Barack Obama; The Unauthorized Biography Of A Marxist – Obama’s Factual Family Story

OBAMA: The Unauthorized Biography – Part 1


Barack Obama’s first book, “Dreams of My Father” has been discussed at length in the popular press and by the Candidate himself. Unfortunately, the book and the discussions associated with book on broadcast media are short on fact and long on the fiction that the candidate has carefully manufactured about his past.

Obama, himself, gives the readers a “buyers beware” warning in the introduction to the reissued edition of “Dreams”. Obama notes the dangers of writing an autobiography include “the temptation to color events in ways favorable to the writer … [and] selective lapses of memory.” Obama states, “I can’t say that I’ve avoided all, or any, of these hazards successfully.” 

My question, did candidate Obama even make an attempt to avoid the temptation?,0,546290.story

In “Dreams” Obama distorts many of the truths concerning his youth to serve his own self interest. The Chicago Tribune noted, “Still, the story of his early years highlights how politics and autobiography are similar creatures: Each is shaped to serve a purpose.”,0,546290.story   I wonder what the Tribune writer meant, in plain words? That Obama shaped his autobiography to serve Obama’s political purpose? Yes, I would agree, if that is what the writer intended to say.  

A Washington Post author noted, “Dreams From My Father” is as imprecise as it is insightful about Obama’s early life”. This writer believes the “imprecision” speaks volumes about Obama, the man and the candidate.  The Post author goes on to state, “… he readily acknowledged, he rearranged the chronology for his literary purposes and presented a cast of characters made up of composites and pseudonyms”                                                                      

In “Dreams” Obama puts words spoken by adult, radical leftists, into the mouths of his classmates who deny ever having had the discussions attributed to them in his book.,0,546290.story

In “Dreams” Obama paints a portrait of a  “youth living in a distant land searches[ing] and finds new friends, a new language and a heartbreaking lesson about his identity in the pages of an American magazine.” Researchers later determine that this claim is, at a minimum, factually incorrect. Why let a bald face lie get in the way of telling a good story?,0,546290.story?page=2  Some have suggested that this “lie” is actually a reference to the musician MICHAEL JACKSON.

Obama goes to great length in “Dream’s” to describe himself as “A young black man who struggles for acceptance at an institution of privilege, where he finds himself growing so angry and disillusioned at the world around him that he turned to alcohol and drugs.”,0,546290.story

Obama’s minority and mixed race friends at the Punahou School, an ultra-elite private school in Hawaii, failed to notice Obama’s anger over “race”, “social injustice” or “acceptance”. The direct quote from the Chicago Tribune writer is, “The handful of black students who attended Punahou School in Hawaii, for instance, say they struggled mightily with issues of race and racism there. But absent from those discussions, they say, was another student then known as Barry Obama.”,0,546290.story?page=4

In “Dream’s” Obama neglects to mention the Bohemian/Marxist lifestyle practiced in his Grandparent’s home. Alcohol and marijuana use were a regular part of the Marxist social gatherings at the Dunham residence. Obama’s first expsoure to “chooming”, Hawaian slang for smoking pot, was not at school but at home.                                              ,0,546290.story?page=5

Frank Marshall Davis, a renowned Activist, Poet, Jass Musician, Labor Organizer and member of the Communist Party, United States of America (CPUSA), was a family friend and regular guest of the Dunham/Obama Family.

Maya Soetoro-Ng, Obama’s half-sister, told the Associated Press recently that her grandfather had seen Mr Davis was “a point of connection, a bridge if you will, to the larger African-American experience for my brother”, Barack Obama.

The record shows that the young Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at the age of 10 in 1971, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his “poetry” and getting advice on his career path. In “Dreams” , Obama refers to Davis  as “Frank.”

There is some speculation that Frank Marshall Davis may, in fact, be Barack Obama’s true biological father.

At a minimum, Obama obtained a good deal of his ideology from Frank Marshall Davis. In a 2007 speech at the dedication of a Communist Party (CP) archive, “fellow traveler” and historian Gerald Horne, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, clarified the relationship between Obama and Davis, “……

In “Dreams” Obama continues his family myth that Barack Obama, Sr, abandoned his family to attend Harvard University. The facts bring into question whether Barack Obama, Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham were ever officially married. The facts also established that Stanley Ann took her infant son and abandoned Obama within weeks of the child’s birth.

