Community Organizers Stage Rally To Support Oakland Cop Killer

The original story as reported by ABC News:


The Killer. Lovelle Mixon, was a felon, who served a 5 year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon. At the time of the traffic stop Mixon was wanted on an arrest warrant for probation violations and was a suspect in multiple rape cases.

Mixon open fired on Officers following a traffic stop, killing both Officers.

As ABC News reports, below, Police received a “tip” on Mixon’s location and SWAT was called in. After entering the building in question, but prior to gaining access to Mixon’s younger sister’s apartment, where Mixon was hiding, Mixon opened fire with what has been dscribed as an “assault weapon”, killing two additional officers.

ABC News and  the San Francisco Chronicle report that “Lovelle Mixon may be tied to as many as six rapes — including that of a 12- year-old-girl. Investigators had previously said Mixon’s DNA was linked the day before the shootings to the rape of a 12-year-old girl last month in East Oakland. They say the girl was dragged off the street at gun point before being sexually assaulted. Now they say they’ve found a similar pattern in at least five others.

KRON in Oakland reports that, “The Alameda County Assistant District Attorney is confirming to KRON 4 that just a day before a parolee killed four Oakland police officers, he was linked by DNA evidence to the rape of a 12-year-old girl. Assistant DA Tom Rogers tells KRON 4’s Christine Connolly that on February 5th the girl was taken off the street, had a bag placed over her head and was taken to an abandoned building in Oakland where numerous sexual acts were performed. Around 3 p.m. Friday, just a day before the shootings, the state DNA lab sent the Oakland PD information that DNA found on the girl was a match to gunman Lovelle Mixon. Police did not immediately issue an arrest warrant for the 26-year-old because officials say further tests needed to be done to make sure it was a solid match. Investigators say Mixon was the primary suspect in the rape and that they are looking to see if there are any connections to other rapes. State prison officials also note that Mixon was a suspect in a murder last year, but was never charged. Officials confirm to KRON 4 that Mixon executed one of the officers by standing over and shooting him in the head. They did not say which one was shot in this fashion.

Given these facts, how does one explain the “Community Organizers” Rally to support and Honor this felon, rapist and murder. What type of Community is this?

How about the young, 12 year old, black girl who was terrorized at gun point and raped? 

Is there a voice in the Black Community that will speak out against this nonsense. A felon, a rapist, a cop killer. Being Black doesn’t make one right, being White doesn’t make one evil. There is no excuse for Racism. There is no excuse for Black Racism. It is time for rational members of this Black Community to speak out. One injustice does not cancel out another. 

Youth Uprising? The Name says it all. The problem is obvious. To call a murdering rapist and convicted felon a “Hero” leaves little room for dialogue. Mixon a hero? If this is the type of individual the Community holds up as a hero – there is no dialogue to be had. I want no part of this Community and there is no place in my Community for these individuals. There is nothing to be negotiated here. There is no middle ground.  

Update: Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is speaking out against the protest at this time. 08:10 pm (03/27/09). Details to follow.

A simple test: What would these protestors be saying if the “Cop Killer” was White and the slain Officers Black. Its time for responsible leaders to speak out against this nonsense.

The Officers will be buried tommorow, Friday, March 27th. May God Bless and keep them and may God provide comfort to their families. May God touch the young girl(s) victimized by this felon and give her/them the peace necessary to heal, both physically and emotionally.     


Trust funds for fallen officers

Trust funds have been established for the fallen officers. People who wish to make contributions to the funds have two options:

1. Individual Checks made out to families and mailed to c/o OPOA:
Attn: Rennee Hassna
555 5th Street
Oakland Ca, 94607

Checks should be made out to the following:
a. Dunakin Children’s Family Trust
b. Romans Children’s Family Trust
c. Sakai Family Trust

2. Wire transfers directly to Merrill Lynch Accounts:
a. Dunakin Children’s Family Trust a/c #204-04065
b. Romans Children’s Family Trust a/c #204-04066
c. Sakai Family Trust a/c #204-04064

Trust Fund Info Copied From This Site:

3 Responses

  1. I think every good american citizen should pitch in a buck each and send these … Did I see the Obama headquarters right behind them or were they protesting outside the welfare office?

    McAuley’s World: I certainly hope this organization is not receiving Government support in the way of Taxpayer Funding as an Economic Development Group or for their Community Organization Activities. Congress has just increased spending on groups like these by Billions of dollars. No oversight. No accountability.


    The brother was framed

    McAuley’s World:
    Sure – yeah – happens all the time. They paid the rape victim to identify his photo and his vehicle to frame him as her attacker, so her real rapist could get away. Then they rigged the DNA test, it wasn’t really his semen they took of the young girl. Of course they are lying about his failure to abide by the terms of his probation too. Why? All to frame a loser, convicted felon, that had nothing to add to the Community or the World – a taker who contributed nothing but took all he could get – by force and violence.

    You know, you can tell alot about people and a Community by who they choose to emulate and hold up as a Hero. I don’t need to know anything more about you or your Community.

    Your value system is clear for all to see – It isn’t our fault, we are not responsible for our actions, our actions don’t shape our world, we are not in control, we are not responsible, someone else is at fault. It is clear to all that your Community has “choosen” the path to destruction. Just stay away from my Community. We want nothing to do with you. We don’t share your belief system. Look, I’m not responsible for your salvation. I’m not repsonsible for your decisions. I’m not responsible for you in any way – so don’t look to me for any assistance, ever. Your problems are not temporary nor are they externally driven. Put your own house in order, and stay away from mine.

  3. Can anybody tell me whats wrong with one less nazi facist dickhead in the world? I support the killing of all cops, they aren’t so tough when you have them alone.

    MCAULEYSWORLD: Your comment isn’t worthy of a response ………

    responses like this are usually just deleted by MCAULEY’ WORLD ……….

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