“You Can’t Spend Your Way Out Of Recession Or Borrow Your Way Out Of Debt” British MP Daniel Hannan, A Voice In The Wilderness

British Member Of Parliment Daniel Hannan is reaching Pop-Star type status in Britian with his calls for a return to Capitalism.

Hannan compares the present spending and “bailout” craze with the Central Planning undertaken by the old Soviet Union.

3 Responses

  1. AWESOME! Daniel, would you consider defecting and running for office in the US? Kidding of course. Sort of. 😉

  2. He is one of the few people that make sense.

  3. How fast the most prosperous countries in the world are falling into the current falsities of various left wing figures and organizations is truly frightening.
    Ethical capitalism is the best system for humanity. When capitalism is infected with too much greed and lack of morality, we see governments subsequently try to fill the void with their pie in the sky minded policies and mantra.
    If we truly appreciate what ethical capitalism can do for humanity, we should therefore get wise real soon. If we cannot find the will to be fair, good and decent while employing the mechanisms of capitalism, then rest assured, we will all be treating the government to all our freedoms-as they will take them all.
    They cannot take them unless we give them to them. We give them to them by refusing to wake up to reality.

    Wake up NORTH AMERICA! We are giving away our freedom to the forces of socialism. That is very wrong.

    McAuley’s World Note: Please note that in Great Britian the public is clamoring for the resignation of Gordon Brown (The British Obama Clone), even Brown’s Labor Party (The British equivalent of the Dremocrats) have called for him to step down. Obama’s policies are failing in Great Britian also …….

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