AIG Executives Urged To Donate To Sentaor Dodd In 2006 – Hartford Courant

Former AIG Financial Products CEO Joseph Cassano urged company executives and spouses to donate to U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd as he was in line to take over chairmanship of the critical Senate banking committee in November 2006, a report published today said.

According to the Washington Times, Cassano sent out an e-mail that said: “As he considers running for president in 2008, Senator Dodd has asked us for our support with his re-election campaign and we have offered to be supportive.”

The executives were reportedly asked to write checks for $2,100 from themselves and their spouses, and to send them to Mr. Dodd’s campaign. The Times said the executives were, in turn, supposed to pass the message down the line to senior members of their management teams.

Dodd’s relationship with AIG has come under fire lately following his admission that he had agreed to a loophole in the February stimulus bill that paved the way for AIG to pay some $165 million in so-called retention bonuses.,0,7052877.story

The Myth Of Global Warming – Attacking Global Warmings 5 Commandments

The Five Things You Need To Know About The Global Warming Myth

1).  Carbon Dioxide, CO2, is not a pollutant. Carbon Dioxide is a naturally occurring element in our atmosphere. Carbon Dioxide is no more a pollutant that say, oxygen or nitrogen. Without CO2 there would be no life on earth.  . Carbon Dioxide is the food which keeps plants alive. Through photosynethsis plants transform CO2 into plant food. Oxygen is produced as a waste product. All living things are dependent on this ”Cycle”. 

Carbon Dioxide is called a “green house gas” because it allows visable light to pass through while it absorbs infrared and near infrared rays.  

The human body produces CO2 naturally. The Human Respiration System is the system that controls the exchange of oxygen for CO2 in the Human Body. Everytime you breath out you are exhaling CO2.

Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. Carbon Dioxide is a natural atmospheric element. All life on earth is dependent on CO2. Without CO2 there would be no life on earth. Compared to past history, the Earth’s atmosphere is currently CO2 “impoverished”.

2). Even at present levels, Carbon Dioxide is a trace gas. Current CO2 levels are only a small fraction of previous CO2 levels on earth and CO2 represents less than 1/2 of one percent of the atmosphere.

The CO2 content in the atmosphere is measured in terms of CO2 parts per million (ppm) by volume. At present the globally averaged concentration of CO2 is stated as 387 PPM.  For every million parts (1,000,000,000 parts) in the atmosphere 387 of those parts is CO2.  There has been an increase in CO2 levels over the past 50 years from 320 PPM to today’s 387 PPM, an increase of 67 PPM.  

The CO2 level today, 387 PPM, can be compared to with a level of  8000 PPM (20X todays levels) 500 million years ago or CO2 levels of 2000 – 3000 PPM (5 to 6 times todays levels) during the Jurasic Period, when the Great Dinosaurs roamed the earth.

During the ice ages CO2 levels fell to between 200PPM and 280 PPM. During interglacial periods the CO2 Level has been measured at between 280 – 310 PPM. One does not need a calculator to see that current CO2 levels are much nearer to those recorded during the Ice Age and interglacial periods than that time when Earth’s great green forests were first formed. CO2 is essential for plant life and growth. 

In a longer historical context – Earth’s current CO2 Levels are quite low.

In fact, in Earth’s entire history there have only been two prior periods where CO2 levels were this low, . ,   ”Today, at 370 PPM our atmosphere is CO2-impoverished” climate.html . “So far the signal of a discernible human contribution to global climate change has not emerged from this natural variability or background noise.”

“Without the warming caused by natural levels of CO2 and water vapor in our atmosphere, the average surface temperature of our planet would be well below freezing.” 

3). Human’s produce a very small percentage of  the CO2 found in the Atmosphere:

Over 95% of total CO2 emissions would occur even if humans were not present on Earth. For example, the natural decay of organic material in forests and grasslands, such as dead trees, results in the release of about 220 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide every year. This carbon dioxide alone is over 8 times the amount emitted by humans. There are many other sources of CO2 in the Earth’s atmopshere. 

The Earth’s Oceans contain 50 times more CO2 than the atmosphere. , .

If 5% of todays CO2 is produced by human activity (95% would occur if no humans existed on the planet) then a simple calculation will provide us with an absolute figure for Human CO2 production. 387 PPM CO2 x 5% = 19.35 PPM.