In “Dreams” Obama claims his maternal grandparents were “conservative” “Methodists” or “Baptists” from Kansas. While this may have been true of his maternal great-grandparents, it is an absolutely false description of the grandparents who raised Obama. The Dunham’s abandoned the faiths of their parents and attended a Marxist Unitarian Church during his mother’s formative years.,0,2623808.story?page=3

Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was an avowed Athiest not a Christian as Obama claims.,0,2623808.story

Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann was a Marist.

Obama’s grandparents moved their family to Mercer Island in Washington State to join a small but liberal community of Marxists.

Chapter 1 – Obama’s Maternal Grandparents:

Madelyn Payne, Obama’s maternal grandmother, was born in the oil boomtown of Augusta, Kansas, to stern Methodist parents who did not believe in drinking, playing cards or dancing. She was one of the best students in the graduating class of 1940. Her family were members of the well to do, white collar community. Madelyn, however, in ways that would foretell the flouting of conventions by her daughter Stanley Ann, was different.
“A bunch of us would go to Wichita, to the Blue Moon Dance Hall,” said Nina Parry, a classmate who still lives in Augusta. “We’d hear Benny Goodman and Tommy Dorsey and Glem Miller . . . . All the big bands came. It was wonderful.” Then Madelyn met Stanley. Stanley Armour Dunham is Barack Obama’s maternal grandfather.,0,2623808.story?page=2 
Four years older, Stanley Armour Dunham lived 17 miles east, in El Dorado. In 1920, El Dorado, with a population of 12,000, seemed to exist solely for the purpose of drilling holes in the ground. And for good reason. In 1918, the El Dorado field produced 9 percent of the world’s oil production. The Dunhams were Baptists. Unlike the Paynes, Stanley Dunham did not come from the white-collar crowd. Gregarious, friendly, challenging and loud, “he was such a loose wheel at times,” said Clarence Kerns, from the El Dorado class of 1935. Others who knew Dunham described him as a salesman “who could charm the legs off a couch.”,0,2623808.story?page=2  His marriage to Madelyn was one of those that acquaintances said spanned both sides of the railroad tracks, and Stanley was always placed on the wrong side. They secretly married on the spring weekend of the annual junior-senior banquet in 1940, Madelyn’s senior year, several weeks before graduation, according to friends. Continuing to live with her parents, Madelyn didn’t tell them about her marriage until she got her diploma in June. The news was not a big hit at the Payne family home, but parental objections didn’t matter.

Obama writes the following about his Grandfather, “When he was 8 years old, Stanley Armour Dunham found his mother’s body. It was 1926, and Ruth Armour Dunham had committed suicide at the age of 26.” Barack Obama has written that that tragic discovery might have contributed to making his grandfather “a bit wild” as a teenager in Wichita, Kansas. Obama alleges that after his grandfather was kicked out of high school “for punching the principal in the nose.” Obama also claims that the man Obama would later know as “Gramps” hopped freight trains and dabbled in “moonshine, cards and women.”

When World War II came in December 1941, Stanley enlisted in the Army. Madelyn became a Rosie-the-Riveter at Boeing Co.’s B-29 production plant in Wichita, Kansas. The Dunham’s only child, Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, arrived in late November 1942.,0,2623808.story?page=2

The Dunhams were full-time working parents, renters and strugglers in pursuit of the next opportunity. After the war, Madelyn worked in restaurants while Stanley managed a furniture store on Main Street in El Dorado, Kansas.,0,2623808.story?page=2
In 1955 Stanley Dunham began work at  a “large store in downtown Seattle called Standard-Grunbaum Furniture at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pine Street. “First in Furniture, Second at Pine,” read the Yellow Pages ad in the Seattle telephone directory.”,0,2623808.story?page=2 

Madelyn went to work at a bank as an escrow officer.  

The Dunham’s settled on Mercer Island and enrolled their daughter, Stanley Ann, in the new highschool.
The Chicago Tribune author goes on to quote one of Stanley Ann’s childhood friends when he writes, “The island was quiet, politically conservative and all white.”,0,2623808.story?page=2
While Mercer Island was quiet and nearly all white, it was anything but conservative.

The furniture store where Stanley Dunham worked, “Standard-Grunbaum Furniture at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Pine Street” was located down the street from the Regional Headquarters of the Communist Party USA. That headquarters was located at 1016 1/2 Second. In 1948, during testimony before the Un-American Activities in Washington State Investigation, the Communist Party’s Seattle headquarters was identified as being located at 1916 Second Ave, between Stewart Street and Pine Streets. The CPUSA party headquarters had been located in that area for at least 7 years. This second site, “The Communism in Washington State History and Memory Project” is dedicated to preserving the history of the Communist movement in Washington State. It is not an anti-communist site. 

