VIDEO: O’Reilly vs Frank – The Fannie & Freddie Collapse – Barney Frank denies everything

VIDEO: Obama vs McCain – Who Fought Fannie Reform

VIDEO: The Bailout & Fannie Mae – FOLLOW THE MONEY

Crude Oil Futures / Gasoline Futures Down

Crude Oil Prices Down to $90 / Barrel (Dated Brent Spot) – Commentators predict fall to $75 / Barrel

Gasoline Futures Down to $2.29 a Gallon – Where is our relief at the pump?

VIDEO: Small Banks Are Still Lending – Credit On Main Street – So Says Banking Association

See The Video Here: Select “Small Banks Still Lending” Video:|small%20banks

This is a second video on Small Bank lending – This Banker notes his bank is lending – but he supports the Bailout – Then why all the scare tactics.

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