Democratic Speaker Pelosi – Republican Opposition is Unpatriotic – Exposes Dem Deal Lie


How can you believe anything that comes out of Democrat’s mouth these days. No wonder the old joke has been around so long – How can you tell when a Democratic Politician is lying – their lips are moving.

Earlier this weekend the Democrats rushed to the podium and announced to the Press “WE HAVE A DEAL”. That proclamation was a “bold face lie“.

Then the Democrats claimed – McCain “blew-up” the non-existent agreement – a lie upon a lie.

The fact that the Republican House was boycotting the negotiations went nearly unreported. The Democratic Spin was the third lie – Democrats claimed the hold up hand something to do with “Executive Compensation” and “John McCain”.  The truth – the Congressional Republican Caucus challenged Democratic attempts to flood the Bailout with additional spending and, how dare they, question whether the Paulson Bailout Plan, was in the best interests of the American Public. Should $700 Billion of Main Street’s Money be spent on Wall Street? How dare the Republicans ask that question?    

Late Friday night Democratic Congressman Barney Frank exposed the Democratic lie when he acknowledged that the House Republicans were Boycotting negotiations and had been boycotting the negotiations for days before McCain arrived back in Washington. McCain’s trip to Washington highlighted the boycott and changed the basic nature of negotiations. How could the Democrats dare to claim an “agreement” when the House Republicans were not even participating in the negotiations –

Today Pelosi confirmed the Republican Congressional Boycott and while doing so confirmed her lies concerning “A DEAL” this past Friday. Pelosi condemned the Repubican’s for boycotting the earlier negotiations and called the Republicans “unpatriotic” for looking out for the American tax payors while they challenged “The Paulson Bailout”.

Pelosi shouldn’t count her chickens before they hatch – the House Republicans have not committed to vote for the current proposal – in fact the final language is just being drafted as this post is being typed,

Contact Senator Pelosi and let her know what you think about her “un-patriotic” claim –

Contact your Congressperson and Senator and tell them to vote NO!

Contact Your Senators Here:  Click on your Senators, Select the Contact Folder and then  click on the email address.

Contact Congresspeople: You’ll need your zip  code

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