How does this compare to the Earth’s total atmosphere?

Well for every 1 Million (1,000,000) parts of atmosphere, there are Seven Hundred Eighty One Thousand (781,000) parts Nitrogen, Two Hundred Ten Thousand (210,000) parts Oxygen, Nine Thousand Parts (9,000) Argon and Three Hundred Eighty Seven Parts (387) CO2. All other gases account for the remaining 500 plus parts. 

Total CO2 presence in the atmosphere represents less than 4/10 of 1 percent. (CO2 is less than half of one percent of the atmosphere – If the atmosphere were a $100 dollar bill – all the CO2 in the atmosphere would cost 40 cents). . Man made CO2 represents 1/20th of that amount or 2 cents out of a $100 Dollar Bill.  

I asked a scientific friend to help me conceptualize this amount with an everyday example. Just how big is the total contribution of manmade CO2 to the Earth’s atmosphere? The friend couldn’t remember where he first heard this comparison, so I cannot provide a site, he didn’t want to take personal credit, but here goes; “Imagine a Farmer’s field 100 miles long and 100 miles wide. It is filled with corn. A mouse sitting in the middle of the field farts.” Ask yourself, “Will the fart affect the crop?” As much as manmade CO2 affects our global temperatures. 

4). Temperature Impacts CO2 Level   –  CO2 levels do not drive Temperature Change

First, CO2 levels rise and fall with the seasons or time of day. CO2 levels rise in the Autumn and Winter as green plants go dormant or die. The plants cease to “process” CO2 as part of their food chain. In the spring and summer CO2 levels fall as these same plants come back to life and consume CO2 in photosyntesis. Likewise CO2 levels fluctuate in the night and day.

Read:  Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science, MIT

CO2 levels follow changes in temperature, not the other way around.,Temperaturesandiceages-f.pdf .

“ There is, overall, a good match between temperature and CO2 and temperature. One important piece of information that can be determined from ice core data is whether changes in temperature follow or proceed changes in CO2.” “Changes in temperature precede changes in CO2″ ,

First, the total increaase in Global Temperatures over the last 100 years is ……….  7/10s of one degree. That is right, total Global warming over the Century is less than 1 degree.  During that same century the Sun’s measurable intensity or heat has increased.  

“Actual climate history shows no such correlation (that CO2 caused an increase in temperature) and there is no compelling evidence that the recent rise in temperature was caused by CO2.                                                                                 

Numerous papers published in major peer-reviewed scientific journals shows the Sun is the primary driver of climate change. , , ,

5). Current Global Warming trends are neither catastrophic nor are they unusual given the Earth’s very recent past.

Global Warming Alarmists state that man made CO2 is responsible for what is becoming a catastrophic increase in Global temperatures. (You know the 1 degree increase in the last century).

Science has told us for decades (decades prior to the Global Warming Alarmist taking the stage) that earth’s last ice age (referred to as the “little ice age”) began sometime near the year 1400 and lasted until approximately 1860.  This “little ice age” was responsible for disasters like the “Irish Potato Famine”. The end of the “little ice age” was not preceeded by an increase in CO2 levels. Other natural causes were responsible for the “global warming” which followed the end of the “little ice age” and continues to this date. ,

During the Middle Ages (1066 – 1485) a time that saw the Norman’s conquest of England, King Richard The Lion Hearted, The Crusades – all 7 of them, the Early Italian Renaissance – a period of time long before the  ”Industrial Revolution”, mankind contributed very little to Global CO2 levels. The Middle Ages were a period of global warming that exceeds the global warming of today. Yes, temperatures were higher than they are now, significantly higher. , ,

“A review of more than 240 scientific studies has shown that today’s temperatures are neither the warmest nor are they producing the most extreme conditions, in stark contrast to the claims of the environmentalists. The findings prove that the world had a medieval warm period between the ninth and 14th centuries, with world temperatures significantly higher than today’s. They also confirm claims that a little Ice Age set in about 1300, during which the world cooled dramatically. Since 1900, the world has begun to warm up, but has still to reach the balmy temperatures of the Middle Ages.  The end of the little Ice Age is significant because it implies that the records used by climate scientists (THE ALARMISTS) date from when the Earth was relatively cold, thereby exaggerating the significance of today’s temperature rise. According to the researchers, the evidence confirms suspicions that today’s alleged “unprecedented” temperatures are simply the result of examining temperature change over too short a period.

