Video: Obama Lies To Public Again – Single Payor Health Care – The End Of Private Medical Insurance

Single Payor Health Care – or Government run health care (to the exclusion of “private medical insurance”) is the heath insurance system where the government picks your dotor (and your doctor is employed by the Government), and your hospital (which is a Government owned and operated business – just like the Post Office or IRS), the Government sets limits on how much care you can receive and when you can receive it. It is a system with ever increasing costs and an ever decerasing quality of care ……. a system where patients are denied care when they need it most … a system where medical decisions are based on who you are and how badly underbudgeted the politicians leave the system on a month to month basis ………

Currently 88% of all American CITIZENS have health care insurance. Of the 12% that do not have health insurance, over half refuse to purchase available coverage – most of those are young (18-25) who believe spending the money on health care is foolish as they are “healthy” – a purely personal choice. This Group represents approxiamtely 18 million people. There are others in our society who prefer to spend the money on other items like alcohol, ciagarettes, pot, (only when they can’t get a prescription for medical marijuanna filled at taxpayer expense), coke of meth, again a personal decision. 

Only 6% of Americans use illegal drugs (approximately 18 million Americans),, but that 6% is a disportionate number of the 12% who do not currently have health coverage, repesenting almost 45% of the uninsured. The number of people (12 years old and older)who use illegal drugs in American has declined from a high of 14% in 1979 to slightly under 6% today. 

Another large block of uninsured individuals can be found in the US prison system – 6.7 million to be exact.  It is dishonest for the “single payor” adovates to count these individuals in the ranks of the unisured, as they already benefit from taxpayer paid health care, health care in one of its most expensive forms. California alone spends almost $3 Billion a year in health care in its prison system. No one will argue that prison inmates receive superior health care treatment, but that is certainly what taxpayers are footing the bill for ….. In the Federal Prison System the Government spends $4,412 a year per inmate, almost 150% more than the cost of the average health insurance policy premium in the US.     Is this the model we should adopt?  

An additional problem with health care is the conitnued influx of illegal aleins into tthe US and the resulting cost to American Taxpayers. Did you know that there were an estimated 2.2 Million illegal immigrants in California in 2000. By 2004 the number had grown to 3 million. By some estimates that number has now grown to more than 5 million in California ( 2million in Los Angeles County alone The total number of illegal immigrants in the US was approximated at 11 million in 2005 and is now estimated at more than 20 Million. In 2003 the State of Cailfornia acknowledged that at least 750,000 illegals were enrolled and receiving Medi-Cal (California’s equivalent of Medicaid) at taxpayer expense, not just the expense of California taxpayers, but all US taxpayers as Federal funds are requested to make up for the State shortfalls. It is now estimated that there are at least 2.3 million illegals on on the Medi-Cal rolls in California.  In 2000 this largesse cost the US taxpayers over $1,000,000,000 ($1 Billion) for health care in California alone. The 20 million illegals in this country may account for 1/2 of the uninsured “living in the US” in 2009. Listen to the claims of how many “unisured” there are in the US carefully, does the person say “uninsured citizens” or just “the uninsured” living in the US.

Did you know that when Sacramento County in California tried to eliminate paying for non emergency, non-essential, health care for illegal aliens (paid for by US taxpayers) a law suit was filed. That is right, the same type of medical care every American is expected to pay for ….. 

Obama’s current sales pitch is simply dishonest – listen below to his comments to his Union supporters (Obama has had to change his tactics, not even Union members, who have excellent health care coverage, support the “single payor operation” planned by Obama).

and here:

Isn’t Obama calling for an end to UAW Health Insurance Programs?  What will replace them – Government Run Health Care? 

You can count on one thing – with single payor health care only the wealthy and the politicians in their employ will enjoy the quality of medical care currently available to the vast majority of Americans.

Say goodbye to your freedom, your health and your money ….. Why do the Democrats insist that illegal immigrats receive free medical care at American Taxpayer expense?   

For some additional examples of the burden placed on the US health system by uninsured illegals see:,2933,77833,00.html ,,, ,

Obama Administration Fudges Report On Home Construction

Just another misleading report from thge Obama Administration – have you seen this headline ……

May housing construction jumps by 17.2 percent – I urge you to read the article before it is pulled and dispapears …. The Obama Administration is only interested in “floating” inaccurate reports to foster a false belief in a “phantom economic recovery” – The reports are later “pulled” without explanation or more troubling, correction by the Main Street Media. Here is what the most recent article states,

“Construction of new homes jumped in May by the largest amount in three months, an encouraging sign that the nation’s deep housing recession was beginning to bottom out. The Commerce Department said Tuesday that construction of new homes and apartments jumped 17.2 percent last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 532,000 units. That was better than the 500,000-unit pace that economists had expected and came after construction fell in April to a record low of 454,000 units.”

