Pelosi’s Trojan Horse For Government Run Health Care – The Health Care “Tiggers”

I’m insulted.

Just how stupid do the Democrats think I am?

Pelosi and her Health Care Triggers?

The Democrats are now pushing for a “back door” way to force “Government Run” or “Public Option Heath Care” on America when we don’t want it.

The Democrats simply refuse to listen to the overwhelming majority of American People.  

The Democrats less than honest plan?

Pelosi and the Democrats will set arbitrary goals for the health care industry and insurance companies to meet.

Arbitrary goals in cost reduction and reductions in the numbers of uninsured.

Fail to meet those numbers or goals and we will jump in and force Government Run Health Care on the American People.

What the hell are they thinking? We are not that stupid.

How the hell will any of these “numbers” be met when the Democarts keep making up the numbers anyway.

Example: The Dems claim there are 47 million uninsured. The Congressional Budget Office states that some number under 14 million are uninsured. Whose number do we use? Who gets to “certify the count”? 

Do they really think we are that stupid?

Lets suppose the impossible happens and all 14 million of the unninsured are added to the rolls of the insured. (Impossible? Not all of the 14 million want to buy insurance and if they are not forced, against their will, to do so, I wouldn’t assume they will voluntarily change their minds and buy insuarnce). But lets assume all 14 million obtain coverage. Won’t Pelosi and her crew claim that their are still “34 million uninsured”? (Subtracting 14 million from the bogus number of 47 million, leaves us with 34 million fictious uninsured. )

As to cost reductions, Pelosi and her crew steadfastly refuse to consider any type of meaningful reform to reduce expenses or allow reductions in cost so that the price of insurance can go down.

Talking about the party of “NO”, the Democarts have said “NO” to over 800 amendments offered by Repbulicans to this Health Care initaitive. 800 amendments and the Democrats couldn’t find even a dozen to agree with.

Who is saying no to change – Who is saying “NO” we won’t listen to the American People.  

Many of these amendments have overwhelming, bi-partisan, public support.

Key suggestions the the Democrats refuse to consider:

1). TORT REFORM. Heaven forbid that the country stop spending nearly 20 cents of every health care dollar on defending senseless lawsuits or in practicing defensive medicine. The Democrats gotta keep that moneuy flowing to their Trial Lawyer buddies. The problem runs through the Democartic party all the way down to its roots.  John Edwards is a classic example – pursuing and frequently winning “unwinable lawsuits”. Why do you think they are called unwinable lawsuits unwinable? Because in a just system – the Plaintiff shouldn’t win a dime.

2) Stop providing “free” benefits to those here illegally. 15 cents of every health care dollar goes to care for the illegals who  Speaker Pelosi called “patriotic” for violating US laws to enter this Country without the approval of the US Immgration Department. Lets take care of the people who are here leagally and who have paid into the system first. Don’t cut benefits for our retirees to pay for those here illegally. The Democrats will tell you this is unamerican – well 80% of America favors such a course of action.

3) Allow Insurers to market health insurance the way auto insurance companies do – accross state lines and with “national” health care insurance products. We have all heard the young business woman speak out at the “Town Hall Meeting” in California where she has only 6 health care insurance companies to choose from – 1300 health care companies conduct business in the US and she has 6 to choose from. The Democrats have restricted access to insurance for decades to benefit there buddies in the industry and wonder why we don’t have competition. 

Don’t think that the Democrats really support competition – what they really want is a “Single Payor”, “Government Run” and “Government Rationed” health care system. There can be no competition under such a business model – what they give you and what you pay for it is Government determined. No compeition, no choices.

4). Continue the current Federal prohibition on using taxpayer money to fund abortions. On 8 spearate occassions amendments have been offered to add specific language to the Health Care bill to make sure the American people will not be asked to foot this type of an expense, an expense that 85% of the American public oppose spending Taxpayer money on. That is right – 85%. There are few issues where Americans agree in such large numbers. The Democrats have turned down all 8 amendments. Who is saying “NO”?

Just how stupid do the Democrats think the American people are? Do they think we can’t tell when all they are doing is changing their commercials for the same old product? “Repackaging” they call it.

We, “The People” tell them we don’t want Government Run and rationed health care and what do they do?

Do they start over on their Health care proposals?  No!

Do they look for changes that have bipartisan support? No!

What are they doing? “Repackaging” the same old “Single Payor”, “Government Run & rationed” health care proposals.

Once we figured out that “Single Payor” really meant “government run” and “rationed” health care they tried to repackage the same product as “Co-op” healthcare. Pelosi’s Health Care Triggers are just another way to say, “Okay we won’t force government run and rationed healthcare down your throat today – we will do it in 3 to 5 years”.

What the hell are they thinking. I don’t want the government to run health care or be in charge of denying care ever …. not today, not tommorow and not in 5 years.

I want to see reform, however, under no circumstance do the American people want the Government to run Health Care.

How in the world can you trust people who believe in re-packaging. People who refuse to listen to the voice of the American people.     

Tell your Representatives In Congress we see through the “Health Care Triggers Sham” Pelosi has proposed and that our answer is still NO.

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