose that coverage – a coverage many seniors living in rural areas are dependent on and 3). The plan is not deficit nutral – that is why the Democrats also voted to proceed to a final vote before the bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office can score the “true cost” of the final bill once it is drafted.

Why rush? Why not take the time and read the bill and get a final “projected” price tag before you force this mess upon the taxpayers. The Democrats also voted to  proceed to a final vote before the final bill is printed and placed on-line.

Just like with the other hugh spending bills – the Dmeocarts want to pass legislation in the dark of night, with as little transparency as possible.

Is this so they can later claim, “I don’t know what was in the bill, I didn’t have time to read it”. On a party line vote the Democrats voted down amendments to require that the CBO cost analysis and final draft of the bill be placed on line for 72 hours, prior to the final vote. A mere 72 hours. Just 3 days. What is the rush?

President Obama made a campaign pledge that in his Administration all legislation would be available on line for review by the American people, for 5 DAYS, before a final vote. 5 days not 3.

Isn’t this Presdient’s word worth anything?

“5 days”, transparency, “you can keep your policy”, “no abortion funding”, “deficit neutral”, “no medicare cuts” ………. wow, zero for 6!

Contact your elected officials today:

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