Video: John McCain, “I saw credit Crisis coming”

See Video Here:,2933,424945,00.html

Fox News Video – Top Video: “McCain Says He Saw Credit Crisis Coming”.

About the Crisis – Obama did nothing, “in fact he profited from it”

Obama claims McCain is “stealing our ideas:” Can you believe it – stealing his ideas. It reminds me of when Obama claimed his “Plan for Iraq” was working. His plan to withdraw is working – is he out of his mind?  Today, while Obama was in Wisconsin, he claimed that he assisted Democratic Senator Russ Feingold (Dem, WI.) with his landmark Campaign Finance Reform Act. LMAO – I’m not making this up. The landmark legislation he is referring to is the McCain – Feingold Act – yep – McCain as in John McCain. Oh, by the way Barack – the McCain-Feingold act passed in 2002 – you didn’t get to the Senate for 2 years after that.   

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