Was VP Biden’s Daughter, Ashley, Filmed Using Cocaine Or Was It A Hoax?

Does it get any sleazier than this.

The New York Post was approached by an Attorney representing an individual who claims to be a “friend” of Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley.

Obviously, this guy and I have differing definitions of what a “friend” is. Mind you I don’t condone drug use … but read on.

The guy’s Attorney approached the New York Times with what has been described as a 43 minute video tape of a woman who they claim is Ashley, at a “party”, snorting cocaine.  Several blogs claim the  tape was shot with a hidden camera.  http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2009/03/exclusive-biden-cocaine-scandal-video-shot-hidden-camera-lawyer-quits 

The Attorney representing the “seller” claims Ashley knew she was being taped. While the Post report offerred no comment in this regard, it would seem that if Ashley’s spokepersons claim that the video was made with a hidden camera, that such a statement would be an admission that the woman in the video was Ashley. No such admission has been made.    


The Post reports that it’s representatives were allowed to view approximately 90 seconds of the tape and that a woman who resembled Ashley Biden used a red straw to “snort” a white powder.

The Post has not confirmed the woman’s identity nor has the white substance been positively identified as cocaine.

The “friend” or individual who approached the Post offered to sell the tape for $2 million dollars. The price of the tape dropped dramatically and accoring to last reports could be had for $400,000.

Ashley Biden is 27 years old and works for a Delaware Child Welfare Agency.

The Post reported that Ashley Biden was arrested in 2002 when, “she was  arrested for yelling at a cop trying to arrest her disorderly friend outside a Chicago club.” The charge was dropped after she made a public apology. http://www.nypost.com/seven/03282009/news/nationalnews/friend_of_bidens_daughter_shopping_tape__161772.htm?page=2

In 1999, when Ashley was a Tulane University Freshman in New Orleans, she was charged with marijuanna possession. Ms Biden’s attorney states the charges were dismissed. The Post reports that the Court file does not contain a “conviction”, whatever that means. No explanation has been presented for why the charges were dropped. http://www.nypost.com/seven/03312009/news/politics/biden_kid_blew_off_pot_arrest_162173.htm

Just goes to show the price of celebrity is high and that bad friends bring bad consequences.

The Police should investigate this incident. If it is a hoax, the perpetrators should be prosecuted. If Ashley knows this isn’t a hoax, I hope she gets into Rehab.

Ashley is certainly lucky she is Joe Biden’s daughter and not Sarah Palin’s. The press would be having a field day if the opposite were the case. Rep. Barney Frank would be calling for a federal investigation into why the pot charges were dropped. Not that Frank is against “smoking pot”, but if this incident involved a Republican’s daughter the Congressional Hearings would already be scheduled.

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