The Global Warming Alarmists have choosen the end of the “little ice age” to begin their temperature measurements and comparisons. By choosing the coldest period in Earth’s history over the last 10,000 years, the Alarmists are assured of finding data that will show a warming trend. But the warming trend is not unusual when compared to all of Earth’s prior warming trends.

 Philip Stott, emeritus professor of bio-geography at the University of London, said: “What has been forgotten in all the discussion about global warming is a proper sense of history.” , , , ,

If mankind were to cease all economic production and cease buring all carbon fuels, at best, a 2% reduction in CO2 levels could be had. Additional reductions from manking would need to involve an end to “respiration” – manking would need to stop breathing. Having achieved these miniscule reductions, at fantastic cost and loss of personal freedom, nature could, in the bat of an eye, dramatically reverse any man made reduction. You see, temperature drives the CO2 level, CO2 levels do not drive temperature. ,

Recent studies call into question wether Global Warming is continuing – the studies refute the wild claims concerning the amount of  ”warming” that occurred in the 1990’s. Even the ultra-green “Discovery Channel” has noted studies which indicate “global warming” is on “hold” and may not reappear for decades. That “Global Temperatures have flatlined since 2001″.

The Boston Globe has asked, “Where is the Global Warming?”, before noting, “But for many people, the science of climate change is not nearly as important as the religion of climate change. When Al Gore insisted yet again at a conference last Thursday that there can be no debate about global warming, he was speaking not with the authority of a man of science, but with the closed-minded dogmatism of a religious zealot. Dogma and zealotry have their virtues, no doubt. But if we want to understand where global warming has gone, those aren’t the tools we need.”


The Auto Bailouts: Mr Obama We Know Double Talk When We Hear It

Let me refresh your memory.

Immediately after the Banks received a “bailout” last fall the Automakers and the UAW went to Washington begging for tax dollars. Seems the Automakers and the Unions couldn’t run their business successfully so they needed Tax Payer money to foot the bill for their failed business model. High labor costs  and crappy cars are a bad business mix.

Congress waffled and the Companies and Union were sent packing. They were told to go home. Review your business plan because it doesn’t work. Fix your business plan and come back and we will see if  we can do something for you.

The UAW came back with the Automakers. They had no new plan. They had reached no agreements. They had fixed nothing and they had changed nothing. This was their second trip.

What happened? You already know. A temporary loan was given to the bums. “Temporary Loan” is Washington double-talk for “bailout”. A nearly $8 Billion dollar bailout. The Automakers and the UAW were told – now look – this is your last chance – go back and devsie a business plan that will, at some date certain in the future, provide a road map for you to be “viable” or “profitable”. Don’t dare come back without a “viable” business plan.

The bums rerturned – again they had no plan – no concessions and no clue how to get to be viable. Washington responded with additional cash (an additional $9 Billion) and an additional admonition – don’t come back without a plan or well will make you repay the money immediately. You have until the end of March.

Remember, we will see you in March 2009 and if you don’t have a viable business plan, we will call your loans and direct you to Bankruptcy Reorganization.

Before the UAW and the Automakers can return to Washington with a “plan” – Washington volunteers an additional $5 Billion in cash – not directly to the Automakers but indirectly – Washington will pay $5 Billion in Automakers debts to “Parts Suppliers”. Washington tells the American Taxpayer – “Oh, that money isn’t automaker bailout money. It went to part suppliers”. Just how stupid do they think we are. The fact that $5 Billion of the Automakers debts were paid kept their lights on until they could return to Washington. If the Government had not paid those “Part Suppliers” debts – the Automakers would have run out of Bailout cash in early February, a month before the schedulked return to Washington – Obama could not have that happen.    

Now it is March and here comes the Automakers and the UAW. A fourth trip to Waashington. Still there is no plan. There have been no concessions, just tentative agreements. Independant Financial Analysts report neither GM nor Chrysler are “viable”, ongoing, concerns.

Obama’s Auto Task Force agrees. GM and Chrysler are not viable. The Task Force needs to be renamed, The Auto Bailout Task Force.

So what happens next. What we knew would happen all along. (See: where this was predicted) .