Can you believe this – 4 falsehoods in one paragraph.

Here are the real stats from an independent source ……. reporting on the same Commerce Department numbers.

“New housing starts dropped significantly in April, 2009 down 54.2 percent from April, 2008. There were only 458,000 homes started in the month. The Commerce Department also is reporting new housing starts dropped to levels not seen since 1959. New building permits, an indicator of future building, were also down. New building permits, which give a sense of future home construction, dropped 3.3 percent to 494,000 units, the lowest since records started in January 1960, from 511,000 units in March. That was well below analysts’ estimates of 530,000 units. Compared to the same period a year-ago, building permits plunged 50.2 percent.

What does this tell US? After an especially dismal March 2008, the experts estimated that anuual housing starts would approach 530,000 in 2009. That “estimate” has now been increased to 532,000 new home starts for all of 2009, a projected  increase of 2000 homes, not the 32,000 homes reported in the 1st article. (The 1st article incorrectly reports that 2009 housing starts had been estimated at 500,00).  For those that are mathmatically challanged, like those in the Obama Administration and the fawning main street media, a 2000 home increase from 530,000 to 532,000 is not a 17.2% increase but is, instead, an increase of just less than 1%. Just like election polls, a 1% change is within the margin of error and means, from a statistical point of view, there has been no meaningful change in the estimated housing starts between April and May of 2009, unless of course, one fudges the numbers.

The 1st article also contains what might be considered a “lie of omission” when it states that the whopping 17.2% increase (that is actually a 1% increase) is the largest increase in the last 3 months. What a whopper. If, in fact there was an increase in housing starts between April and May, that increase would have been the first such increase since the Obama Administation took office.  

Now don’t be foooled by the fact that housing construction increases as the seasons progress from winter to spring to summer. That is not an event related to the economy, that is an event related to the weather. Builders start more homes in the warm weather than in the dead of winter. All of the experts and anyone who has had a home built, knows this. The number to watch is the “total projected” housing starts for the year. That number now stands at 532,000 from the prior number of 530,000. At year end you then go back an examine exactly how many homes were built and sold in 2009. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

You may wonder what this amazing, but statistically insignificant, increase of 2000 means. Well consider this headline from last May, May of 2008. 

Housing Starts Hit 17-Year Low in May  June 17, 2008 7:38 AM CST

In what now appears to be a desperate attempt to reduce available supply by home builders, the Commerce Department reported Tuesday morning that new starts on residential construction fell to their lowest levels in 17 years during May. Privately-owned housing starts registered a seasonally-adjusted annual rate of just 975,000, the lowest level since March 1991 and 3.3 percent below a revised 1.008 million pace recorded for April.

Hmmm …. now lets see, last year represented a 17 year low, however, the “estimateed new housing starts” in May 2008 were 975,000, nearly twice as many as the 532,000 reported for May 2009. Doesn’t that mean we need to increase 2009 housing starts by an additional 443,000, just to tie last year’s 17 year low. 

Touting an “estimated” increase of 2000 housing starts in 2009 would be like the players of last years winless Detroit Lions running off the field proclaiming “I’m going to Disneyland” after a single victory (the slogan is one usually reserved for the Superbowl Champs). If you set your expectations low enough, missing a 17 year low of 975,000 by 433,000 is considered good news    

The extremely anemic “growth” between April and May 2009 occurred despite the highly touted $8,000 tax credit for those who cannot save a down payment on their own ….  or “Sub-Prime II”, the return of the beast that wrecked the mortgage market in the 1st place.  

You should note that the May 2009 “projection” does not take into account the recent and rapid escalation in mortgage interest rates which has occurred as the Government tries to give billions away in mortgage money that it does not have. As the Government tries to “borrow” the money as fast at it “gives it away” we will see an ever increasing level of interests rates and ultimately, inflation. Higher interest rates and inflation will retard future housing starts.  

The latest housing numbers are just another example of “the goodnews” being that the “bad news” isn’t any worse …..

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