Breaking News: Democrat Barney Frank Confirms There Never Was A Deal – That Dems Lied

The Democratic Chairman of the House Banking Committee has now confirmed that there was NO DEAL as previously announced. That Democratic Spin concerning Senator John McCain and the scheduled meeting at the White House was in fact false.

In a joint interview with Democratic Speaker of The House Pelosi, Frank admitted that House Republicans were “boycotting” the negotiations and had not attended several negotiating sessions. House Republicans welcomed McCain’s trip to Washington.

At least the incredible spin on Thursday’s “DEAL – NO DEAL” can be put to rest – at least it can be put to rest when the Democratic Surrogates for Obama get their new talking points.

Its tough to get caught telling a whopper like “We have a Deal” when 1/2 of the Republicans in Washington are not even attending the negotiations.

Republican Senator Shelby: There was no deal –

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