Start Up Auto Maker Receives $528 Million Dollar Loan From US Taxpayers – To Build Vehicles In Finland

WASHINGTON – Fisker Automotive, a California manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles, will receive more than $500 million in federal loans to develop a plug-in hybrid sports car with a sticker price of nearly $90,000.

(Fisker Automotive, a California Company, is backed by former VP and current environmental huckster Al Gore.)

Fisker, launched in 2007, is expected to release its first vehicle, the Karma, in the summer of 2010. The $87,900 plug-in luxury sports sedan, which has solar panels on the roof and allows motorists to drive gas-free for 50 miles (80 kilometers), will be built in Finland by Valmet Automotive.


The 5 Health Care Promises Obama Won’t Keep – From CBS News/NY Times/Politico


On the campaign trail last year, President Obama laid out several specific promises for health care — both during the Democratic primaries and during the general election campaign. And in his first year in office, President Obama has made comprehensive health care reform the centerpiece of his domestic agenda.

But what happened to those promises?

1. No Individual Mandate   (Long gone ……),  2. Complete Transparency – Candidate Obama promised that health care deliberations with Congress and special interests would be transparent to the extreme. (Democrats have now voted against posting the final bill along with the CBO cost estimate for 72 hours before a final vote). 3. Enable the Government to Directly Negotiate Drug Prices. 4. Allow Drug Importation, Drug prices and importation went out the window when Obama cut a “bcak room dela” with drug makers for cash that is being used to run the current “pro-reform” commercials. 5. Lower Premiums by $2,500 for a Family of Four, a real laugher –

CBS states the following – “If you’ve got health insurance through your employer, you can keep your health insurance, keep your choice of doctor, keep your plan,” Mr. Obama said in his Oct. 15, 2008 debate against McCain. “The only thing we’re going to try to do is lower costs so that those cost savings are passed onto you. And we estimate we can cut the average family’s premium by about $2,500 per year.”  “recent studies also dispute whether Mr. Obama’s cost saving mechanisms will work.”, “Although different types of preventive care have different effects on spending, the evidence suggests that for most preventive services, expanded utilization leads to higher, not lower, medical spending overall,” CBO Director Doug Elmendorf,

“the health care legislation coming out of the Senate Finance Committee could even actually result in higher premiums for customers — the insurance industry is threatening that the $6 billion industry-wide fee and other taxes Sen. Baucus has proposed will be passed on to consumers.”  (citing the NY Times – another conservative publication –  

More Unknowns

consumers will face what would amount to a tax on their health benefits. During the campaign, Mr. Obama adamantly opposed taxing health care benefits, but Baucus’ bill in the Senate would impose a tax on insurers for plans worth more than $8,000. The president endorsed this proposal during his speech to a joint session of Congress this month, even though nonpartisan analysis suggests the intent of the tax is to shift people to cheaper plans.                                                                                                                                                                                         (Citing a Politico article here: )

Read the whole CBS article here:

To these 5 broken promises you can add: 6). The plan will be deficit neutral, 7). That you can keep your current plan – read the Politico article which admits that the intended result is to “shift” those with “comprehensive”, “cadillac plans” to “cheaper” plans with the “saved” money be shifted to those currently without coverage, 8) there will be no cuts in medicare (say good bye to “Medicare Advantage”, it won’t be cut – it will be eliminated), 9). Federal Funding of Abortion – a dozen amendments have been offerred specifically stating that prohibition of Federal Funding of abortion will be extended to this reform – the Dems have voted down each and every amendment.

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Dems Reject Health Care Amendment To Prevent Federal Funding Of Abortion



WASHINGTON – A Senate committee today narrowly defeated Sen. Orrin Hatch’s amendment to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee’s health care reform bill to prohibit federal dollars from being used to fund abortions except in cases of rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother.

Hatch (R-Utah) was dismayed by the HELP Committee’s 12-11 vote against his amendment to the proposed Affordable Health Choices Act.

“The right to life is a fundamental value cherished by most Americans, regardless of their political affiliation,” said Hatch, a member of the HELP Committee. “Yet unless abortion is specifically excluded from this bill, the secretary of Health and Human Services could mandate coverage of abortion, arguing it is an ‘essential health care benefit’ and is ‘necessary for meeting minimum qualifying coverage.’ ”

Last week, the HELP Committee adopted language to require “essential community providers,” which includes abortion providers, to be included in health insurance networks. While Hatch was assured that amendment, which defines Planned Parenthood clinics as “essential community providers,” would not require insurance plans to cover abortion, he wanted language in the bill to ensure that did not happen.