In 1955 the Chairman of the Mercer Island School Board was John Stenhouse, an admitted member of the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA).,9171,891423-1,00.html. Mr Stenhouse was a British immigrant who was born (DOB:1908) and raised in China. 

Stenhouse’s testimony/confession to being a Communist was featured in the April 15, 1955 issue of Time Magazine.  Two months later the Dunham’s enrolled their daughter, Stanley Ann, in the Mercer Island highschool which was under the direction of Stenhouse. Two of Stanley Ann’s teachers at this school were avowed Marxists.

John Stenhouse was also the President of Eastshore Unitarian Church, frequently referred to as the “Little Red Church on the Hill”. The church’s nickname was related to the congregations  Marxist/Leninist beliefs. Peter Luton, the church’s current senior minister discussed the church’s Marxist history with the Chicago Tribune.,0,2623808.story?page=3

On the campaign trail Obama refers to his maternal grandparents as “conservative Methodists or Baptists from Kansas”, most writers are forced to disagree with that assertion. It simply is not supported by the facts. Even the Chicago Tribune notes the Duham’s had shed their Baptist and Methodist beliefs prior to reaching Mercer Island.,0,2623808.story?page=3

On the campaign trail, Obama describes his mother this way, “My mother was a Christian from Kansas…”, “the only daughter of parents who grew up in the “dab-smack, landlocked center of the country,” in towns “too small to warrant boldface on a roadmap.” …….. Clearly, both of these statements are lies. Even the Chicago Tribune noted, “Implicit in that portrayal is this message: If you have any lingering questions or doubts about the Hawaiian-born presidential candidate with a funny name, just remember that Mom hails from America’s good earth.” The Tribune goes on to note, “That presentation, though, glosses over Stanley Ann Dunham’s formative years, spent not on the Great Plains but more than 1,800 miles away on a small island in the Pacific Northwest.”,0,2623808.story

In “Dreams” Obama contradicts his campaign speeches when he states, “I was not raised in a religious household… My mother’s own experiences… only reinforced this inherited skepticism. Her memories of the Christians who populated her youth were not fond ones ….”,9171,1546298,00.html

The truth of the story is something else ……….

Chapter 2: Stanley Ann Dunham – Obama’s mother

Very little has been written about Stanley Ann Dunham prior to her arrival on Mercer Island and the beginnning of her highschool years in 1955.

Articles state that Stanley Ann was born in November 1942, 11 months after the start of WWII, while her father was away serving in the US Army.,0,2623808.story?page=2

After leaving Kansas when she was a youngster, she and her parents lived in Berkeley, Calif., for two years, Ponca City, Okla., for two years, and Wichita Falls, Tex., for three years before they ventured to the Seattle area.                                                                   
Stanley Ann finished the 8th grade at Bellevue Washington’s Eckstein Middle School in June 1955. She began highschool the next September. Stanley Ann’s friends from Mercer Island remember her well. “She touted herself as an atheist, and it was something she’d read about and could argue,” said Maxine Box, who was Dunham’s best friend in high school. “She was always challenging and arguing and comparing. She was already thinking about things that the rest of us hadn’t.”,0,2623808.story

Dunham has been described by her friends as “a fellow traveler…” a slang term of the 1950’s used to refer to a communist or communist sympathizer who had not publicly acknowledged their Party membership. The term “fellow traveler” was not a derogatory term nor was it used by anti-communists.’smother/index.html


One of Stanley Ann’s Mercer Island friends, Susan Botkin. recalled her directness, “in those days she dealt head-on with her uncommon first name. No sense trying to hide it, even though she hated it. “My name is Stanley,” she would say. “My father wanted a boy, and that’s that.” Her mother softened it, calling her Stanny or Stanny Ann, but at school she was Stanley, straight up. “She owned the name,” recalled Susan Botkin, one of her first pals on Mercer Island. “Only once or twice was she teased. She had a sharp tongue, a deep wit, and she could kill. We all called her Stanley.””  In a high school culture of brawn and beauty, Stanley was one of the brains. Often struggling with her weight, and wearing braces her junior year, she had the normal teenage anxieties. John W. Hunt said those traits allowed Stanley to become accepted by the predominantly male intellectual crowd, even though she had a soft voice.                                                 



