Media Bias – Experience

The current discussion of Governor’s Palin’s level of experiencce is disturbing. I’ve heard liberal commentators state a thousand times that  “SHE” has no Foreign Policy experience, that “SHE” was only the Governor of Alaska. That “HER” length of service is inconsequential position  “SHE” is unqualified to seek higher office.
These comments are followed by denigrating remarks about the Governor’s accomplishments and personal attacks on her family. 
I can’t help wondering what these bigots would they say if she were running for President.  I guess I can imagine it, look what happened to Senator Clinton. This bigoted critism seems so much worse for Governor Palin.
The facts are these, the current President (Bush) served as Govenor of Texas. The prior President, Clinton, served as Governor of Arkansas. Prior to Clinton, Bush, who had been a VP under President Regan. Regan served as Governor of California, President Carter – the Governor of Georgia, Prior to Carter, Nixon a former VP. Prior to Nixon, President Johnson, a prior VP. Prior to Johnson – President Kenedy, who served as a US Senator. Prior to Kennedy – General Eisenhower, prior to Eisenhower was President Truman a former VP. Prior to Truman was Franklyn D Roosevelt who served as Governor of New York.  
The Citizens of the United States have elected 11 Presidents in the last 75 years.  Five were Republicans and six Democrats. The group is exclusively male and white. Of the 11 Presidential office holders, 3 previously served as Vice President, 6 had served as Governors, only 1 was elected President directly from the US Senate and 1, Eisenhower, a General. Nine of the 11 had EXECUTIVE office experience either as Governors or Vice President. Only one came from the US Senate, the legislative branch.
The American people and political parties have indicated a clear preference in nominating and electing Governors and Vice Presidents to the Office of President. To dismiss this candidate derisively noting “SHE” was only a Governor speaks to the resurgence of bigotry and intolerance on the Left. 
The elitist, east coast, old boy, liberal establishment club –  STILL DOESN’T GET IT. They need to be sent a new message.
Bigotry is prejudice against everything and everyone not in agreement with the bigot’s view of the world  – America is entitled to hear Gov Palin’s view of the world – she is entitled to express it.
Length of Service / Drug Use
It appears that Governor Palin has served only two years as Governor. President Carter had only served two years as Governor of Georgia prior to starting his bid for the Presidency. Senator Obama had only served 150 days in the US Senate prior to starting this campaign for the Presidency. 
It has been reported that Governor Palin’s husband was ticked 20 or so years ago, when he was 21, for DUI. Governor Palin admits to trying “pot” while it was legal in Alaska.  Senator Obama, while not being very specific, admits to extreme cocaine use less than 20 years ago. Read his book.
How are we to comprehend the demand from the press that Governor Palin step down as a Vice Presidential candidate. Where is the request for Senator Obama to step down?
The liberal press has abandoned any pretense of Journalism  – they are now campaigning for Candidate Obama. A free press requires a fair presentation of both sides of an issue. The actions being undertaken to attack Governor Palin are reprehensible.

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