“That is why today’s vote is so puzzling,” Hatch said. “If last week’s amendment does not sanction taxpayer-funded abortions, as its proponents have said, then why strike down an amendment to ensure that it doesn’t? That is hardly reassuring to Americans who believe in the sanctity of human life.”

Read what the Pro-Abortion site NARAL’s www.prochoice had to say about the vote and compare NARAL’s comments to the President’s:


Can’t we trust the Presdient at his word?

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Health Care Reform: Dems Defeat Amendment to Guarantee American’s Right To Keep Existing Insurance Policy

Senator Orin Hatch, Utah, made the following comments prior to submitting the following list of proposed amendments to the Health Care reform Act:

Hatch believes we should “do exactly what American families are demanding – step back, take a deep breath and start over on a truly bipartisan bill,” he filed numerous amendments in hopes to protect middle class families from tax increases, ensure continued access to quality care for seniors, promote prudent and proven tort reform, and stop out of control government spending. 

Hatch’s amendments include:

– An amendment to exempt any middle-class American family from tax increases of any kind in this bill.

An amendment to stop the implementation of the bill if more than 1,000,000 Americans lose their current health care coverage because of the bill.

– An amendment to prohibit federal health care funds from being spent on abortions.

– An amendment to restore and protect the Medicare Advantage Program, which is enjoyed by almost 10 million seniors

– An amendment to reign in trial lawyer awards in health care lawsuits.

– An amendment to preserve health flexible savings accounts — accounts which millions of Americans use to pay for health care services.

– An amendment to strike the new taxes being imposed on medical devices such as hospital beds and hearing aids, which will simply be passed on to American families.

– An amendment to protect tax payer dollars and prohibit funding in the bill from going to groups such as ACORN.

Hatch was one of the original members of the “Gang Of Seven”, working towards a bi-partisan health care reform, however, Hatch left the group in July, saying “Democratic leadership did not give Democrats enough flexibility to seek true compromise.”

Hatch complained Tuesday that the bill “contains almost $350 billion in new taxes on American families and businesses. This at a time when we are facing some of the toughest economic conditions our nation has ever seen.”


That is correct, Democrats rejected an amendment that would guarantee that Amewricans could keep the policy they currently have and that “if” the proposed health care reform would result in more than 1 Million Americans being forced to give up their current Health Care plan, implementation of the reforms would be blocked. THIS AMENDMENT WOULD BE CONSISTENT WITH THE PRESIDENT’S REPEATED PLEDGE THAT NO ONE WOULD BE FORCED TO GIVE UP THEIR CURRENT POLICY ….. Why then did the Democrats vote down this Amendment?

Answer: Even at this early stage three of the President’s “promises” are being ignored and broken. 1) Medicare is being cut. 2). Seniors are being forced out of Medicare Advantage – 20 Million Seniors will lose that coverage – a coverage many seniors living in rural areas are dependent on and 3). The plan is not deficit nutral – that is why the Democrats also voted to proceed to a final vote before the bi-partisan Congressional Budget Office can score the “true cost” of the final bill once it is drafted.

Why rush? Why not take the time and read the bill and get a final “projected” price tag before you force this mess upon the taxpayers. The Democrats also voted to  proceed to a final vote before the final bill is printed and placed on-line.

Just like with the other hugh spending bills – the Dmeocarts want to pass legislation in the dark of night, with as little transparency as possible.

Is this so they can later claim, “I don’t know what was in the bill, I didn’t have time to read it”. On a party line vote the Democrats voted down amendments to require that the CBO cost analysis and final draft of the bill be placed on line for 72 hours, prior to the final vote. A mere 72 hours. Just 3 days. What is the rush?

President Obama made a campaign pledge that in his Administration all legislation would be available on line for review by the American people, for 5 DAYS, before a final vote. 5 days not 3.

Isn’t this Presdient’s word worth anything?

“5 days”, transparency, “you can keep your policy”, “no abortion funding”, “deficit neutral”, “no medicare cuts” ………. wow, zero for 6!

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