Biden, Palin, Iraq, Fox News, Media Bias 09/04/08

The good Senator appeared on Fox News this morning with Brian Kilmeade. After the Senator claimed that his opponent had not mentioned Iraq in her historical speech last night, Kilmeade corrected the Senator noting that Palin did discuss Iraq, specifically, the “Surge”, which neither Obama nor Biden supported. After Kilmeade noted that the “Surge” had succeeded, Biden replied, “everyone knew the surge would bring down the violence in Iraq”.

WHAT?  “Everyone knew the Surge would bring down the violence in IRAQ”!

Is that why this Foreign Policy Czar and his protege Obama voted against the surge? They didn’t want to bring down the violence. Did they believe it would be a good idea for the violence to increase – maybe that is what they wanted – for the US to fail! It certainly would explain why Obama voted to cut off funding to the troops in the field. This is the guy with the Foreign Policy experience?

Strikes me the liberal left knows it is wrong on the war and the left is scrambling to get back in front of public opinion. They are trying to redefine their position on Iraq.

Next I expect to hear this duo claim, “our opposition to the war is what won the war”. 


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