Thanks Regular Visitors – 5,000 Vistors A Day Adds Up – 1.5 Million Visitors Todate.

Thank you again.

When I started this blog last fall I didn’t expect 100 visitors a day, I guess I still don’t.

Let me say that I know this is still a small blog, a very small blog ….. but 5,000 visitors a day grows to 150,000 a month and now 10 months later – 1,500,000 visits (a million and half  visits).

I’m stunned.

In case your wondering, this is still a very small blog – the “Big Blogs” get as many visitors in a week as this site has had in 10 months. The mega blogs get that many visits in a day.

I really appreciate all of your comments, however, this blog is a hobby and not a job or a way of life for me.

This Blog isn’t even my favorite hobby.

I simply don’t have the time it would take to review and post more of the comments – my apology. Comments are posted in a semi random manner – provided the comments are on topic and not excessively vulgar.

I won’t be posting comments from the “professional bloggers” – those bloggers working for a fee to get out a poltical message – under the pretense of being members of the general pubic. They have been pretty easy to spot.

If you are regular, you know this site supplies links to my source materials. The “professionals bloggers” ignore the source documents and focus on personal attacks. For them it is all about “spin”, trying to obscure the facts. Unfortunately, I’d guess 2/3 of the comments I receive come from the professionals. When you receive 20 plus commenst, all with similar and unsubstantiated criticisms, using the same phrases and those comments are all received within a 5 minute time span – the activity is coordinated.

I’m sure you’ve seen the same activity at other sites.

In the not so distant past I posted an entry noting how disppointing Obama’s Mortgage Modification Program has been, quoting sources thusly, “The program was touted as intended to help 4 million homeowners”, however, the results todate are very disappointing as some number of mortgages “more than 10,000 but less than 50,000” have been modified in the first 4 months. I received over 120 responses, all received within 30 minutes of “posting”, all claiming, with very similar language, that I was “making the numbers up” while expressing their “unique opinions” on how successful the “program” had been. In fact the “links” in my “post” clearly proved the accuracy of the numbers. The claim that the program was intended to help 4 million mortgage holders was made by – you guessed correctly – Barack Obama, on the day he announced the program to cheers in Phoenix, Arizona. As it turns out more people attended the speech than have had their mortgages modified todate. The estimate that the program has fallen far short of expectations, helping  “more than 10,000 but less than 50,000”, a number far short of the 4 million targeted, came from – a press conference at The Obama White House, where the estimate was supplied by an Obama Staff Member.

It isn’t possible to receive 120 comments claiming the statistics used in the post, statistics which were supplied by the Obama Administration, are inaccurate, without some type of coordinated activity taking place.

I will make an effort to publish more of your comments in the future ….. Thanks again for visiting.

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