GM and Chrysler get the cash without having plans. The automakers get additional time to complete the job they have not been able to complete during the last 15 years – to find a way to compete globally and do so at a profit.

The American Taxpayer is on the hook again. Billions in additional auto bailouts. (Washington won’t even specifiy how mush more they have agreed to spend – just “all necessary operating cash”).

As to Chrysler and Obama’s proposal – the American Taxpayer will underwrite Chrysler’s ongoing operations until Chrysler and  Fiat finalize a partnership agreement. Such an agreement is guaranteed. Why do I say that? See: where the preliminary Fiat/Chrysler agreement is reviewed. The US Taxpayer will provide Fiat with between $6 Billion and $20 Billion in cash to take Chrysler over. Fiat brings no cash to the table at present. Within 12 months Fiat will be allowed to “buy” a controlling interest in Chrysler for $25 Million Dollars. ($10 cents for every US Taxpayer dollar invested in this scheme). Fiat is under no obligation to keep Chrysler operational. Just like Daimler, Fiat can walk away at anytime. Fiat can pick up $6 Billion  to $20 Billion for agreeing to payout $25 Million for a controlling stake in Chrysler. I’m sure the Fiat Attorneys can structure a deal that protects Fiat from assuming Chrysler’s legacy costs.  

As to GM. The same old, same old. More operating cash. Why isn’t this company simply referred to bankruptcy re-organization where it belongs.

Mr Obama made some additional announcements. Some of those commenst are absolutely shocking. Not unexpected, but shocking.

Fisrt, the American Taxpayer will now be on the hook for “warranty repair costs” for all GM or Chrysley Cars sold this year. All of the unemployed, all of the middle class workers who don’t buy new cars and don’t have the luxury of a new car warranty, the workers who struggle to pay for the repairs to their own autos will now be on the hook to pay for other people’s auto repairs. Billions in hidden costs to the American Taxpayer’s to back New Car Warranties. MR OBAMA YOU ARE SIMPLY OUT OF TOUCH.

Mr Obama also said that the UAW and its workers have no blame in this mess. The rest of America knows otherwise. Hell, a significant number of UAW members will even admit this. The UAW has a great deal of blame. The majority of the blame, as a matter of fact.   

Mr Obama – UAW workers were responsible for the demise of “Quality” in the American auto industry. I don’t want to hear how great GM and Chrysler cars are today. All your political spin aside that is a proposition in serious question. The Amercian Public questions that claim and perception is reality in the sales business.

The UAW and its leaders are responsible for the outrageous contracts and salaries paid to UAW workers. Even when one uses the UAW estimate for the wages and benefits paid to UAW workers it is apparent that those workers earn $150,000 per year with overtime. ( . That is an amount equal to 3 times the median salary in this Country. If workers are making 3 times as much as their neighbors, how do you expect their neighbors to afford the products they produce.

The UAW is primarily responsibe for the fact that the  American Auto Manufacturers have never saved enough from the profits in the good times to weather the bad times. Billions upon Billions were paid out as bonuses to the UAW when the Automakers were profitable. The UAW opposed saving for a “rainy day” with labor strike after labor strike.

Just 1 year ago today (March 2008)  long after this recession had started, the UAW workers went on strike, shutting numerous auto plants in the US andd Canada. Neither the UAW Leadership nor the workers believed the proven facts – the Amercian Auto Inductry was on the brink of bankruptcy – in fact they were already bankrupt – the just had not run out of cash. When presented with the “facts” the UAW Leadership failed to lead  the UAW Leadership encouraged the strikes. Now how is it that the UAW is blameless. , , , , ,

Mr Obama claims the Government has no interest in running GM. What Bull Shit! The President fired the GM Chairman and his Auto Task Force will develop the so called “restructuring plan” for GM and Chrysler. Unnamed Administration Officails have also stated that GM’s Board of Dircetors will be replaced. What else do you need to do to “run a company”. (By the way, former GM Chairman, Rick Wagoner, will leave with a $20 Million plus Golden Parachute – True, he worked for GM for 40 years – but $20 Million? How long will it be before Obama claims he did not know about this severance package?).   

Mr Obama – why was the UAW President, Ron Gettlefinger, left in place?  If it takes “two to tango” – Gettlefinger was Wagoner’s dance partner. Just another Uni0n Pay Off, Mr Obama?

