When Obama says, “age appropriate sex education” what does he mean? It isn’t what you think!

On Tuesday, while speaking with Planned Parenthood Barack Obama confirmed his support for “age appropriate” sex education for children as young 5-years-old. Obama described it as “the right thing to do”. http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2007/07/obamas_radical_ideas_on_sex_ed.html

 The question is, “What does Obama consider to be age appropriate for 5 year-olds”.

Obama supports the use of, “The Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) guidelines for drafting legislation. The Guidelines were adopted in Illinois SB 0099, 2003. When MSNBC asked the Obama Campaign for information on the Campaign’s position on this issue, a copy of the Guidlines was sent to MSNBC.  http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews/391467.aspx . You can read those guidelines at http://siecus.org/_data/global/images/guidleine.pdf  – This link takes you to the SIECUS web site.

The Guidelines indicate that “age appropriate” sex education for 5 to 8-year-olds is listed as Level 1 Education in the Guidelines.

On Page 14 of the guidelines the Council states its intent, “to provide comprehensive education about sexuality that includes such topic as, abstinence, sexually transmitted disease (STDs), HIV/AIDS, Contraception (Pregnancy Prevention) and Disease Prevention.

Appropriate Topics (for 5- year-olds) are listed on page 24 of the guidelines: The Topics include, “appreciate ones own body”, “affirming ones own sexual orientation and the orientation of others” and “affirming ones own gender identities (plural) and the gender identities of others”.   

The Guidelines then go on to decribe, in detail, the individual Topics appropriate for 5yr-old instruction: 

Topic 1- The body has the capability to reproduce as well as to give and receive sexual pleasure. Page 26 Outlines Body Parts, the names of the Parts and their function, in quite some detail.

On Page 29 of the Guidlines – Level 1 Instruction includes – “Humans beings can love people of another gender”, “Some people are heterosexual”, “Somepeople are homosexual”, “Homosexual men and woman are know as gay men and lesbians.”, “People deserve respect”, “The terms ‘gay’, ‘fag’,’qeer” are hurtful.”

A discussion of ‘Sexual Behavior” begins on page 50:  Level 1 Instruction includes the topics, “Sexuality is natural”, “Bodies feel good when touched“.   

Page 51 & 52 of the Guidelines address Level 1, “Topic 2, Masterbation:” – “Touching and rubbing ones own genitals to feel good is called masterbation”, “some boys and girls masterbate”, “masterbation should be done in a private place” – yes this is what is outlined for Level 1, 5 -year-olds. You have the link and page number to check if you would like.  http://siecus.org/_data/global/images/guidleine.pdf

On page 54, Human Sexual Response notes, “Both boys and girls discover that their bodies feel good when touched”.

Contraception Education for 5-yr-olds is addressed on pages 58 & 59, “Some people have children, others do not”, “Each family can decide how many children to have, if any.”

Page 61, addresses instruction on Abortion for 5-yr-olds, “Sometimes woman become pregnant when they do not want to be, or are unable to care for a child.”

Page 63 – Outlines Level 1 instruction on Sexually transmitted diseases.

Page 65 – Outlines Level 1 – HIV/AIDS instruction –  

Page 67 – Level 1 Sexual Abuse Instruction is outlined.

Page 82 of the Guidelines Instructs Educators to fill in the Gaps, “For example the guidelines suggest that students in early elementary school learn ‘that each body part has a correct name and function ……”, “They do not explain the function of these parts …..” “It is the rsponsibility of the educator to fill in this information ……..”.

The Catholic Citizens of Illinois Website stated that the Obama supported bill, “was aimed, in fact, at changing the entire philosophy of sex education in the Public Schools of Illinois”. It had nothing to do with protecting kids from predators. http://catholiccitizens.org/views/contentview.asp?c=47980  

Obama and his supporters keep screaming that John McCain is lying on this subject – You can read it for yourself – right from the source.

The Manual clearly identifies this as the cirriculum for 5-yr-olds, I’d call it comprehensive, however, less than 5% of the material has anything to do with “predators”. 

Update: See the new Booklet from SIECUS…. the descrition of age appropriate activities begin in section 2: http://www.foxnews.com/projects/pdf/082509_unesco.pdf


The SIECUS has been attempting to deliver the same message for decades …

see: Edition 2: 1991        




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  1. These misguided fools can’t even spell “masturbation”, but they’re writing legislation that will govern the lives of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Send them home via the voting booth.

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