Stanley was decidedly liberal. She was encouraged in her Liberal beliefs, not just by her parents but by Mr Stenhouse the Chairman of the school board and by two of her teachers at Mercer Island High, Jim Wichterman and Val Foubert. These teachers taught advanced humanities courses open to the top 25 students. The assigned reading included not only Plato and Aristotle, Kierkegaard and Sartre, but also late-1950s critiques of societal conventions, such as “The Organization Man” by William H. Whyte, “The Lonely Crowd” by David Riesman and “The Hidden Persuaders” by Vance Packard, as well as the political theories of Hegel and Mill and Marx.  
A wing of Mercer Island High was nicknamed “anarchy alley” because of the teachings of Jim Wichterman and Val Foubert.  
In speaking with the Seattle Times Wichterman said, “Dunham thrived in the environment”. “As much as a high-school student can, she’d question anything: What’s so good about democracy? What’s so good about capitalism? What’s wrong with communism? What’s good about communism?”
Obama visited the Seattle area last October, and in a speech to a Democratic Party rally at Bellevue Community College, he mentioned that his mother attended Mercer Island High School before moving on to Hawaii. In “Dreams,” Obama wrote that the family moved to Seattle “long enough for my mother to finish high school.” The Chicago Tribune noted that, “her stop was more than some educational cup of coffee; Obama’s mother spent 8th grade through high school here. Four of those five years were spent on Mercer Island.,0,2623808.story Those years served to reinforce the Marxist unbringing Stanley Ann received at home. 
The Chicago Tribune noted that Wichterman also touched the societal third rail of the 1950s: He questioned the existence of God. He didn’t stop there, “”I had them read ‘The Communist Manifesto,’ and the parents went nuts,” said Wichterman, adding that parents also didn’t want any discussions about “anything to do with sex,” religion and theology. The parental protests were known as “mothers’ marches.”  The Dunhams did not join the uproar. Madelyn and Stanley had shed their Methodist and Baptist upbringing prior to arriving on Mercer Island or joining the East Shore Unitarian Church where Stenhouse was President.

Stanley Ann’s friends remember her fondness for poetry, jass music and the coffee house scene. “Dunham gravitated toward an intellectual clique. According to former classmate Chip Wall, she caught foreign films at Seattle’s only art-house theater, the Ridgemont, and trekked to University District coffee shops like the Encore to talk about jazz, the value of learning from other cultures and the “very dull Eisenhower-ness of our parents.”

“If you were concerned about something going wrong in the world, Stanley would know about it first,” said Chip Wall, who described her as “a fellow traveler“. . . . We were liberals before we knew what liberals were.”,0,2623808.story?page=3


Sometime prior to Stanley Ann’s graduation in June 1960, her father Stanley travelled to Hawaii and secured employment at a new funiture store and arranged for living quarters for his family. As graduation neared for the class of 1960, Dunham had hoped to join many of her classmates at the University of Washington, however, Stanley Ann did not know of her father’s plan to move the family.

In “Dreams” Obama claims his mother was accepted at the University of Chicago, however, there is no documentation to prove this claim. It is an interesting coincidence given the role that the city of Chicago plays both in Obama’s later life and its connection to those who will influence Obama’s life as a young man.

Stanley Ann’s friend’s don’t recall her mentioning the University of Chicago. They recall a desire to stay and attend the University of Washington or U-Dub as they referred to it. Maxine Box told the Chicago tribune, “I remember she didn’t want to go to Hawaii.” None the less, shortly after her graduation in June 1960, Stanley Ann Dunham moved with her parents to Hawaii. Fourteen short months later Barack Hussein Obama would be born.,0,2623808.story?page=3  

Part 2 – The Hawaii Years – HERE: 

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  2. Was this information given to McCain? After reading this story, I found myself truly angry at all the news stations. What happened to this story?

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  4. Eckstein Middle School is in Seattle, WA not Bellevue.

  5. Yes, you are correct, the current Eckstein Middle School is located in Seattle, Washington. The schools web site is As you can tell from the photos, the “New” Eckstein Middle School was built very recently. I haven’t determined if the school was built on the same site as Stanley Ann Dunham’s school or not. My sources for the “Bellevue” references? The Seattle Times and Chicago Tribune.
    Currently, the Bellevue School District has 5 Middle Schools.
    Mercer Island is approximately 5 miles east and just a little south of Seattle and 5 miles west and just a little south of Bellevue. Downtown Bellevue and Downtown Seattle are only about five miles apart.

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  10. It’s now 02/12/2012 and Obama is not only still pretending to be president, he has solidified his power over Congress, the media and the courts.

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