The next political election may be 20 months off – but American’s can vote before then. Just don’t buy GM or Chrysler. The Political Polls have been telling Washington that very fact for months. 80% of those surveyed say they will not buy an auto from a car company that takes Government cash. Listen Up Washington. Amercians won’t do business with companies who participate in your bailout BS.

Mr Obama, we are not as stupid as you think.  

Stop wasting taxpayer dollars and send GM & Chrysler to Bankruptcy re-organization where they belong.

The New Auto Bailout – Costs To Taxpayer Increases to $710,000 Per GM Employee

The following Associated Press article appeared on

GM says 7,500 hourly workers decide to leave

DETROIT – About 7,500 General Motors Corp. workers have signed up to take buyout and early retirement incentives to leave the company, the automaker said Thursday.

Also, Chrysler LLC said Thursday it would extend its offers to entice blue-collar workers to leave the company. The old deadline was Friday.

At GM, about 12 percent of the company’s U.S. hourly work force of 62,400 decided to leave, most through early retirement offers.

GM offered $20,000 cash and a $25,000 voucher to buy a car to all of its hourly U.S. employees in an effort to further trim its blue-collar work force to match reduced sales. company. [$20k cash and a $25k car – $45K total cost – paid for with Taxpayer Dollars from Auto Bailout #1. How many of the nearly 10 Million Americans currently looking for new jobs received  a $45K payout? These same Americans will be asked to pay for this largesse with higher taxes when they find work? In Detroit, Union officials are quick to take credit for these “buyout” payments. As if the payments come from UAW cash and not from the American Taxpayers, who, to date, have  not consented to these payments ] 

The deadline to decide was Tuesday, and many of the workers waited until the last minute to turn in their paperwork. The workers have seven days from the date they turn in the paperwork to rescind their decision, so many will have to decide by March 31.

For those that will leave, the effective date of their departure is April 1.

Both GM and Chrysler are living on a total of $17.4 billion in government loans and are seeking another $21.6 billion. [Living on and making these incredible “buyout offers” at Taxpayer expense] The Obama administration’s auto task force has indicated it may offer more aid, but further concessions are possible from both the companies stakeholders. [Auto Task Force or Auto Bailout Team? Neither GM nor Chrysler has presented a plan establishing that they will be “viable” by any date certain – a requirement previously imposed on these Automakers before any additional cash was to be handed out]  

Both companies have to submit finalized restructuring plans to the federal government by March 31. [The plans that were due this past December! Anyone want to bet on additional cash and an additional extension of time from the Obama Administration].  

The latest round of buyouts and early retirements at GM was the third for the company since 2006. From all three offers, more than 60,000 workers have decided to leave the company.

After the 7,500 take their “buyout” and leave, GM will have 54,900 remaining hourly workers. (62,400 – 7,500)

The cost of “Bailout” part 1 ($17.4 Billion) and “Bailout” part 2 ($21.6 Billion) is $39 Billion Dollars.

If  you divide the cost of the “Bailouts” by the number of hourly GM employes   ($39,000,000,000 / 54,900 =) you get the figure of $710,000 per employee. (Seven Hundred And Ten Thousand Dollars Per Employee).

The UAW reports that the average hourly salary for Auto Workers is $55 an hour. ($40/ hour in wages, overtime and vacation pay plus $15 per hour in “benefit” costs: total: $55.00) This number does not include the additional $15 to $18 per hour “legacy costs” paid by the “Detroit 3″ .

Using just the UAW calculation for hourly salary ($55 /hr) and a standard 40 hour work week over 52 weeks you can calculate an average yearly salary of  $114,400. (This is an under-estimate as the actual number of overtime hours have not been added into the equation). 

What does this mean? “Bailouts”  part 1 & 2 will not only cost Taxpayers $710,000 per GM employee, but if you want another way to look at the numbers – it will cost Taxpayers the equivalent of 6.2 years of salary for evey GM employee in North America.

Don’t forget, they will be back for more money – no one is even pretending that this is enough cash to actually fix the problems, if , in fact, the problems can be fixed.

Tell Washington To Say No To More Bailouts:

Do you find it surprising that a working couple employed by the “Detroit 3″ can earn in excess of $250,000 a year?

Does that change your perspective of  who you consider to be ”rich”? 

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