ATT/SBC/YAHOO Poll – Obama and the Economy – How Is He Doing?

Obama and the economy Results

Q. The president’s progress with the battered economy has been both praised and criticized. How well are his efforts measuring up with you?

Extremely well. We are undoubtedly moving in the right direction. 17%
Fairly well. There’s still a long way to go. 15%
Not well at all. His plans are hurting more than helping. 65%
Not sure/No opinion. 2%

23,078 votes

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4 Responses

  1. Your polls should only let a email address vote one time.
    If you let anyone vote more than once it is worthless!
    Today’s poll on health care was hacked by someone and screwed it over. Give me a break. It was 77% no all morning then within one hour went the other way to yes in the …. voting racking up hundred within seconds. It does not happen like that.

    McAuley’s World: As the post states – this poll was conducted by ATT/SBC/YAHOO – Of course there are “rigged” polls out there. If Obama/ACORN pay for a poll – do you really think it will have a “fair” result …….. Wake up and smell the coffee. Do you understand there are “professional” bloggers out there – paid to try and monopolize web sites and these polls – search the web for yourself – there are dozens of articles on the topic.

    • Denise,

      All polls contain margin of error. By requiring an e-mail address, the vote is no longer anonymous. Maybe that’s the intention. More ways to know who the “terrorists” are out there. This is an ATT/SBC/Yahoo poll. The same pollsters that gave Obama such mind-numbingly positive results during the primaries and the first quarter. It’s still a free country (so far) and the people who think Obama is doing such a fantastic job can hack the results if they want to with hundreds of votes. Also, it’s pretty easy to generate hundreds of e-mail addresses to use in polls like this.

  2. Why don’t you change the rating above to read the facts? Post the changes once a month or something!
    I just pulled up this poll and it reads 2,908,701 people have voted as follows:
    Extrememly weil 8%
    Fairly well 10%
    Not well at all 80%
    Not sure 2%
    The 80% are all the americans paying for all the “giveaways” and supporting all the illegals and 3rd generation welfare families. The 8 and 10 percent are the illegals and welfare families voting. The other 2% are so rich, they could care less. Why not deport all the illegals and make the welfare families do public service for their “handouts”, which in some cases is more than the workingman gets from working after he pays his federal and state taxes, health insurance, etc.

    McAuley’s World

    Thanks for letting me know Yahoo opened the poll up again – at the time of my original post, Yahoo had stopped accepting votes.

    I might question your analysis abit, however, what you describe is and always has been the basis of politics in the Democratic Party – “How can I buy your vote”. Take health care as an example – the Dems are still claiming they can give everyone evrything for free and while doing so, they won’t raise the deficit. When asked about the $500 Billion dollar reduction in Medicare and Medicciad they response was two fold – 1) Gee I haven’t read the bill, but, I doubt it says that (IT DOES) or 2). Oh, that is such a small cut no one will notice! What a bunch of bunk – 100,000,000 (100 million) older citizens divided into 500 Billion is $5,000 a person. How could you not notice $5,000 a person – will the person be “dead” because Obamacare denied them treatment? Did you know that in Oregon, a state where the Governemnt runs the health care system, they deny people treatment for cancer but offer to “pay to put them to sleep” instead …. today …. in Oregon.

    Healthcare is the first reason Obama’s numbers are down. The second is the economy. Despite all the spin from the White House, the American People can sense the economy is moving in the wrong direction.


  3. I agree with Denise, this isn’t American Idol. If multiple votes are allowed from individual voters, then the vote is worthless as an opinion tool.

    The question is stupid anyway how do you expect Obama to fix the economy in an instant, when it took GW 8 years to F it up.

    Wake up and drink reality repubutards


    LOL – can’t argue with the stats – G.W – had an average Unemployment Rate of 4.8% over his 8 years – that is right, a 4.8% average, less than one half of the current unemployment rate – the economy didn’t tank until the Dems got control of the House of representatives and the Senate. Look to Michigan, another shining example of Democratic Party Governence – where Democratic Governor Granholm, Obama’s economic advisor, ruined the State while she was in office (this is her 7th year) – while Michigan’s Congresional delegation and both Senators are Democratic. Michigan’s demise was led by Granholm’s tax and spend policies which continue today – policies that Obama is trying to implement Nationally.

    Why do you assume there are multiple votes – the problem isn’t in multiple votes, the problem is you don’t like the outcome of the Poll – the Poll is statistically valid ….. too bad OBAMA IS ALIENATING THE IDNEPENDENTS AND CENTRISTS THAT GOT HIM ELECTED – Obama’s slumping numbers have nothing to do with Republicans inflating this polls numbers, your problem its the Independents and Democrats that are abandoning his far left agenda Obama is puching – wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

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